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Sassy Spotlight Author Nicole Morgan

I'm happy to welcome the wonderfully talented and fellow Siren author Nicole Morgan to the Sassy Vixen Blog. She is our latest spotlight author and just so happens to love a man in uniform just as much as I do! Today she shares a bit of herself with us and her new release in her Sweet Awakenings series with Siren Bookstrand. 

I would like to thank a dear friend and fellow author Natasha Blackthorne for the questions we asked of Nicole today. A while back I was a guest on her blog and had such a wonderful time of it, I "borrowed" her questions! So sit back and relax and let's find out more about the beautiful Ms. Morgan! ~The Vixen

Let's get right down to one of the most popular questions asked. Are you a plotter or panster or a little of both?
I am without a doubt  a pantser. Even if I attempted to plot everything out ahead of time, I am very confident in that my creativity wouldn’t follow it. The expression, ‘stories tell themselves’ is very true to my writing style. Very rarely will I know what’s going to happen from one chapter to the next. The only thing I am sure of is that in the end I will always give my hero and heroine their happily ever after. 

Do your stories tend to be character driven or plot driven?
Truthfully I would have to say both. I try to develop strong characters and my story lines are not very wishy washy. There is always some sort of obstacle or major event which brings a major climax (forgive the pun LOL) to the story. I would have to say it’s a combination of strong characters in intense situations. 

Tell us about the different types of characters you like to write about? Why are these types so appealing to you?
I do have an affliction for the military, so I tend to write about them quite often. I am a complete sucker for a man in uniform. Past or present doesn’t matter, I’m pretty much putty in their hands at that point. But, shhh...don’t tell them that. No one knows. LOL.

Who is your favorite all time heroine and why does she resonate so well with you?
I’m going to cheat and choose from one of my own books. Shelby in Sweet Salvation – Sweet Awakenings 4 was a survivor. She went through more throughout her life than most would see in multiple lifetimes. Still she came through it and was a loving and positive person. She didn’t let the horrors that life dealt her tarnish who she was, instead she pressed on. I was very proud of that woman!

So who is your all time favorite hero?
Oh this is so NOT fair! I love so many of them! I can’t do it! I can’t choose! I will say that all my favorites were all military men. Call it coincidence if you will, but there is a method to my madness. ;)

Your new release Sweet Affliction is the fourth book in the series. In one or two sentences, give the core premise behind this story.
Weeks away from his retirement, Commander Nick Slater is ambushed by Mercenaries hired to kill him. A chance encounter brings AJ Harwood into Nick’s life and heart and as precious time ticks away Nick and AJ are faced with the possibility that they may lose everything in an instant.

Who is the heroine?
The heroine is AJ Harwood. She is a shy, yet somewhat headstrong young woman who is taking care of her ailing father.

What drives her?
After losing her mother at a young age, her father is all she has left. He is her best friend and confidant. His will to live as long as he can to spend time with her, gives her the strength she shows. She learned from him everything that she is. 

What is she running away from (literally or figuratively)?
She runs away from (literally) her feelings from Nick on more than one occasion. She pushes him away at every chance she has. 

What obstacles will she encounter in this story?
Her biggest obstacle, other than the men trying to kill Nick, is herself. She has never just given into her desires before. With Nick she finds it hard to ignore.

What draws her to the hero in this story?
Nick is everything she thought he wouldn’t be. He’s kind, compassionate, patient and so charming she has a hard time melting from his mere words. He’s a contradiction to his rough exterior.

What does she need to learn to make the happy ending with Nick possible?
Trust. She needs to learn to trust Nick, but most importantly, herself.

What about her will make readers sympathetic to her? Why should we like her?
I would say it’s a heartache she deals with in the book. She never has time to deal with what has happened and has to keep focused on staying alive. Many women will most likely admire her strength and determination.

Who is the hero? 
Commander Nick Slater, US Navy SEAL

What drives him?
A combination of things. Trying to survive, as well as protect his SEAL brothers and find out who is out to kill them all. 

What is he running away from (literally or figuratively)?
Nick doesn’t run away from anything. Instead he meets things head on. It’s part of his training as a SEAL and it’s who he is. He doesn’t know how to be any other way. (oh my...The Vixen is in love!)

What obstacles will he encounter in this story?
His feelings for AJ. They are unexpected and the last thing he’s looking for. Still, he doesn’t run for a challenge or a blessing. He has a fight in convincing her of what they could be, but he has talked his way out of deadly situations before. He feels confident in his abilities to convince AJ to give him a chance. 

What draws him to the heroine in this story? 
Everything about her. Her shy demeanor and sweet personality mix well with her smoldering sexiness. She is unlike any woman he’s ever come across before. 

What does he need to learn to make the happy ending with AJ possible?
He needs to learn to let others help him. His stubbornness puts him into a situation much worse than when he’s shot at the beginning of the story. If he wants a life with AJ he has to learn to listen and accept that others are willing to do for him what he would do for them. 

What makes this hero infuriating to the heroine, if anything?
His ‘never give up – the only easy day was yesterday’ attitude. It’s part of his SEAL training and mentality. He can’t help but be that way, but it drives her mad. 

What makes this hero hot and lovable?
The exact reason which infuriates her also makes her weak to him. He never gives up. Not on getting out of the situation they’re in, or on her. (Oh Mr. Nick sounds divine!)

What about him will make readers sympathetic to him?
I think getting shot at, nearly dying and losing a close friend within the first pages of the story will have just about everyone reading the story say, “that poor man”, but Nick wouldn’t want sympathy. He would want to take action. (He sounds like the sort of man a woman would want to take care of and at the same time be taken care of by him. Nicole, I think you've made The Vixen swoon!)

What message do you hope readers take away from this story? 
NEVER GIVE UP – Just like the Navy SEALs say, “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”

Is this book a part of a series?
Yes it is, this is the 4th book in the series, titled Sweet Awakenings (Navy SEALs series)

How many books to you anticipate will be in this series?
I didn’t think when I wrote book 3 that there would be a book 4, but I keep coming back to these guys. 

What are you working on now?
I’m already starting on my latest work in progress, Intimate Seductions (Book 3 in her Intimate Temptations series) – Book 2 was just released March 1st of this year.

Thank you so much for joining us today on the Sassy Vixen Blog, Nicole. Do you have a question you’d like to ask the readers to generate comments?

As a reader, do you prefer full length novels? Or are novellas, aka short stories more what you’re looking for? 

What’s coming soon for Ms. Morgan? 

Nicole has signed a contract with Silver Publishing for a series entitled, Incessant Passion. Book 1 of that series, Impetuous is still in the editing process and is expected to be released in July 14th. She has also just recently submitted book 2 in that series, Tempestuous. In addition to that Nicole has completed her first ever paranormal romance. Lastly, coming on June 19th, When Promise Meets Passion will reach the cyber shelves from Siren Bookstrand.

Sweet Affliction (MF)
Sweet Awakenings 4
By: Nicole Morgan | Other books by Nicole Morgan 
Word Count: 76,232
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Note: 10% of the author royalties on this book will benefit nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing educational assistance and support grants to families of wounded and fallen United States Navy SEALs.
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]

After spending years serving his country as a Navy SEAL, Commander Nick Slater is ready for retirement. Mercenaries hired to kill him ambush him, and his plans take a drastic turn.
AJ Harwood is facing one of the most difficult times of her life. A chance encounter with Nick Slater is the last thing she wants, yet she is thrust into his world and trapped in its surroundings.
AJ is Nick's only hope as he tries to find out who is out to kill him. With each passing day, more secrets are uncovered, and the reason behind the attack is revealed. Nick joins forces with his former teammates to find the person behind the high-priced hit put on all of their heads. As precious time ticks away, Nick and AJ are faced with the possibility that after finding each other, they may lose everything in an instant.

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