Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Sassy Does A Girl Have to be for Menage?

Welcome back to the Sassy Vixen Blog! Our first spotlight author of this month is the marvelous Morticia Knight. Today she's sharing a bit of her latest release from Total-E-Bound. It's an anthology collection of six hot menage stories. There's something for everyone so read on my friends! Leave a comment for Morticia and be in the running for a free copy of your very own.  
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All Together Now

I’m so excited to be one of the first authors to visit Tammy’s new blog for Sassy Vixens. I think all of us have a bit of the sass in us, or else we wouldn’t be reading and writing all of this fun stuff! Of course, everyone’s definition of sassy varies a little, and when you’re talking about ménage – well – a girl’s comfort level can vary.
That’s definitely the case for the smart and sexy heroine, Alexa, in my story “The Perfect Third”. She wants to rev up her boring love life, but she’s not interested in mindless sex with no love. She wants the full package: a guy that knows his way around a woman’s body, and happily ever-after. Finding even one good man like that seems to be an impossible quest in the money and success-motivated financial district of New York. But two????
Alexa has no clue that the hunky film score composer that she just met at a film after-party, Lorne, is actually only interested in finding a woman he and his gorgeous best friend, Antony, can share and settle down with. The men are looking for their happily-ever-after  too, but is Alexa sassy enough to go along with such an arrangement? Antony doesn’t think there’s a chance she will, and Lorne is pining away without her. Will this finally be the event that breaks up the two men who have been sharing a bevy of beauties for over ten years? And will Alexa ever become sassy enough to do two incredible men at the same time?
I guess the only way to find out is to pick up a copy of the All Together Now anthology at Total-E-Bound. There are six ménage stories included in this collection, including “The Perfect Third”, and they all explore varying themes of ménage. How sassy are you feeling?
To help you decide, I’ve included a little excerpt from “The Perfect Third” for your enjoyment! Comment at the end about how sassy you are, and I’ll give one lucky commenter an ebook copy of the All Together Now anthology. Don’t forget to leave your contact email – or else we can’t tell you that you won! Contest runs for one week from today.

Adult Excerpt from “The Perfect Third”, a contemporary MFM Menage that is included in the All Together Now Anthology available May 7th from Total-E-Bound Publishing. All rights reserved.

After a large swallow of wine, Lorne set his glass on the coffee table and leaned into Alexa. He looked directly into her eyes, and locked his lips on hers once again. She melted into him, allowing herself to shut her eyes and feel the moment. Lorne used both hands to explore her body, sliding up and down her, briefly fondling her breasts, stroking her hair, petting the side of her face. Alexa began heating up again, and reciprocated by rubbing his broad, muscular chest, and caressing the stone-hard tops of his thighs.

Abruptly, Lorne pulled back and stood up. He looked down at her as she leant back against the arm of the sofa, and began to unbutton the white tuxedo shirt he was wearing, throwing the bow tie to the ground. His chest exposed, Alexa feasted her eyes on just how well built he was, with just a light smattering of golden hair. He undid his belt and slacks, which were also then cast aside. He was left standing in black briefs that strained under the hardness of his generous cock.

“Would you like to do the final honours?” he said to her, a mischievous tone to his voice.

Alexa wanted to rip the fabric from his body to get at what was being held prisoner beneath. She leant forward so that her face was even with his crotch. Feeling lightheaded from the wine, and maybe a little dangerous, she grabbed the elastic waistband with her teeth and began tugging it downward. He was so hard, it was difficult to get the underwear to cooperate, so she gave it an extra tug with both her hands.

Finally his large prize was free, and she immediately caught it with her lips, licking and tonguing the shaft, teasing the tip as she eased it in and out of her mouth. Lorne placed both hands on her head, moaning, and began to thrust his cock deep into her, pushing at the back of her throat as she opened up to take as much of him as she could.

Lorne held her head fast in his hands, so Alexa was free to begin sliding out of her silk dress. As it fell to her waist, she lifted up slightly to get it the rest of the way off. She sat perched on the edge of his white couch in a red satin lace bra and thong panties. She saw Lorne looking down at her and hoped that the sight of his thick prick ramming into her face and her full C-cup breasts bouncing in the red push-up bra was bringing him true delight.
She was briefly unsure of herself as he pulled his dick out of her mouth, but he reassured her. “You are way too sexy in this outfit, with a sweet, sumptuous mouth. I’m afraid I won’t be able to contain myself.”

He knelt down in front of her and began to kiss her again, and she could feel that her mouth was sloppy and her lips were swollen from the recent assault of his shaft. Her cheeks were flushed, and he watched as her chest rose alluringly with fast breath. He began to explore her again, and he made it clear it was time for the rest of her clothing to come off. He undid her bra, and she helped move things along by sliding her panties off.
“I appreciate your enthusiasm,” he said, locking with her eyes again. “I plan to reward it.”

To find out how sassy Alexa really is, pick up your copy of “The Perfect Third” in the All Together Now anthology, available here: http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=&P_ID=1647

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  1. I think most women have no prob showing their sass once they get past the initial shyness . Getting past that initial hump seems to be the hardest step. Small amounts of alcohol can help with this. Also (in my opinion) low lighting.

  2. I so agree with you on the low lighting, May! That's how I am too, but once I get comfortable...watch out! LOL

  3. Congrats on the release! I would think it takes some sass to get to that point. I am afraid I don't have it yet! Working on it! I agree with May I think a little wine and some "mood" lighting would be great.

  4. A nice glass of wine always works for me! It actually helped poor Alexa get her sass on in the story as well. Thanks for stopping by ladies. ;-)