Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Thirteen from Author Tammy Dennings Maggy

Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen! Here we will feature the first thirteen sentences from some of our favorite authors and their current works in progress or one that's already available for purchase.  Since this is our first post, I thought I would start things off with the first thirteen from my very first erotic romance novel with Siren Bookstrand, For the Love of Quinn. The second set of thirteen is from the prequel to Quinn's story entitled The Island (Now and Forever 2). It's still a work in progress so hopefully I will have a tentative release date soon...fingers crossed!

“Dr. Hollis?”
“Yes, Jillian.” Quinn closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable.
“It’s Mrs. Green again. Sorry.” Jillian actually cringed, and Quinn had to laugh. She was sure the young receptionist had done all she could to keep the tenacious elderly woman at bay. Oh well, she thought, better bite the bullet.
“It’s okay. I’ll talk to her, but I am not here for anyone else. I have to finish these charts and catch a plane.”
Jillian smiled and nodded. “Have fun in Vegas, and don’t forget to bring me back a souvenir like one of those hot performers in one of the Cirque du Soleil shows!”

Where to find For the Love of Quinn

Siren Bookstrand  Amazon  Barnes and Noble

The following is the first thirteen sentences of the Prologue from The Island (Now and Forever 2) I added this after I had written the whole story because I wanted to give a little more background concerning the gods I refer to as The Three. Even though they are not the heroes or heroines in the Now and Forever series, they do play key roles in all of the characters' stories.

The entire far wall of the mountainside chalet was covered with high definition television screens.  Modern technology fascinated The Three. They were able to keep track of their human creations using the very gadgets invented by them. Lucius in particular was fond of the wireless technology used in cell phones and personal computers. With a few swift clicks on the keyboard of his laptop, all the screens came to life with pictures of the people they were gathered to discuss.

Yeshua, the eldest of the Eternal Siblings, sat in a large, overstuffed easy chair taking in all the lives playing out on the screens before him. His deep blue eyes scanned through everything in seconds, immediately recognizing the group as the favorites of his sister, Fate. Once again, she wished to plead their case and asked to be allowed to intervene to make sure their promised destinies would be fulfilled this life time.  Yeshua had refused to let her do more than gently suggest options. Very rarely did he allow her to step in and directly guide the humans. This time, however their brother was siding with Fate. “Lucius, I’m surprised you agree with our sister. You’ve been very active with this group lately, especially Quinn and Jacob. 

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