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#TheVixen Interviews @tiffcarmouche About Her Alaska Trilogy #romance #suspense #startingover

Welcome to the Sassy Vixen Publishing blog. I'm the Vixen and your host today for another special guest. This week I'm happy to welcome back to my blogs, author Tiffany Carmouche. On March 25th she was my special guest for Oh My! Monday on Behind Closed Doors. There she shared an excerpt from the second book in her Alaska series. She referred to it as a trilogy before...well, you'll have to read more to find out what plans she has for this romantic suspense series. ;)

Today, Tiffany shares more about herself. her writing methods and more about the heroine and hero of The Impostor . She even has a special request for those stopping by. So enough of the teasing. Let's get on with the interrogation...errr...interview! 

Thank you for joining us today, Tiffany. Why don't we start with one of the most common questions readers ask their favorite authors. What inspires you to write?
Scenes pop into my head. Sometimes they disappear before I can get to a pen and paper, but sometimes when I am lucky I can capture them. When I write poetry, emotions often begged to be expressed in writing. You could sometimes tell the chapter in my life by the scribbling on the page.

OMG! I do the exact same thing. That's why I try to always have at least a small notebook and pen on hand wherever I go. You never know when a scene or just a sentence or two will pop in your head. I thought I was the only one who did that sort of thing. Are you a plotter or panster or a little of both?
I am both. I sometimes just write a scene. But I do plot out the whole book too. It really depends on the mood and goal of the day. I had a plot for the whole series, but sometimes the muse often decides she wants to take me on a detour… 

You're preaching to the choir! Since you brought up that pesky muse, do your stories tend to be character driven or plot driven?
Very much character driven. I can have something all plotted out then a character decides to do something and my jaw drops and I have to just run with it. My characters have control. The Alaska Series began as a trilogy, but then I created a character I liked I had to write a whole new book. 

Do you listen to music while writing? 
I like silence.

What kinds of music work best for you when you're not actually writing but relaxing or just looking for inspiration? 
When I need inspiration, I listen to a lot of different types of music depending on the scene. When I wrote of Dylan and Nicole’s waltz I listened to Fascination. When I wrote of their Bachata, I listened to Prince Royce. I love Secondhand Serenade, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Martina Desiree, Katy Perry, Pink, Sia, the list goes on and on…

All authors put a bit of themselves into their characters whether they want to admit it or not. In what ways are your characters like you? In what ways are your characters not like you?
Well my serial killer, has a few traits I deny having… I say dabbing at the blood drenched sleeve of my jacket. I don’t fantasize about stalking young women…at least I don’t admit to it. Lol.  Nicole is a lot like me, sassy, hard headed and at times naive.  There are many parallels in our lives. I did escape a stalker. I did leave an abusive relationship. I am a single mom trying to give my daughters the best life I can… I do love adventure and art, and I am a hopeless romantic trying to pick up the pieces and begin her life again…. 

What are the recurring core issues in your stories? Why do you think you are drawn to these types of characters/plots again and again?
I love the weaving of layers. I love twist and turns, love sexy men and the deeper issues some people shy away from. I like to dive in all the mess and try to make sense of it.

Who inspires you and why? (loved ones, friends, authors, public figures, historical figures, actors, teachers etc)
My daughters.  Rocky and Martina are my driving force. Rocky shares my love for writing and Martina shares my love for art. They are my best friends and my life.

What inspires you and why? (Art, poetry, music, movie, book, etc. Please share something specific if you like.)
Life! All of the above and of course beautiful men! I cry sometimes when something takes my breath away. I can escape in nature, in the snowflakes tickling my face, in the colors dancing off a canvas, in the ripples of a man’s muscles,  in the sounds of the ocean or even the whisper of the breeze.  Life. Life inspires me.

Besides reading and writing, what activities do you enjoy in your leisure time?
I love sculpting and all forms of art. It really does take you away. I love mountain biking, dancing and singing and would love to begin flying or scuba diving again. 

What’s your day job?  How has it affected your writing life?
One of my hats is teaching dance. I love teaching and choreographing couples, especially couples who have been together for years. It is adorable to watch them rediscover each other. Many times they have not looked into each other’s eyes for forty five minutes in years. They often blush. It is fun to watch the romance reignite.

Your book: The Impostor, A Love Story 
In one or two sentences, give the core premise behind your story.
The Impostor is the first novel in a suspenseful romantic series about unexpected love and a woman’s fight for survival. You explore the journey of a woman trying to rediscover herself, and the people who will risk everything to save her.

When and where does your book take place?
It is a contemporary series set in the beautiful, majestic Alaska. The characters travel to different places, but most of the series is set in the breathtaking landscape of Alaska.

Who is the heroine? 
Nicole is the main character.

What drives her?
Her main driving force is providing a better life for her daughter, but there are many different issues with each book. 

What is she running away from (literally or figuratively)?
The story begins with her escaping an abusive relationship and trying to rediscover herself. Everything is wonderful until her beauty taunts an evil man and she doesn’t know how she will survive.  

What draws her to the hero in this story? What gives her that push away from him?
His sexy chiseled muscles and chocolate brown eyes attract her to him, but she knows of his reputation with women and tries hard not to fall under his spell.

What about her will make readers sympathetic to her?
I think many women have been abused mentally or physically. Sometimes it is by a partner, sometimes we ourselves are our worst critic and we often loose ourselves along the way. Nicole is on a journey to try and find herself again, and provide the best life she can for her daughter. She makes mistakes and is naïve, but there is also strength in her she doesn’t realize she has. 

Who is the hero? 
Her love interest is the sexy, rich, lead singer Dylan Richardson.

What makes this hero hot and lovable? 
Dylan’s body looks like a roman gladiator. His muscles are beautifully sculpted and his sex appeal is magnetic. He is provocative, protective and incredibly romantic. 

Is there a villain? 
Yes, a man who becomes obsessed with Nicole.

What is the theme at the heart of your story?
Layered. Rediscovery, Love and Survival

Is this book a part of a series?
Yes it is the first novel in the series.

What is the theme of the overall series and how does this story fit into that?
It is layered. The power of love, friendship and rediscovery. No matter how many times you fall, you need to find the strength within to get up, find yourself and surround yourself with people who truly care.

Will these characters show up in other books in this series? 
Yes, they all interwoven throughout the series.

How many books to you anticipate will be in this series?
I am writing Book 3 and 4 simultaneously. 

What are you working on now? 
Survivors are needed for my new project, Out of the Shadows!  I need submissions from people who have been through a physically, or mentally abusive relationship and survived. 
Do you know someone who has? 
If so please contact me at :  tiffanycarmouche at ymail dot com

Submissions can be: 
*A chapter ~Your story (A paragraph -5 pages)
*Quotes from you on hope or overcoming obstacles
*Pictures, photography or drawings (black and white)
*Submissions can be from an adult or child’s point of view
*If you would prefer interview questions, I can send them instead/as well.

As many of you know, I,  like Nicole in The Alaska Series, escaped an abusive relationship to begin again. 
The book will be compiled of our stories.  I feel if we can give even one person the courage to leave and break free of the cycle of abuse, we will have succeeded.

If you or anyone you know would like to be a part of this project, please do contact me at
I will be accepting submissions through April.   
 Out of the Shadows will be used to give hope to people who are afraid to leave or have begun their journey out of the shadows and into the light. All the money will go to help provide service to victims of abuse.

Thank you so much for having me! Readers and bloggers are my life source. I could not do this without you! I love hearing from my fans, so if you do pick up the book and like it send me a message! It really makes my day :) Thank you for the support, and remember we are on this journey together! I am not backed by some huge publishing company, so I really rely on word of mouth. If you like my books please tell someone, share it or tweet it. You have no idea what that means to me. And do keep in touch. I do love hearing from you and it is fun to hear your opinions. I have two different ending written and it will be the feedback from fans that will help me decide the ending I choose. 

Remember, Live! Laugh! And Love!
Tiffany Carmouché 

Where to Connect with Tiffany

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The Vixen Welcome Jo Cattell for Her #CoverReveal

 Hello my fellow sassy ones! I'm excited to welcome a fellow Wicked author Jo Cattell. Okay so she's not as naughty as The Vixen, but she is part of an amazing group I belong to with my alter egos Lia Michaels and Stephanie Ryan. One of our mutual friends, Leanore Elliott started the group to bring together some of her favorite authors and readers. Since she is the "wicked" behind Wicked Muse Productions, she calls us her "Wicked Women."  I love that! 

Well, Jo is in the middle of a media blitz revealing the cover of her new book due out next month. It's a beautiful YA sweet romance that I think you'll all enjoy. Young love appeals to hearts of all ages and this one has me feeling a bit romantic remembering how I felt when Mr. Vixen kissed me for the very first time.  Hell, I feel that way EVERY time he kisses me even now. ;)  

Before I uncover the fabulous work of art designed by Wicked Muse Productions for In Another Life, I want to let Jo tell you a bit about herself.

"Characters are not created by writers. They preexist and need to be found"

I'm an author, mother, friend. My dreams inspire me, my children drive me. I'm a free spirit, a dreamer, a lover of life, and a loyal friend. I live In New Jersey with my husband Eric, and two daughters Amber and Jade.

My first novel, When Angels Fall was inspired by a dream and also the loss of my niece, came out in November 2012 and was the first in my “Fallen Angel Series.” The second book After Angels Fall was release New Years Day of 2013. In Another Life was inspired by a relationship I was in as a teenager. We only have one chance to have a first love. Mine was someone who taught me how important life is and never to take anyone for granted. To see a person for who they really are on the inside and not just for what shows on the outside.

For more information stop by my blog,
and look for my books at

Let me see. Should I show you the cover first, or tease you a little bit more with the blurb. hmmmmm...Decisions. Decisions.  Okay, you twisted my arm. Here's the cover.

Don't you just love it? Do you remember how you felt the first time you fell into the eyes of the one you love? That's what I see when I look at this cover. Let me share the blurb with you now so I can go plan a special getaway with Mr. Vixen. Jo's cover has me all teenager giggly, butterflies in my stomach and all. Make sure you keep watching Amazon for the moment this book comes out!

Sixteen year old, Annie Kane was dumped by her last boyfriend. It took a long time for her to agree with her friends and find somebody new. When Jim Osborn, the class clown shows up with his best friend, Annie realizes that there’s is something different about his friend, but she can’t figure out what.

Nate Cruz wasn’t like anyone she’d ever known. He’s funny and down to earth, but he also suffers with low self-esteem from being in and out of the hospital.

After Jim tries to force himself on her at a party, Anne finally sees him as he really is and decides to end it. She and Nate become best friends. Then, a kiss changes it all. 

With Nate, she sees what love really means. She learns how wonderful life can be and how at any time, things can change without warning. If she’d stayed in her safe, little world, Annie would have missed her chance at love. But because of an irresistible attraction for a boy, she just couldn’t forget? She finds out what she’s really made of and what’s it’s like— living in another life.

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#erotic #FourSeducedMuses Release Their Very Own Video for their Website

Hello everyone! The Vixen's here and excited to share the video showcasing another group I'm a part of. The Four Seduced Muses blog has literally TAKEN OFF in the short time we've been up and running. It's been a whirlwind of fun and excitement with the four of us and all of our guest authors. It started out as a place where the four of us could share our love of all things erotic with each other and with our friends. All of us enjoy reading and writing erotic romances and will continue to support each other in all of our endeavors and any others who wish to explore their more "taboo" sexual appetites. 

As for me, you all know my thoughts on the hot and spicier side of sexuality. I'm all for it and then some. Sex is a beautiful thing whether it's solo play, one on one, or in a fabulous menage. That's why I write my poetry, erotica and erotic romance. These are outlets for me to express my own sensuality and sexuality and help others to do the same.  

So come join us on this journey. You won't regret it, this I promise you. The Siren (May Water), The Vamp (Maya DeLeina), The Seductress (Nicole Morgan) and myself, The Vixen welcome you with open arms and open hearts. Take a look at our video and let me know what you think.

~The Vixen

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#Vampires, Hybrids, and Tyler Robbins Oh My! #erotica #glbt

Welcome back to our Sassy Vixen blog. I'm Stephanie Ryan and once again I get to host an author whose written about hunky vampires. Today we are thrilled to welcome Tyler Robbins and her new release Immortal Thirst. This is the second book written by Ms. Robbins and it promises to be one hell of a read! Take a look at the blurb and you'll see what I mean.

An immortal thirst can never be denied, especially when it’s a thirst for each other.

Vampire, Tristan Deveraux, savored the night with his young progeny, Caleb, by his side. Satisfying his shameless desires, he took what he wanted without reprisal or regret, until Gauge Roberts darkened his door. 

Gauge, an ex-Navy Seal, offered more than muscles and brawn when he became Tristan’s personal security coordinator. Surrendering to an undeniable attraction, the dominating soldier scratched an itch both had ignored far too long.

 A remarkable bond is quickly formed between the three very different men, allowing each to fulfill individual needs while maintaining separate but equal relationships, until a surprising enemy threatens to destroy it all. 

Will they survive the deadly fight, or is heartbreak the only price for satisfying their kind’s immortal thirst?

Now here's what you've all come to see...the M/M excerpt from Immortal Thirst.

Unable to stand another second of the incredible orgasm, Tristan withdrew then collapsed onto the sofa. His mind whirled with warring thoughts of Gauge and then of Caleb. How would his protégé react to Tristan’s desires for the other man? Did he owe his creation an explanation at all?  

They’d shared lovers before, but this was different. Tristan didn’t want Gauge for a kinky romp. Part of him wanted to keep the hybrid around for a while, and that was quite a contrast from the current arrangement he shared with Caleb. 

Now, if Tristan could only get past the fact that Gauge intended to kill his brother. Wrapping his head around that information would take a little more time. 

Caleb got up and stood before Tristan, his spent cock dangling in Tristan’s face. 

“Sorry I didn’t return the favor.” Guilt weighed heavily on Tristan’s mind, knowing all too well he’d only reached orgasm this time because he’d been fixated on his lust for Gauge.

“You always satisfy me, sire.” Caleb’s sweet smile encouraged one in return from Tristan.

He took his lover’s hand in his and caressed his fingers. “Stay with me tonight?” 

“As you wish.”

Tristan rose from the sofa and headed for the door while Caleb remained behind to oversee the removal of the food he’d prepared for their guest, and to make sure any remnants of their own meal hadn’t been left behind. Caleb was quite thorough with his duties. 
As Tristan entered the hallway, he found Gauge leaning against the wall a few yards away from the door. 

When their eyes met, Tristan’s stomach fluttered with excitement. He sauntered toward him, his body reacting to Gauge in ways he’d never experienced with other men, not even Caleb. “Been here long?” 

Gauge drew in a deep breath and exhaled. “Long enough to know Kathryn Guthrie knew what the fuck she was doing after all.”
Though intrigued by the reply, Tristan fought hard not to let on. 

“How so?”

Gauge started toward him until they met in the middle. His scent had deepened, adopting a musky, feral aroma that made Tristan’s balls tighten and pulse with need.

Tristan backed against the wall.

Gauge towered over him, muscular arms settling on both sides of Tristan’s head as he pinned him in. “Make no mistake. When I decide to give you what you want, you need to know that I won’t settle for anything less than all of you.”

A worrisome pinch irritated Tristan’s side. “Caleb is my—”

“I’m not talking about that. Caleb serves his purpose well, and I’m sure I’ll find use of his talents quite pleasing myself, but where our business is concerned, your head better be in the game or I’ll make you regret it.”

Tristan swallowed hard and nodded. 

Gauge leaned in and barely skimmed his lips across Tristan’s. 
Just as Tristan responded and moved in for more, Gauge pulled back and walked away without a second glance.

About the Author

Tyler Robbins is the pen name of author Robin Badillo, who lives in a small Texas town and is the mother of four nearly grown kids, two boys and two girls. 

Tyler enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone and pushes the envelope on the stories she writes every chance she gets. She hopes her readers are just as thrilled as she is with the chances she’s taking. 

Always the optimist, Tyler is a firm believer that grey hair is merely God’s graffiti!

Where to find Tyler and Her Work

You can also find more about Tyler and another HAWT excerpt at The House of Taboo. Lia was finally able to get one of her biggest inspirations to join her on Center Stage to talk about her work just two days ago for the Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time sassy ones!

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Stephanie Ryan Welcomes Guest Author Victoria Embers and Her Erotic Novella Redemption #vampires #erotica

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Sassy Vixen Blog. My name is Stephanie Ryan and I'm one of Tammy's (The Vixen's) alter egos. Today is my first time being able to do an interview with one of our guests and I'm so excited!  We're going to change things up a bit and have an interview for Oh My! Monday. Tammy, Lia and I thought it would be the best way to feature this author and her current series. So let's get started shall we?

I asked Victoria Embers, a writing friend of mine to send over an excerpt of her latest book, Redemption (My Vampire Lover Part #2) so I could share it with you today. It's steamy, hot, and I know you guys will love it.

Victoria Embers splits her time between being a stay-at-home mom and reading paranormal romance. She believes good romance should make you purr while good steamy romance should make you scream, but in a good way of course. Embracing her love of vampires and werewolves and the naughty situations they find themselves in, she's currently writing a novella series called My Vampire Lover with a blend of paranormal romance, fantasy, and erotica featuring, you guessed it, vampires and werewolves.

Her current series, My Vampire Lover includes:
Conquest (My Vampire Lover #1) - Released Nov 2012
Redemption (My Vampire Lover #2) - Released Feb 2013
Day of Reckoning (My Vampire Lover #3) - Late May 2013

You can read Conquest (My Vampire Lover Part #1) for Free on Amazon. Victoria included the first two chapters of Redemption in the free download as well.

Now time to ask Victoria a few questions...

What is the theme of the overall series, My Vampire Lover?
I love the romance novels where the lovers want to be together, but can’t. I like the idea of Caroline and Raphael wanting to be together, but because they come from different worlds it is a big struggle for them.  The way I set it up is that Conquest (My Vampire Lover Part #1) occurs 8 months after Caroline is kidnapped and taken to the Dark realm.

Caroline is a werewolf and princess of the Golden realm and she has discovered a new love in her vampire captor, Raphael. She's willing to risk everything, even her life, to prove to him she loves him and has forsaken all others including her family and her pack.

We pick up in Redemption (My Vampire Lover Part #2) with Raphael learning that his father has kidnapped this princess and he decides he wants to help her escape because he knows his father, the dark lord Asmodeus will kill this woman. He suspects that his father has been killing off her family.

Who is the hero in your series, My Vampire Lover?
Raphael, the tall, dark, handsome vampire who has a loving heart and wants to do the right thing.  He’s a lesser demon because he has a human mother and a demon father. And his father, the dark lord reminds him of his inadequacies. Raphael refuses to think of himself as a demon or half-demon and vampire is a good compromise. He’s a rather different sort of vampire because his mother is a sorceress. I wanted to play around with a magical world and decided Raphael would be a vampire who can shift or turn into a puff of smoke. Seriously ;)

I love actors who have that dark look, the brooding vampire like Damon in the Vampire Diaries or the sensual, sexy John Mitchell from Being Human (BBC). Those actors with bedroom eyes and drop-dead gorgeous looks.

With Raphael, I gave him blue eyes instead of brown so he’d be different. Brown eyes are my favorite so I’ll figure out another hero who is my big, brown-eyed babe. For now, I can already tell, the more I write for this character, the more I fall in love with him. I walked around on cloud nine while writing Redemption. It was silly how lovey dovey I was. It was a blast to write so I’m excited to get going on the next one.

What inspires you to write?
Actually I’m new to all of this. A friend suggested I sit down and write the story I have been telling her and that’s what I’m doing. It’s a new adventure for me and I’m very excited about doing something creative. Simply, I like to think of this series as a love story I’m writing. Once I complete it, I’ll look to the next story to write.

How many books to you anticipate will be in this series?
Probably 4 novellas. I’ve already started work on My Vampire Lover Part #3 and hope to have it out by the summer.

Thanks for letting me be on your blog today, Stephanie. I really appreciate it! Everyone be sure to leave a comment (with your email address) after you read the excerpt. I love getting feedback!

Thank you for sharing with us today, Victoria! Now for the part everyone's been waiting for...the ADULT excerpt! Enjoy!

He smiled at me smugly and focused his attention on my hips.  I followed his gaze.  He wrapped both of his hands around mine as I held his cock against my naked belly.  He stroked my hands, and then opening up the palms of his large hands, he quietly encouraged me to assume the task.  When I took charge, he mumbled, “You’re stronger than you think.”

A fever of blushes covered my face.  “Oh my goodness, did I hurt you?”  I wanted to blush again, but his declaration, that he felt something quite literally when he had met me surfaced in my mind and sent me into oblivion.  True love.  I gazed up at him, marveling at the look of pleasure on his face.  True love.

He moaned and rocked his hips gently into my hands.

I rubbed the head of his cock with my thumb, feeling a sweet stickiness at the tip.

Raphael moved his hand between my thighs and rubbed my clit, his fingers pumping inside me a few times.

My hips met his movements and I groaned, feeling the warmth of his manhood slide between my legs.

“I don’t want to control these feelings I have for you.”  He gathered me up in his arms.  “I don’t know where they came from.  Maybe it was the wolf chant that did it.  I don’t know for sure, but I know I feel this.”

A slight smile crossed his lips.  He embraced me tightly and then picked me up in his arms.

I placed my hand over his heart.  “True love,” I whispered as the words expelled out of my mouth in the form of a few short breaths.  Could it be?

“This can’t be wrong, Caroline.  I don’t want to deny the possibility of the love we can have.  Say you agree?”

“I think I already love you, Raphael.  I’ve never known anyone like you.  You’re a glorious, magnificent vampire.”

When I felt his easing himself into me, my body melted.  “Oh my god, yes,” I cried out.  “Yes!  Yes!”  Wanting to increase our pace, I started to ride him with a newborn intensity.  The warmth of his blood raced through my veins.  “I’m yours,” I cried out.  “I’m yours!”

“Shh,” he said.  “Don’t listen to my blood.  I don’t want you to be my servant or blood source.  Equal.”  With his muscular arms, he brought me up and down a time or two, shifting the rhythm of lovemaking to a slower urgency.  “I want us to be equals.  I want to cherish this moment forever.  I want to look in your eyes as I’m inside you and know if we are never to be together again we had this one moment, out here in this wasteland.”

“By this rock,” I purred, letting him assume control.

“Not too fast, my sweet.  Savor this feeling.”

I smiled down into his striking, pale blue eyes, watching how they glowed in the low light.  His dark eyelashes fluttered now and again, but he refused to take his eyes off of me as we made love in such a desolate place.  I grew hotter by the minute witnessing the desire in his stare.  I studied him.  There was an inherent strength in his features, almost a haughtiness I could visualize him giving to others he disliked.  For me, in that moment, that strength was etched across his face with a look of devotion and confidence I had never seen before.  The turquoise blue in his eyes brought out a growing passion I could see that was all for me.  This could be my destiny, being with this man forever.  If I was as bold as I had just been taking him in my hands, a future with this vampire could be in my grasp.  But it meant sacrificing everything.  Just for him.

When I felt myself about to climax, my head fell backwards and I gave myself up to him completely.  I let him lead the way and delighted in the ecstasy of his deliberately slow pace.  Waves of warmth rushed through my body as I neared orgasm.  I’ll remember this moment forever.

“Slowly, my sweet.  Slowly.”

I screamed the first time I came.  His hands rhythmically worked my hips up and down on his cock, refusing to stop.  He increased the speed of his movements ever so slightly.  I was helpless to stop his lovely hastened pace.  My heart raced rapidly and I wanted to slam my body into his, feverishly, insanely, erotically like I was in control of him, like he was there to please me and only me.

“Shhh,” he said.  He gathered me close against his chest.  
“That’s the blood talking.  Don’t listen to that.  It’ll pass.  Focus on this.”  He pulled me upwards and let me slide down again on his massive manhood.  “Come for me again, Caroline.”

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