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Licorice Whips, Peppermint Sticks, and HOT Sex...OH MY!

Author May Water

Welcome to our very first Spotlight Author post on the Sassy Vixen Blog! I'm very happy and honored to introduce you to author May Water. She's a wonderfully free spirit, full of life, laughter and yes a bit naughty! She is the perfect definition of a sassy vixen. Here's what she has to say about herself on her Siren Bookstrand author page.

   I grew up in Boston but travel my path in life wherever life takes me. I trust the universe will keep leading me in the right direction. It's already led me to some amazing places. I believe that everyone on my path was put there for a reason. At times my path has been quite rocky, and I was unsure what possible good could come of it. Good always did, though. 
   I've explored most of the United States, parts of Canada, and the Canadian Maritimes alone, camping in remote locations whenever possible and satisfying my need to travel and my love to be one with nature and wildlife.
   I recently decided to explore my love of literature by trying my hand at writing. I dove in headfirst and pumped out 5 erotic romances in 2011 for Siren Publishing. No matter what happens in my life I want to keep writing. All of my tales touch upon issues which are important to me: women's empowerment, healthy relationships, overcoming sexuality issues, soul mates, and the quest for love. My love of nature and the ocean are prevalent in my tales, coastlines being my favorite places. I fully admit to wanting to come back as a whale next lifetime. 
Licorice Whips
   I have had many titles and held many roles in my life: daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, wildlife surveyor, counselor...yet my most cherished title is writer. I am happiest when I write. That is my passion.

May has been very happy over the last year having published TEN books over the last year including the four book Seaside Surrender series featuring Molly Doll and her lovers. In the fourth book, Licorice Whips, Molly and her three lovers bring in a fifth into all the fun. See for yourself if the hunky Jack has more than he can handle with the sweet loving Molly!

Story Excerpt

“I thought you agreed to no pouting,” he said with a slight grin. Molly exhaled dramatically and sipped the coffee again as she stared out at the street. Her stomach was in knots.

“I never promised I’d succeed in not pouting. I just said I’d try,” she responded in a mopey voice. Jack placed an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him. She wore Jack’s nightshirt under her cape. It was belted like a loose dress. She thought she may never take it off.

Jack chuckled and then kissed the top of her head. “Molly, this is the right thing to do. Your lass will be upset something fierce if you don’t make it back by breakfast. Now why would you want to do that?” he questioned softly. Molly snuggled into him, taking in his unique scent as she sighed.

“I just want to be with you. You make me happilicious,” she said simply. “We didn’t have enough time.” Jack kissed her hair again.

“We pretty much made love all night, my sweet. I shall never look at chocolate frosting the same way,” he whispered.

Molly giggled and nuzzled into his neck. Her mind flashed to the vision of his thick cock slathered in chocolate frosting as she lapped it up. It was by far one of the best blow jobs she had ever given. “I know. But I want more. Not just the sex. But of you. I want you to play the guitar for me again. That was so romantic,” she said wistfully. Jack sighed heavily.

“Just so you know, I never played that song for anyone,” he said with a soft smile.
Molly sat up straight, suddenly very agitated. She downed the rest of the coffee and placed the mug on the stoop. “It’s not fair,” she snapped.

“What’s not fair?” he asked as he played with her hair. She loved his gentle spirit. It was so soothing.

“Not fair that I have to go. Let’s just go back upstairs,” she responded as she cupped his crotch. She knew she was behaving poorly, but she didn’t care. Jack very gently removed her hand and kissed it.

“Lassie, I want nothing more than to carry you back upstairs. At least you have people waiting for you—people who love you deeply. I’ll be returning to a cold bed,” he said softly. His words made her heart sink. There was no reason this wonderful man should sleep or live alone. Suddenly, she wanted very badly to take care of him. He turned to her and grasped her hands.

“Look, the coach is coming. You know where to find me, Molly. I’m only a coach ride away. If you come back, then my door is open. Okay?” he asked. Then he kissed the tip of her nose. “But I don’t want anyone banging down my door looking for you. Or any ill will from anyone.”

Molly nodded solemnly. “It’s not if I’ll be back, but when I’ll be back. And that will be before you know it. Next time we’ll use vanilla frosting, too,” she said with a grin. Jack’s eyes widened at her words.

Adult Excerpt

“There you go, lassie,” Jack grunted. His hands gripped her waist firmly as he slammed her up and down. “I missed fucking you. That I did.” She knew he was at peak excitement by the thickness of his Scottish accent. It drove her even wilder.

She leaned down to kiss his pouty lips, loving the scent of coffee and frosting on his breath. When Evan entered the room again, Jack was so involved that he didn’t even blink an eye. He just slammed her even harder, his zealousness staggering.

Evan sidled up behind Jess, quickly undoing his trousers. Jess tilted her head back and grinned at him upside down as Michael plunged her up and down. The tip of her long braid brushed against Michael’s thighs.

“So naughty,” Evan growled as he let his pants drop to the floor, stepping out of them. “Fucking right in the kitchen chairs, no less. The same place our guests sit.”

He thrust his hips toward Michael, who eagerly engulfed his huge cock in his mouth. Jess continued to ride him, but now in a more relaxed manner. She had a content smile on her face.

The visual excited Molly even more, which caused her to grind into Jack harder. When he clamped his teeth on one of her nipples, she cried out. He jerked slightly and slowed his strokes. She sensed he was again on the verge of coming. Slowly, she climbed off of him, kissing his face and eyelids as she did. Then she got back on her knees and turned to Evan.

“Come here,” she panted. Evan raised an eyebrow but did as she ordered. His massive cock swayed as he approached them. Jack tensed a little, so she stroked his chest to soothe him.

“I’m not sure about this,” he whispered. Molly gazed up at him.

“I just want to try something,” she soothed. Jack looked uncertain, but he nodded. Molly tugged Evan’s hand so he would lower himself to the floor. She locked eyes with him and said just three words. “Double blow job.”

Evan grinned as Molly engulfed Jack’s dick in her mouth again. After Evan repositioned himself appropriately, he began licking Jack’s scrotum. Jack let out a huge moan which made Molly smile despite the huge dick in her mouth. She knew he’d like it.

When Evan got both of his balls in his mouth, Jack pulled her hair painfully, obviously overwhelmed with the sensation. He began bucking his hips up and down, lifting his bottom right off the kitchen chair.

Evan licked and suckled his scrotum expertly, knowing exactly what felt good for a man. Molly was dying to see the two of them fuck, but she knew that she had to be patient.
She loved the sound of Evan’s slurping combined with her own. Jess’s fingernails running down her back added to her excitement. Then quite suddenly, Jess’s mouth was on her cunt, suckling her clit furiously. She spread her legs wider to give her better access. After a few minutes, not nearly enough time for Molly’s liking, Jess rose and sidled up to the side of Jack, offering her large breasts which he accepted eagerly, suckling them like a hungry babe would its mother.

When she saw Michael sidle up behind Evan, she thought she would faint. After spitting on his palm, he slathered his dick with the saliva. Then he bent over Evan and slid slowly inside. Her heart was beating so fast, she thought she might actually die on the spot. She had no idea the five of them would be doing this so soon.

Molly felt Jack climaxing. She knew by the way his thighs tightened. She gazed up at him with his cock in her mouth. She wanted to memorize his expression as he came to the sight of Michael banging Evan’s ass, and the feel of both a woman and man’s mouth on his cock and balls, and the feel of breasts in his hands. She wanted to see the expression of a man who had everything.

Where to find May Water

Video Trailer for Salt Water Taffy(Seaside Surrender 1)

Make sure you stop in at Behind Closed Doors. May shares some of her readers favorite funny lines from all four of the Seaside Surrender books. Check them out! 


  1. Great to "meet" you, May! Thanks for the excerpts--yowza!

  2. Glad you enjoyed! My first year as an erotic writer has been one big yowza : }

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