Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sassy Vixen Publishing Welcomes Stephanie Ryan!

As The Vixen, I've enjoyed hosting this blog and that of Sassy Vixen Reviews. Some of you also know that I've joined forces with three of my friends who also write erotic romances. Together we make up the Four Seduced Muses. It's only been three months since we created that blog and it's already become a hit. We're booked up for guests through April. I have a weekly spot there called Sinfully Sassy Sundays with The Vixen where I talk about anything and everything having to do with sex and fantasy. 

As Tammy Dennings Maggy I write poetry, erotica and erotic romance. I love to read so many different genres and have many unfinished manuscripts and outlines for books that don't fall into the erotica genres. I also want to explore a bit more of the genres that many find taboo. So Lia Michaels and Stephanie Ryan were born. 
For my own work, you can find me at Behind Closed Doors, Not Enough Time in the Day, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Amazon Author Page, Siren Author Page and Goodreads

Lia has been with me for a bit and has been here writing posts for Sassy Vixen. Together we've run blog hops and interviewed each other. It's been a lot of fun "talking" and "arguing" with basically myself during those times, but it did make for some of the most popular posts! LOL  Lia is starting to come into her own and writers are seeking her out to do guest spots on her blog. I love it!

You can find her at The House of Taboo, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, and Google+

The final part of our little writing "trio" is Stephanie Ryan. Through her I can write books for young adults, mainstream fiction and the sweet romances. Whether it's paranormal, fantasy, or contemporary Stephanie will want to be long as it's not erotica or erotic romance. Soon she's do her spots here at Sassy Vixen Publishing and will be a contributing author for the shared world Temptation Resort Series.  You can find her on her own website/blog  Through Stephanie's Eyes, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

So there you have it! All three Sassy Vixen Publishing authors together under one roof at last! Please stop in and visit all of us, follow our blogs and overall join us for fun times ahead!

~The Vixen

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