Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rose Leigh Woods Shares Her Thursday Thirteen

Saving Treasure (MMF) 

Welcome back to The Sassy Vixen Blog! Today author and another fellow Siren shares not one, but TWO sets of thirteen sentences with us today from her SCORCHING erotic menage a trois romance Saving Treasure. Let's take a sneak peek into Treasure's world. Leave a comment for Rose and let her know what you think. Enjoy! ~The Vixen

Treasure Patience Lane sighed as she slipped back into her car. It had truly been a bad day. Moments like this made her wish that her daddy were still alive and well. She had never wanted him to rescue her from anything, and she always gladly took her bumps and bruises from her decisions, but she was starting to wish for a helping hand despite the fact that accepting it would mean she had to admit she had ignored something to get in this type of situation. At that point, she would just have to swallow what pride she had and take it. This last stop proved that there were people that would help her just a tad, though, and that she wasn’t doing a spectacular job of blending in with the other people around her.
    Stopping for gas made it obvious that she was going to have to work harder to escape without any trace.
    She knew her slightly curly light-brown hair didn’t exactly dredge up a lot of interest with the way it twined and turned down her back, but the bruise surrounding her eye and cheek did. Those dark marks were practically impossible to hide. They drew the attention of others’ eyes like moths to a flame. Luckily, she could keep her head down to disguise it just a bit. Her five-foot-two-inch frame meant she had to raise her face to look directly at most people, helping her to keep her face partially hidden without looking like she was purposefully avoiding looking at people. She was, for once, happy rather than perturbed at not having those few extra inches in height that she normally longed for.

Intrigued? How about a little more?

He used his body to tell her what he needed—what he was sure she needed.
    He worked his hand into her jeans and stroked her through her panties. His cock dribbled pre-cum when she moaned. Her panties were soaked in no time. And that called to his painfully and pleasurably achy dick. He couldn’t wait to bury himself inside of her.
    “Oh fuck, Treasure,” he grounded out once the pads of his fingers touched her after slipping around the fabric in their way. He pressed
his hardness farther into her even more forcefully, making it abundantly clear that he wanted to remove the barriers and not stop.
    She ground against him and dug her fingers into his back to keep the tight contact. He continued to rub her, bringing her closer to
plunging over the edge. She got louder and louder, moaning at the pleasure he was giving her. A noise broke their fondling and made
both of them look toward the man standing near them.
    James was leveling a black look at Chad before his expression softened to look down at Treasure.

Blurb for Saving Treasure

Treasure Lane was on the run from an obsessed roommate when she met James just when she needed someone to lean on. She left New Mexico with no more than the few things she could sneak out of her apartment. She allowed fate to take her where she may. She has never had roots.
James Calloway was on the way home when he saw a woman who called to him in a way he had never experienced before. He and Chad Hardin are already involved in a relationship that they cannot seem to define. When Chad discovers Treasure in his bed, he is stunned and surprised. Chad and James nurture Treasure while helping her to heal and to love. They develop a life and discover each other. Friendships are formed, passions burn brightly, and roots are formed. When Treasure's trouble follows, they must survive together.

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