Thank you for stopping in to check on our old blog. We've moved to join our website on Weebly and will no longer be posting any new content to this blog.

As you know Google/Blogger has threatened to shut down adult content blogs at least every other year since we started. We don't wish to be at their mercy any longer so we moved. 

Our new spot:

That link will take you directly to the blog portion of our website at

This page is now up because we have been inundated with email requests from promotional tour groups, author street team members, Booktrope marketing people and a few authors all on their own. It's been over a year now since we stopped hosting blog tours for non-SVP authors. It was time consuming to do these posts and it left little time for our own important work. 

Another reason we'll pass on any future participation...


Funny how when the tables are turned, many of these folks who have asked to be on our blogs have been conveniently busy or have outright refused to host our authors because of the adult content. So instead of having to deal with all of the hard feelings all the way around, there will be no more stops here on this blog or on any of our blogs for book tours. We reserve the right to offer up a spot here and there to friends of Sassy Vixen as we do love to help out fellow authors, but this courtesy is going to be reserved for those who have built up connections with us through social media, conventions and other book related events.

We're sorry if this news inconveniences anyone but we have to look out for our brands and take care of our authors FIRST.

We wish all of you well in your endeavors..

Michael and Tammy Smith
co founders and CEOs of Sassy Vixen Publshing LLC

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