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NEW RELEASE From Debut Author @Tawny_Savage BRIGID'S BLESSING #bigfoot #erotica #darkfantasy #NOV #ASMSG

We're thrilled to announce a new release from debut author Tawny Savage. This has been quite an adventure with her and now it's time to celebrate!

Brigid's Blessing is the first in The Bigfoot Chronicles. So far Tawny says there will be three...but you know how those characters can be. Don't be surprised if one or two more books end up in Tawny's lap. 

Monster erotica is classified as dark fantasy. Some may even go so far as to say it includes the most taboo of of all: bestiality. In this series, we don't think that label fits. The way Tawny describes the creature commonly known as "Bigfoot" and his tribe as intelligent sentient beings—covered with a hell of a lot of hair, you'll soon forget the idea they're "monsters" for a little while. Being able to make the reader suspend belief and immerse themselves into the story is what we look for in the fiction we publish here at Sassy Vixen Publishing and we think Tawny hit the nail on the head with this one. 

Why don't you give it a try yourself and let us know what you think? We'd love to hear from you.


Bryanna Stevens was slowly dying inside. The safe and consensual sexual relationship with her husband Travis had slowly deteriorated into one filled with torment and abuse. With nowhere to turn, she pleaded her case to the Goddess Brigid. She offered herself up to the gods to do as they see fit if they’d grant her one wish—to conceive a child of her own.

Hell bent on avenging mutilation and death of his pregnant mate, Ashar risks everything to make the humans pay. Instead, he’s blindsided by his desire for the naked beauty stretched out over an altar, pleading for the gods to give her a child.  Before he can stop himself, he’s kneeling beside her. Could she be the one to save the Forest People and mend his broken heart or the one to destroy them all?

(WARNING: Explicit sex between humans and Bigfoot)

She gathered up the materials she needed for the ritual and placed them near the back door. She removed all of her clothing and slipped into the long purple satin robe she’d made for just such an occasion. She pulled the hood up over her head as she made her way through the yard to the altar she’d set up in her garden.

She’d designed the structure to resemble a miniature Stonehenge with a stone altar in the center of the ring of smooth cut granite and slabs of redwood. At this point in the evening, the moon had risen to a height well above the tree line. Its light illuminated her garden shrine perfectly. She began her chanting spell welcoming her spirit guides and the Goddess Brigid. She asked for the courage to continue on her journey out of the marriage that had robbed her of her self-worth and her chance to have a child of her own. She dropped her robe at the base of the altar and lit the candles at the center while she pleaded her case. “Goddess, if it’s your will please grant me this last wish. I long to have a child of my very own, to teach the ways of the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.”

She spread the cloak out on the altar and lay on top of it as an offering. Tears flowed down her cheeks. “I offer all that I am, all that I will ever be if it’s your will for life to spring from me.” Her mind wouldn’t focus on the spell, but instead kept replaying her conversation with Sandy. Could the baby she’s carrying really be the child of a Bigfoot? Is it possible?

Before she knew it, she’d altered the prayer spell. “I offer my womb to help save his clan. Any child created from our union would be cherished and harmed by no man. This I pledge. If it’s your will, so mote it be.”

 * * * *

 Ashar watched Bryanna from the thicket of trees closest to her ring of stones. He couldn’t look away. Her hair fell over her shoulders and down her back in thick curls. The moonlight caused her alabaster skin to glow in front of his eyes. He longed to touch and taste her. He closed his eyes and filled his lungs with her scent.

Before he could stop himself, he was kneeling in front of the altar. He became drunk with need to take her as his own.

She gasped softly. Her eyes locked with his as he pulled her toward the edge of the stone. She didn’t resist or cry out but let him do as he wished.

He parted her legs enough to glide his fingers through her slick pussy lips and then to his mouth. His tongue darted out to taste her juices. He growled and moaned at once, nearly swooning with desire he’d never known before. He placed her legs over his shoulders as his tongue dove into her folds.

“Oh my god…” Her fingers entwined in his hair and pulled him closer to her. Her body opened to him and begged for more.

He moved up her smooth skin, licking, sucking and biting his way up to her tits. his hands barely fit around the heavy orbs. He nuzzled each in turn before taking one nipple in his mouth to suckle.

She thrashed under him but didn’t try to push him away. Instead she arched her back and shoved move of her breast into his mouth. Her moans and sighs urged him to continue his exploration of her body.

He pushed himself up and watched her face closely as he eased his cock into her wetness. Afraid he’d hurt her if he let his need get the best of him, he forced himself to go as slowly as her body needed to adjust to fit him. No one but Taema had ever been able to take him in fully—until this human.

She lifted her legs so they curved around his waist. Her heels dug into his sides to pull him toward her. “Don’t fucking stop. Take me. Please…” Her lips met his with raw animalistic need. Her tongue slipped and slid over his, teasing and taunting with every movement. The other human had simply laid there while he satisfied himself as best he could. His cock was too large to fit inside that one but he’d made due. This one appeared to be made to fit him completely. The discovery opened the flood gates within him.

He didn’t need any more of an invitation. He supported his upper body with his forearms as his hips slammed into her, forcing his cock in all the way with each stroke.

Her muscles clenched around his shaft, milking and squeezing him almost to the point of pain. She screamed and cried out for more. “Yes, yes, yes!” Her body shuddered and shook beneath him and still he pounded her cunt. Never before had he experienced such pleasure and pain at the same time. He wanted more and more of her with every plunge.

Her body clenched again before she grew quiet.

Ashar roared as he released his seed inside her. He continued to thrust as cum shot out of him. He stood up, and rapidly pulled on his cock and balls to finish, shooting white cream all over her thighs, stomach and breasts.

He smoothed her hair from her sweat covered forehead, kissed her lips, and covered her with the edges of the robe. He ran his fingers through the beads of cum over her skin and smiled. “Mine.”

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About the Author

Tawny Savage has always enjoyed reading and writing taboo erotica that can bring all of our deepest darkest fantasies to life. Her tales aren’t for the faint of heart and won’t always have the happily ever after ending.  You’ll laugh, cry and want to beat the hell out of some of her characters and that’s just fine with Tawny. She’ll help you do it!

Join her for a ride you'll never forget! Go ahead and drop a line to her through her publisher or connect with her on Twitter @Tawny_Savage.

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#FlashbackFriday: #Poetry Inspired an Entire Series for @dochappycamper #vampires #MyWANA

Welcome to Flashback Friday here at Sassy Vixen Publishing. This week in honor of NaNoWriMo, I thought I'd share the book of poetry that inspired the piece Tammy Dennings Maggy is working on this month.  This manuscript is called The First Borne (Kayne Legacy 1). It's the first novel depicting the tale of the first vampires, both sons of Adam. The entire story is outlined in the poetry book we published for her early this year. 

The Courtship of the Vampyre is a mere 37 pages in the print version, but it packs a huge punch. Not only does it outline the birth of the first vampires, it helps to tell the tale of Cain, the First Born of Adam. There is so much we don't know about him, only the stories passed down through the generations that label him the first murderer. 

But what if we have the story all wrong? What if his "curse" wasn't a punishment, but a sacred task given to him by The Three—Yeshua the Creator, The Goddess Fate, and their youngest brother Lucius the God of Trials and Tribulations. What if a curse was also laid upon another one of Adam's sons the same day Cain received his blessing?

All these questions and many more are answered in the new series by Tammy Dennings Maggy called The Kayne Legacy series.  The Courtship of the Vampyre is the companion to this series, helping to outline the entire history of Cain's life from the moment of the accidental death of his brother Abel, to the final battle he must face with his youngest brother Malachi. The First Borne (Kayne Legacy 1) will be out in the fall. 

Until then, here's the video trailer showcasing one of the poems from the collection that tells a bit of Cain's story. Hopefully this will be enough to hold you over until the first book in the series is released. If not, we invite you to pick up your very own copy of The  Courtship of the Vampyre and get lost in the world of the Guardians of the Night.

Where to Find Courtship of the Vampyre

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#OhMy! Monday Welcomes Author @_lisamowens and Her New #Sweet #Romance

Welcome to Oh My! Monday here at Sassy Vixen Publishing. I'm The Vixen and your host for today. We've an extra treat for my sassy ones. Author Lisa M. Owens is back and this time she's sharing an excerpt from her new sweet contemporary romance If Only.

To learn a bit more about the book, you can check out her interview with us for the Saturday Spotlight just two days ago. Just scroll to the post just before this one and you'll get all caught up. Go ahead, we'll wait....

Ready? Good. Here's the blurb for If Only.

What would you do if you had the opportunity to go back and relive your greatest mistake?

Five years ago, Bree Sexton walked out on her fiancé and into the arms of a charming and handsome stranger. She has regretted her decision ever since. Instead of a fairy-tale marriage, her “prince” shattered her dreams and her spirit with physical violence and emotional cruelty she barely escaped.

She then mysteriously wakes up in bed with the fiancé she loved and left, the life she’d dreamed of now a reality, until her cruel ex-husband reappears to destroy her new life. But what is real, and what is make-believe? Is she really getting the chance she has always dreamed of? And when it is all said and done, will she finally end up with the man she has always regretted leaving? Or will she wake up to discover herself alone?

Sounds fabulous to me too! Here's a bit of an excerpt to tease you some more...

Bree stood there for a minute, watching as he walked out of her life. She couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if she had married Scott instead of Bryan. How would her life have been different? Would she have had children by now? Would she and Scott still be together, after all this time? Those thoughts and more weighed heavily on her mind as she headed out of the bar. It had begun to snow, and she wrapped her coat even tighter around her slender frame. She looked around, but there was no one to be found. She couldn’t help herself; she stuck out her tongue, a childish impulse she couldn’t ignore, and then laughed out loud in spite of herself. 

She looked both ways before attempting to cross the street. Not seeing any cars, she began to make her way across. Bree was walking cautiously when one of her high heels slipped on a patch of ice. She could feel herself falling, and her breathing quickened as she began to panic, wishing she had waited for her friends before venturing off on her own. One shoe flew off as she landed, her head striking the curb. A sharp pain racked through the back of her skull, causing her to cry out. The last thing she saw was Scott’s face swimming before her eyes, and then her world went black. 

* * * *

Bree awoke to a man nipping gently on her earlobe, his tongue stroking the delicate curves. His hot breath blew into her ear, sending shivers up and down her spine. She slowly opened her eyes as a man’s hand stroked her upper thigh, and she sighed happily. 
Ooh, I must be dreaming. And it was such a delicious dream, too. 

The man’s hand traveled up her thigh and then encircled her flat stomach. Out of the corner of her eyes, Bree could see a dark head pressing against her abdomen. Then she shivered as a tongue laved her belly button, going in and out erotically, making her feel as though her body was on fire. Bryan had never made her feel like this, and she hadn’t even looked yet to see who this stranger was! But she was only dreaming, so what difference did it make? 

His hand continued traveling north, lovingly caressing her skin. He reached for her aching breasts, pressing her nipples roughly before he lowered his mouth to suckle them, first one, and then the other. Bree arched in anxious response to his touch. She longed to see his face, but she feared one look would make his magical touch disappear. 

She ached all over, wanted his hands to caress her everywhere, and she longed to touch him. She opened her legs as he straddled her. His hair brushed her naked chest as he began kissing her. His tongue was driving her crazy with desire as he placed tender kisses along her neckline. He brushed her hair aside. 

His morning stubble stung her delicate skin, but she hungered for more. Just one more touch, just one more taste, and she would awaken from this wonderful dream and find herself in bed, all alone. 

“Oh, Bree, baby. What you do to me,” he whispered, his voice husky. 

That voice jerked her back to the present. The voice had haunted her dreams for years. The voice of the man she just couldn’t seem to get over. 

“Scott,” she whispered.

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#SaturdaySpotlight is on Author @_lisamownens #sweet #romance

Welcome to the Saturday Spotlight here at Sassy Vixen Publishing. We're happy to welcome author Lisa M. Owens to the hot seat. We'll get to learn a bit about her and her latest release If Only, a sweet contemporary romance that focuses on second chances.

Let's get to it shall we...

In one or two sentences, give the core premise behind your story.
A woman gets the second chance that she has always dreamed of, the chance to make things right with the man who got away.

Who is the heroine? 
Bree Sexton—She is a strong woman who put all of her trust in the wrong man.

What obstacles will she encounter in this story?
When Bree slips on a patch of ice, she strikes her head on the curb. When she wakes up, she finds herself in her former fiancé’s arms and discovers that they are married—and that she is living three years in the past. When it seems as though her happily ever after is just within reach, her cruel ex-husband shows up, threatening to take away everything that Bree holds dear.

What draws her to the hero in this story? What gives her that push away from him?
Scott Weston was her childhood sweetheart. When she met the handsome and charming Bryan Sexton, she broke her engagement to Scott and married Bryan. Five years later, now divorced, Bree runs into Scott. But he is happily married with a baby on the way.

What about her will make readers sympathetic to her?
She was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by her former husband. She might be trying to move on with her life, but scars that aren’t visible continue to haunt her. Certain things going on in her life sometimes trigger violent moments from her past. She has to overcome her traumatic past before she can build a future with the only man that she has ever really loved.

Is this book a part of a series?
Yes, this is the first book of my If Only series. 

What is the theme of the overall series and how does this story fit into that?
This series is about heroines who get the second chances that they have always dreamed of. Bree’s story is about getting the chance to make things right with the one who got away.

Will these characters show up in other books in this series? 
Yes! Bree and Scott Weston will make a small appearance in my second novel of this series, which is titled What If. I am currently working on this novel and plan on having it ready for submission within the next month or so.

How many books to you anticipate will be in this series?
I plan on there being five books in this series. Susan Weston, Scott’s sister, will have her own book as well as Luke Weston, Scott’s brother. They also have stories to tell…

Do you have a question you’d like to ask the readers to generate comments?
I am also currently working on a novel about a Marine who returns home from Afghanistan. I am thinking on having this novel be the first in a series, possibly having one from each branch of the military.

My questions are:
1. What do the readers think about this idea? Good idea or bad idea?

2. What is your idea of the perfect military hero? Both physical descriptions and character traits are welcome.

About the Author

The writing bug bit Lisa M. Owens at an early age; she was writing short stories and poetry by the age of seven. At the age of eight, she entered a writing contest at her elementary school. About fifty books were written, but Lisa was one of the thirteen writers chosen who received a certificate and the chance to meet Oklahoma writer Sandy Miller.

A former victim of domestic violence herself, Lisa worked at the courthouse for over seven years. Almost three of those years she worked on the Marriage License/Protective Order desk. She helped women file protective orders and worked closely with the staff and counselors at DVIS.

Frustrated with books that merely gloss over the subject of domestic violence, Lisa wanted to write a book that told the entire story. Her dream is for her words to help give someone the courage to leave an abusive relationship.

She resides in Oklahoma and has two children. This is her first published novel, and she is currently working on the next novel of her If Only series.

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Join us again in two days for Oh My! Monday. Lisa shares an excerpt from If Only.

Until next time,
~The Vixen

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#FlashbackFriday: @dochappycamper Recruits Her Characters From #TheIsland to Tell The Tale of The Three #scavengerhunt #MyWANA

It's Flashback Friday once again. This time we thought we'd bring out another fun post and another chance for you to win signed copies of a few of Tammy Dennings Maggy's books. All you have to do is be the one who gets all of the questions in the scavenger hunt answered correctly AND be the first one to submit your answer to the email listed at the end of the post. Good luck! ~SVP

Welcome back to the  Sassy Vixen Publishing blog and Brightest Blessings to you. For those of you who missed my posts in October on Behind Closed Doors, let me introduce myself. My name is Brigid Moon. I am one of the characters in the Now and Forever series written by Tammy Dennings Maggy. This week she’s asked several of us to give our take on our story so far. You know, the back story and all the insider information you don’t get to read about in the books.  

Today Tammy has asked me to interview two very important characters who have influenced the lives of all of us but in particular our star crossed lovers Quinn Quartermarsh and Jacob Hartley. Quinn is my cousin and fellow Wiccan. Her faith has been tested over the years and I’m happy to say she’s found it and herself again.  She’s also discovered her special talent of dream walking. You will learn more about that in The Island, but for now I’d like to introduce you to my special guests.

They are the two of the three gods who are called The Three. Their older brother, Yeshua is the Master Creator and pretty much has the last word on everything. The Goddess Fate is the middle Sibling. She’s in charge of Destiny and making sure all of their creations continue down the right paths to their foretold futures. The youngest is Lucius. He’s the God of Trials and Tribulations and in charge of testing their creations to be sure they are worthy of all the gifts Yeshua wishes to bestow on them.  The Eternal Siblings are known by many other names of course, but this is how they chose to reveal themselves to Tammy for our story.

I’d like to start off by thanking you both for coming here today. I know my cousins and friends have been keeping you rather busy as of late. Why did you feel it was necessary to intervene with Quinn and Jacob this time? 

(Lucius chuckles softly) You want to take that one, dear sister?

(Fate rolls her eyes) Oh don’t be so melodramatic, Lucius.  Brigid, as you know Quinn and Jacob have been fated to be together right from the start. Unfortunately, in each and every lifetime up until now, they’ve continued to choose paths leading away from each other.

And each time they did that, I had to develop more trials and tests for them to overcome. They had to prove to us they were worthy of having their always and forever. I mean, if your heart calls out for someone, shouldn’t you listen?

Now you’re just teasing. Don’t think Yeshua and I haven’t noticed your special interest in Brigid over the years.  (Both of them turn toward me and smile.) Now look, we’ve made her blush!

Okay, um…this isn’t supposed to be about me. As for Quinn and Jacob, why not just let them keep trying in each life cycle until they get it right? Why send them to the Island and get the Guardians involved for just these two people?

Nice way to redirect the interview, Brigid!  (His laugh unnerves me every single time. It’s not helping that he’s smokin’ hot!)  The three of us had left them go as long as we could. There are just too many other destinies involved. Quinn and Jacob cross paths with many others. In order for all those life paths to be on course, Fate and the Guardians had to step in.

Lucius and I don’t always see eye to eye, but in this matter we were in agreement. He’s thrown everything he has at them and they keep searching for each other. Their hearts continue to call out to me to help them. I couldn’t stay away any longer. Too many Destinies were at risk.  Including your own, my dear.

I’ll just leave that for Tammy to write in another book if you don’t mind, Goddess. I’d like to get back to the idea that in order for Quinn and Jacob to have their life together here on Earth, they had to choose the path that would lead them to each other. In fact, they had to choose to leave the Island without knowing exactly when they would find each other again. Why was that necessary?

Yeshua gave humans free will. He wanted them to be able to make choices in their life that had consequences, both good and bad. He feels they are our greatest creations and if given the chance, they will choose the correct paths leading to their fated destinies.

I don’t agree with him on that one. I think most humans are only out for instant gratification. They fold as soon as they are put to the slightest of tests. They should prove they are worthy of that fated destiny of theirs. Their happiness can be so much more if they have to work for it. If it’s just given to them, they take it for granted.

I understand that, but I thought you said these two had already been through enough. Why not just tell them the when and where and make it happen as soon as they returned to the Earth Realm?

There were still people both of them would meet in their future. Lucius needed them to cross paths with them in order to complete the trials of those other people. On the surface it would seem that Quinn and Jacob would be tested yet again, but I assure you, their future together in this lifetime was secured as soon as they chose that path. We did let the Guardians Daniel and Michael tell them where they would find each other again, but we thought it best not to tell even them how long it would actually be before they would be reunited.

It was enough for them to know they would have their fated destiny together. They didn’t question it or ask for guarantees. They just believed. That is what clinched it for me. Plus I got to hang out at that club you used to perform at with your band. You are quite the entertainer, Ms. Moon.  

(now I’m blushing yet again. This time Lady Fate laughs and once again I’m unnerved…but in a good way. How can I not smile with these two together in one room and actually getting along?) Don’t think for one minute I didn’t notice you stalking me either, Lucius. You can take on the form of some of the sexiest actors around and I will still be able to tell it’s you!

I told you she would be able to pick you out of a crowd.  She’s not an ordinary human, dear brother.

No, Brigid is anything but ordinary. It’s time we leave her to her tasks with this blog for Tammy. Isn’t there some sort of contest the visitors can enter?

Yes there is the contest. I’ll get to that in a moment. Thank you both once again for visiting this blog. As always it’s a pleasure visiting with you Lady Fate. I’m sure you have more mischief to manage, Lucius.

(Lucius’s bawdy laugh makes Fate and me smile broadly.) That’s what I love about you, Brigid. You have a lot of spunk. I’ll be seeing you around, I’m sure.  

Come on, little brother. It’s time to go. (She takes his hand as they fade from the room.) Take care, Priestess. We will be in touch!

LOL! I don’t know why Lucius gets to me the way he does, but whew! Sometimes when the gods appear, they take on the forms of what would be pleasing to our eyes. Lucius always turns up looking like Alcide from True Blood, but Lady Fate appears to me in many different forms. No matter. She’s always beautiful to me with her red hair and those fabulous green eyes. *sigh*

Sorry. I get sidetracked for a bit after one of their visits. Let’s get back to the task at hand.  The contest today is for signed print copy of The Island (Now and Forever 2) and The Courtship of the Vampyre.  One more prize is a framed copy of one of the poems from The Courtship of the Vampyre, decorated in the color scheme of your choice. All you have to do is get the most items in the scavenger hunt. The “items” are answers to the questions that can be found on any of Tammy’s blogs listed below.  

Have fun! The winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon. You can also get more clues and answers in the Latte Lounge eloop chat with the Wicked Women. Click HERE to take you to that at Coffee Time Romance and more. Tammy will be there along with her other Wicked friends.

Scavenger Hunt about Tammy Dennings Maggy and her work

What celebrity does Tammy have a major girl crush on?
What is her nickname on Four Seduced Muses?
What are the names of her other alter egos/pen names?
Who is the seventh son of Adam?
Who cursed the seventh son after he interfered with Cain’s blessing?
Who is the actor who inspired the one who cursed the seventh son?
         Hint: He inspired the same character in Tammy's Now and Forever series.
Who is the driving force and muse for all of Tammy's poetry and her writing in general?

Bonus Question in case of a tie:
What is Tammy's “evil day job?”

Send your answers to

©Tammy Dennings Maggy 2012 and Sassy Vixen Publishing LLC

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@SassyVixPub Presents a #CoverReveal From the Muses Christmas Anthology #eroticromance #LGBT #suspense

Welcome to Oh My! Monday here at Sassy Vixen Publihing. Today's the day we finally reveal the cover for 'Tis the Season for Seduction. It's our very first venture together with the Four Seduced Muses and excited to announce we will  bring you both ebook and print version on December 13, 2013.  Until then, all five authors of this anthology have agreed to share the blurbs for their individual novellas.  

We've got a bit of everything in this one. Of course fans of erotic romance will not be disappointed. Within these pages we have tales filled with suspense, fantasy, paranormal, LGBT and menage. What more can you ask for?

Sit back, relax and get a sneak peek into our worlds. With each blurb more and more of the cover will be revealed. Enjoy!

Maya DeLeina’s A Winter’s Ecstasy 

The snow was coming. That much she knew.

Noel Tierney thought she’d have enough time to make it to her holiday retreat. But poor visibility during the peak of the snowstorm leads to a crash. She lay immobile in her vehicle, stranded in a ditch along a remote stretch of the Colorado mountain pass. 

But Grayson James was coming. That she didn’t know.

Noel has no choice but to wait out the storm at her rescuer’s cabin nestled deep in the woods. Temptation builds. Fantasies rouse. Self-control unravels.  

For three days and nights, Noel and Grayson’s passions are unleashed, hot enough to melt the winter’s ice. 

Prepare for a delicious tale of rescue, rapture and mystery that will leave you breathless.

You may even find yourself deliberating over one question.  

Why are there no mirrors in Grayson’s cabin?

May Water’s Ski Bunny Blues

When warm weather loving Max is transferred from California back to New Hampshire for work, his first thought is Oh, crap. He moved away from his childhood state for a reason: he hates snow. Not only will he be relocating at the start of winter, he'll be living in his boss’s condo, right at a ski area! 

Max attempts to find himself a fireplace buddy through online dating, but gives up after a string of failures. Then along comes Shawn, a hunky part time ski slope employee, and full time contractor. Shawn definitely warms Max's cockles by the fire, but is he enough to keep Max from scurrying back to California when the snow hits?

Nicole Morgan’s Christmases Past

After 12 years of marriage, Priscilla Blackwood has decided to leave her workaholic husband. For years they tried, but were unsuccessful in their attempts to conceive a child. The failure she feels from this further reinforces her decision to say goodbye.  

Max Blackwood loves his wife and has no intention of letting her go without a fight. In the midst of a winter storm he sets out to find her at their mountain cabin in hopes he can get through to her before it is too late.

Being stranded in a blizzard is enough to force the couple to deal with the pieces of their broken relationship, but will it be enough to repair their marriage, or will they end up losing the only person they’ve ever loved.

Tammy Dennings Maggy’s Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

When Steve Sanders became a US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer nearly twenty years ago, he knew he’d have to put his life on the line with each mission. Unfortunately, only three days before Christmas, Steve has to come face to face with the real possibility he’d break his promise to his wife and not return back to her and their unborn child.

Jolene Sanders is nearing the end of a difficult pregnancy and looking forward to finally spending their wedding anniversary with her husband. However, her holiday spirits are shattered when a distress call from a sinking fishing vessel calls the Coast Guard into action and puts her husband’s life on the line once again.

Left behind in a life raft during the rescue, Steve’s fate is now at the mercy of the wicked Bering Sea. Will this truly be his last mission, or will a miracle bring him back to meet his wife under the mistletoe? 

Lia Michaels’s Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas

Candice Monroe’s restaurant, Candy Kisses is the place to be during the holidays in the Detroit Metro area. The menu of old classics and one-of-a-kind specialties keep customers coming back for more. As a result, she and her partners don’t have a moment to breathe let alone act upon the growing sexual tension building between the three of them.

Former Marines and sometimes lovers, Alexander Rabinov and Gabriel Jacobs help keep the restaurant running smoothly. Alex’s culinary skills and Gabe’s expertise as pastry chef combine well with Candice’s vision for the future of the business, and her secret desires.

Just when the men are about to act on their feelings and whisk her away for a much needed vacation, international playboy Darrin Bryant calls with an offer they just can’t refuse. He’ll front the money for Candice to expand the restaurant if they spend the holiday weekend catering a gathering at his home. The offer came with one more stipulation. Candice is to act as Darrin’s companion in front of the guests, but he made it clear he wished for more—from all of them. 

Will Darrin’s proposition come between the trio, or help them fulfill their wildest naughty Christmas fantasies?  

So there you have it! All five Christmas novellas wrapped up in one fine package. Look here and with Four Seduced Muses for more details when it gets closer to our release date. December 13th here we come!

~The Vixen

Friday, November 1, 2013

#FlashbackFriday: The Sassy Vixen Spotlight is on Tammy Dennings Maggy #romance #paranormal #MyWANA

Round, round, get around, I get around! Yes, you guessed it! Lia is in the house and taking over the reigns of the Sassy Vixen blog. I ran over here from The House of Taboo, so please forgive me for being a bit out of breath. ;) 

Okay, I was a little distracted by the two hunks after my interview with Morticia Knight. I just can't help myself around men with tats. Whew!

Seriously, can you blame me. All that color on all those muscles...

And let's not forget that smile. The man can melt the panties off of a room full of women (and men!) with that smile...

Lia! Snap out of it woman! I thought we were here today to kick off a flashback tour of my Now and Forever series.

Yes! Sorry about that folks. Today I get to have my alter ego Tammy in the hot seat to kick off her tour. You see, in case you've all been hiding under a rock—


Well, they would have to be in order to miss all the excitement around here. We've been gearing up for the new release for several months. The one we're talking about today have been available for nearly a year. You sure did take your sweet time finishing this one. Sheesh. You left us hanging for quite awhile. 

Like you, I get distracted at times by hunky men. I did get married 17 months ago you know. 

Yes I know. You finally got your own Knight in Shining Armor with your Liam. He is all that and a bag of chips, no?

I think so! Oh, and he has several tattoos!

Oh stop it! You are just rubbing it in now. Why don't you tell every one more about your last release, The Island (Now and Forever 2).

Well, this book begins a year after For the Love of Quinn. At the heart of it, The Island is a prequel. It fills in the blanks of the first book. The third book will actually take place at the same time as this one, but through the eyes of another character.

So this is where we get to find out exactly how it is Quinn and Jacob have this overwhelming attraction to each other the moment they first meet in Vegas? Was it really love at first sight?

Yes and no. You see, these two are destined to be together. Unfortunately, through each and every lifetime, they have made choices that have pulled them apart instead of bringing them together. Over and over again they search for each other and fail. Finally the Gods can't take it any longer.

Is this where the hunky Guardians come into the story?

LOL! Yes indeed. The Guardians are what most people would call Guardian Angels. Two very special ones were chosen in order to intervene with Quinn and Jacob. The Goddess Fate picked them herself. 

Let me see if I can remember all of this correctly. The Guardian Michael is actually Jacob's father and the Guardian Daniel is Quinn's younger brother? Fate thought it was a good idea to bring their dead relatives into the picture? Wouldn't that be hard on all parties involved here? I know I would be freaked out if it happened to me.

It was a bit difficult for Michael and Daniel to watch over the couple. There were times they couldn't intervene directly and it was frustrating for them. I think the person who had it the hardest was in fact Quinn. Daniel had passed away only a month before she is taken to the Island for the first time. She was still mourning for him.

I thought you were going to say it was hardest on Jacob. Michael had only been gone a year for him. It's been seven years for your dad. I know it's still hard on you...especially this time of year.

Yeah. Let's just say Thanksgiving is a pretty rough time of year for me. I know my dad would be very proud of what I've accomplished so far. He was my biggest cheerleader.  Ummmm...can we get back to the book please.

Sure thing. So is there a lot of hot sex in this one too?

Who do you think you're talking to, girlie? Of course there's a lot of hot sex in this one and the rest of the books in the series. Did you really think I would have it any other way? ;)

Just checkin', Vixen. I wouldn't want anyone to think I was being soft on you during the interview. Rumor has it during one of the flashback scenes there is a bit of bondage between Jacob and his then girlfriend, Julia Santos. 

You met Julia. How hot do you think that scene was?

She does have a way about her that gets the blood pumping! All I can say is Jacob never had a chance with that one! LOL

Maybe. And maybe not. I believe people cross each other's paths for a reason. There are lessons to be learned with each encounter, both good and bad. Once we learn what we need to, we are able to move on. So it is with both Quinn and Jacob. There are still people they have yet to cross paths with before they actually can meet again in the real world. 

So The Goddess gives them the gift of being able to be together long before they can actually meet?

Uh huh. Since they couldn't seem to connect in past lives, Fate felt it was necessary to bring them together on the Island so they could build the bond between them. Once they would meet again, the pull between them would be undeniable. 

But in order to have their happily ever after, they had to choose to be torn apart again? That's so sad!

On the surface it would seem so, but really it's not. The hard part for both of them is believing in the promise given to them by the Gods, believing they are worthy of such a gift, and overall believing in themselves once again.

Well, you know I'm hooked on this series. So when will you have the next book out? 

LOL! Let's get through this retro release tour first and then we'll talk more about The Surrender of Julia. You can't fool me, honey. I know you just want to hear more about the scenes between Julia and her Mistress, Carmen.

Okay, well you got me there! So where can we get The Island?

Just click on the button below and it will take you right to the Bookstrand page where it's now available. Or you can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and many other retail outlets. In fact, if you purchase the print version of this book, Amazon will allow you to purchase the ebook version for only $2.99. 

Join both of us over at The House of Taboo next week. Tammy will be on the Center Stage and will share a hot excerpt from The Island with us. Wait until she sees who I lined up to read it!

In the meantime, you can check  her website Behind Closed Doors. It's updated regularly so you won't miss any release dates! Of course you can always find out when the next Sassy Vixen books from Tammy, myself, Stephanie Ryan and our newest member of the "family" Tawny Savage will be released just by looking for news here or on our website.

Here's the video trailer for The Island. Let Tammy know what you think!

Until next time-