Friday, March 29, 2013

The Vixen Welcome Jo Cattell for Her #CoverReveal

 Hello my fellow sassy ones! I'm excited to welcome a fellow Wicked author Jo Cattell. Okay so she's not as naughty as The Vixen, but she is part of an amazing group I belong to with my alter egos Lia Michaels and Stephanie Ryan. One of our mutual friends, Leanore Elliott started the group to bring together some of her favorite authors and readers. Since she is the "wicked" behind Wicked Muse Productions, she calls us her "Wicked Women."  I love that! 

Well, Jo is in the middle of a media blitz revealing the cover of her new book due out next month. It's a beautiful YA sweet romance that I think you'll all enjoy. Young love appeals to hearts of all ages and this one has me feeling a bit romantic remembering how I felt when Mr. Vixen kissed me for the very first time.  Hell, I feel that way EVERY time he kisses me even now. ;)  

Before I uncover the fabulous work of art designed by Wicked Muse Productions for In Another Life, I want to let Jo tell you a bit about herself.

"Characters are not created by writers. They preexist and need to be found"

I'm an author, mother, friend. My dreams inspire me, my children drive me. I'm a free spirit, a dreamer, a lover of life, and a loyal friend. I live In New Jersey with my husband Eric, and two daughters Amber and Jade.

My first novel, When Angels Fall was inspired by a dream and also the loss of my niece, came out in November 2012 and was the first in my “Fallen Angel Series.” The second book After Angels Fall was release New Years Day of 2013. In Another Life was inspired by a relationship I was in as a teenager. We only have one chance to have a first love. Mine was someone who taught me how important life is and never to take anyone for granted. To see a person for who they really are on the inside and not just for what shows on the outside.

For more information stop by my blog,
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Let me see. Should I show you the cover first, or tease you a little bit more with the blurb. hmmmmm...Decisions. Decisions.  Okay, you twisted my arm. Here's the cover.

Don't you just love it? Do you remember how you felt the first time you fell into the eyes of the one you love? That's what I see when I look at this cover. Let me share the blurb with you now so I can go plan a special getaway with Mr. Vixen. Jo's cover has me all teenager giggly, butterflies in my stomach and all. Make sure you keep watching Amazon for the moment this book comes out!

Sixteen year old, Annie Kane was dumped by her last boyfriend. It took a long time for her to agree with her friends and find somebody new. When Jim Osborn, the class clown shows up with his best friend, Annie realizes that there’s is something different about his friend, but she can’t figure out what.

Nate Cruz wasn’t like anyone she’d ever known. He’s funny and down to earth, but he also suffers with low self-esteem from being in and out of the hospital.

After Jim tries to force himself on her at a party, Anne finally sees him as he really is and decides to end it. She and Nate become best friends. Then, a kiss changes it all. 

With Nate, she sees what love really means. She learns how wonderful life can be and how at any time, things can change without warning. If she’d stayed in her safe, little world, Annie would have missed her chance at love. But because of an irresistible attraction for a boy, she just couldn’t forget? She finds out what she’s really made of and what’s it’s like— living in another life.


  1. The 'Sassy One' outdid the 'Wicked One' today! Such an awesome spot you did here, my sweet Vixen!

  2. I just can;t stop looking at it. Yes, I may not have shown my naughty side yet, but it is coming in future WIP I'm working on now.

  3. Well Jo you be sure you stop in again when you want to promote or just to do a guest spot for kicks. We'd love to have you again any time! And when are you going to be making the rounds again yourself, Leanore? hmmmm