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#Cowboys, Chocolate, and Roses #OhMy! with Author @JessBuffett

Here we are once again, the start of another work week and Oh MY! Monday Sassy Vixen style.  One of our author friends is back to visit with us once again with a new release. Jess Buffett usually writes M/M  romance, but next month she tries her hand at another subgenre. How about I turn things over to her so she can give you a bit more information about her new release.
~The Vixen

Let me first say a huge thank you to The Vixen for having me back!

So, if you’re anything like me, Monday’s are your least favorite day of the week, followed closely by Wednesday’s. And poor Tuesday is kind of like the Jane of the week, equally annoying but quite often forgotten.

Well, I have a little something to perk you up.

The release date for the book I’m about to give you a sneak peek at has been moved to July 27th…yes, I know, it feels like it’s ages away, however it is up for pre-order, so I hope you stop by and check it out!

What is this little gem, you ask? It’s my very first MF, Cowboy’s Chocolate Roses.

That’s right, on this least favoured day of the week, I give you Cowboy’s, chocolate and roses ;-) 

I have your attention now, don’t I? lol

First I’d like to introduce Joshua Kell, our cowboy extraordinaire, with his southern charm, melting smile, and honey gold eyes:

Niiice, right?

And now you have Brianna Evans, shy, but determined, and desperate to take back control of her life:

Now I’ll leave you with the blurb, and taste of what’s to come.


Having just signed a deal that will set his ranch up for life, Joshua Kell is totally unprepared for the changes that are headed his way. After a night spent with the woman of his dreams, Josh is devastated when he wakes up alone. Packing his bags, he heads for home, nursing a broken heart.
Brianna Evans has spent the last two years struggling to take back control of her life after a horrific trauma. When events lead her to Josh, she finally believes there is a chance for her to be happy again. 
When a ghost from her past threatens to take everything away from her, Bri must trust that her cowboy will stop at nothing to keep her safe.


He kissed her slowly, sipping at her lips and whispering, "Not allowed to forget this time."

"Josh," Bri gasped as he leaned down to kiss the tender flesh of her neck.

His hands slid up and down her sides, moving higher and higher until he reached the curve of her breasts. A deep moan slipped past her lips when Josh finally slid his hands around to cup her mounds. 

"Josh. Please, yes..." she whispered.
Josh traced his tongue over her throat, then to her ear, nipping at it lightly. Her breath caught as he plucked at first one, then the other nipple through the flimsy material, and her legs drew up around his waist, holding him more firmly to her. Josh continued to knead her flesh, then suddenly slid his hands downward; she moaned in disappointment. Her moan turned into a gasp as he grabbed the hem of the nightie and yanked it up and off of her. Hooking his fingers into the cotton of her panties, he pulled back long enough to slid them down and off her legs before settling back into place. She now lay naked and exposed, and she reveled in the feel of his body on top of her. A small cry left her lips when he slipped a hand between her parted legs, his fingers stroking at her folds. It had been so long.

As if feeling her ready for him had snapped his control, Josh abruptly sat up. She watched as he undid the button of his jeans, shoving them down his hips and taking his briefs with them. Soon he kneeled between her legs, bare as she was, and his shaft leaking as it stood at its full length; he had to be at least nine inches. Laying on top of her, he dipped his head and Bri could feel Josh's hot breath on her breast. She moaned as his mouth claimed her erect nipple, shuddering and clutching at him tighter as he closed over the small nub and began to suck, sending shock waves of pleasure and excitement rippling through her body.

Her excitement grew as his hand found its way lower and he pressed against the wet folds of her pussy again, this time parting them and finding her swollen clit. Stroking her with his thumb, he slid two fingers inside of her as she cried out his name, "Josh!"

"God, you're so wet. So ready for me already," he groaned, thrusting his fingers deep inside her.

"Yes. Please, I'm so ready. Take me, now," she demanded. She couldn't take anymore, she needed him now.

"Yes. Now," he rasped as he positioned himself and drove into her.

Bri screamed out in ecstasy.

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#BookTour for @KaraLeighMille1 and Death of a Waterfall #contemporary #romance #newadult

Welcome to the Saturday Spotlight here at Sassy Vixen Publishing. I'm The Vixen and in case you haven't figured out, I'm the Mistress of Ceremonies here and besides showcasing Sassy Vixen authors, I'm honored to host authors from many different genres. Today I'm excited to have with us once again author Kara Leigh Miller. 

She's actually on a double book tour. On our sister blog Through Stephanie's Eyes and Not Enough Time in the Day, Kara talked about her new YA release The Georgia Corbins. Today and on Monday she's sharing her New Adult release Death of a Waterfall. How exciting is that?  Get your drinks and find a comfy seat and let's get this show on the road!  

About the Author

Born and raised in the small town of Mexico, New York, Kara was an only child who was forced to find ways to entertain herself. Playing make believe with her Barbie dolls and stuffed animals was her first real taste of storytelling before she became old enough to develop a love affair with the written word. In early 2010, Kara picked up her very first erotic romance novel, and she was instantly hooked. She loves to write contemporary romance, erotica, and young adult romance. 

She's the author of several erotic novellas, The Georgia Corbins, a YA romance, and a handful of short stories. Kara is an active member of the CNY Writers Haven and the CNY Romance Writers. In addition, she's an Associate Editor at Entranced Publishing.

Today, Kara resides in New Haven, New York with her husband, five kids, three cats, and two puppies. When she's not reading or writing, she's thinking about reading and writing. And when she's not doing that, she's spending time with her family and friends. 

A bit more about Kara and her work...

Who are some of your favorite authors and why do you think they appeal so much to you?
I love Lora Leigh and Julie Ann Walker. They are both fantastic at writing alpha males who are tough yet sweet to the heroine. Lora Leigh can write sex like it's nobody's business and Julie Ann Walker is great at giving her heroes one-liners, usually an expletive, at just the right time and it always makes me chuckle. 

When and where does your book take place?
Death of a Waterfall is set in the fictional town of Hayden Falls, California. The town of Hayden Falls is based very closely on the size and make up of Oswego, New York. Both places are on the smaller side, but have a lot of the necessary amenities and extras, such as a major university. 

Who is the heroine? What drives her?
The heroine is Teghan Jacobs. She's a twenty year old college freshman at Hayden Falls University. In the beginning of the story she's driven by the need to break free from her father's control, to learn to be on her own and survive without his help. By the middle of the story she's driven by a need for revenge, and at the end she's just trying to get through each day.

Who is the hero? What drives him?
The hero is Donnie Marks—also a twenty year old freshman in college. Like Teghan, his driving force changes throughout the story. In the beginning, it's his need to be with Teghan, to get to know her and make love to her. By the end, he's driven my pure revenge. The single underlying drive for Donnie that never changes is his desire to have a family, to be the father he never had.

Is there a villain? Who is he? What’s he like? Why is he/she the way they are? What motivates him/her to cause oppositional force to the characters? Without giving any spoilers, can you give a hint as to what sort of opposition he/she gives to the main characters?
Oh yes, there is a villain. His name is Robert Jacobs and he's Teghan's father. Rob is a very controlling man, he's used to getting his own way, and he has no problems paying to get it, either. His motivation is simple: to protect his daughter. He doesn’t like Teghan's boyfriend, Donnie, so Rob tries to do whatever he can to keep them apart. It's a father's love gone wrong.

What are you working on now?
I'm working on the sequel to Death of a Waterfall; a sequel to my YA romance, The Georgia Corbins; a sexy Olympic themed novelette entitled, Ice Gold; and an erotic paranormal romance. 

What are your favorite fiction genres to read from?

Primarily erotic romance, with some light BDSM elements. I also enjoy reading murder mysteries, romantic suspense, and parodies. I love parodies!

Where can we find you?
Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | BN | ARe | Rogue Phoenix Press | Website

Thank you for stopping in today to learn a bit more about Kara. Make sure you stop into Behind Closed Doors on Monday June 17th where she'll share an excerpt from Death of a Waterfall, but until then here's a special GIVEAWAY for the tour.

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New #review by #TheVixen For Kendal Grey's #STRINGS

Happy Monday my sassy ones! If you're anything like me, you aren't very fond of this particular day of the week other than it's when we get to showcase things that make us moan and sigh "Oh My!" No, not like the chippie in those trio of Shades books, but with true raw, down and dirty emotion! 

And yes, most of the time our features have to do with something sensual and/or erotic, but there are exceptions. Sometimes we have an author, book, or topic that we just can't keep quiet about. That doesn't leave much does it? LOL You all know The Vixen has strong opinions about many things including championing those of us who read and write in the erotica/erotic romance genres.

This week, I posted the review for Kendall Grey's very first erotica novel STRINGS.  You may think you know what I wrote about it considering my view on what happened with the author and social media last month, but most of you would be wrong. I read the book and gave it my honest opinion. Some of you may have already seen it on Twitter but for those of you who haven't, go ahead and check out Sassy Vixen Reviews with The Vixen.  

Got it?  Surprised? You shouldn't be. If I like a book, I'll sing it from the roof tops. If I hated it or just had a few points that rubbed me wrong, I'm going to tell it like it is. That's just the way I am. I'm not going to be mean and nasty because I wouldn't want someone to treat me that way either, but on the other hand as an author, I do want to know what didn't work for you in my stories. Hell, maybe there are others that feel the same. How can I grow as an author if I'm unable to take CONSTRUCTIVE critiques of my work?

For those of you who didn't go check the review out yet and were hoping I'd just fill you in here...stop being lazy and click on the link already! LOL 

Until next time
~The Vixen

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@dochappycamper Recruits Her Characters From #TheIsland to Tell The Tale of The Three

Welcome back to the  Sassy Vixen Publishing blog and Brightest Blessings to you. For those of you who missed my posts in October on Behind Closed Doors, let me introduce myself. My name is Brigid Moon. I am one of the characters in the Now and Forever series written by Tammy Dennings Maggy. This week she’s asked several of us to give our take on our story so far. You know, the back story and all the insider information you don’t get to read about in the books.  

Today Tammy has asked me to interview two very important characters who have influenced the lives of all of us but in particular our star crossed lovers Quinn Quartermarsh and Jacob Hartley. Quinn is my cousin and fellow Wiccan. Her faith has been tested over the years and I’m happy to say she’s found it and herself again.  She’s also discovered her special talent of dream walking. You will learn more about that in The Island, but for now I’d like to introduce you to my special guests.

They are the two of the three gods who are called The Three. Their older brother, Yeshua is the Master Creator and pretty much has the last word on everything. The Goddess Fate is the middle Sibling. She’s in charge of Destiny and making sure all of their creations continue down the right paths to their foretold futures. The youngest is Lucius. He’s the God of Trials and Tribulations and in charge of testing their creations to be sure they are worthy of all the gifts Yeshua wishes to bestow on them.  The Eternal Siblings are known by many other names of course, but this is how they chose to reveal themselves to Tammy for our story.

I’d like to start off by thanking you both for coming here today. I know my cousins and friends have been keeping you rather busy as of late. Why did you feel it was necessary to intervene with Quinn and Jacob this time? 

(Lucius chuckles softly) You want to take that one, dear sister?

(Fate rolls her eyes) Oh don’t be so melodramatic, Lucius.  Brigid, as you know Quinn and Jacob have been fated to be together right from the start. Unfortunately, in each and every lifetime up until now, they’ve continued to choose paths leading away from each other.

And each time they did that, I had to develop more trials and tests for them to overcome. They had to prove to us they were worthy of having their always and forever. I mean, if your heart calls out for someone, shouldn’t you listen?

Now you’re just teasing. Don’t think Yeshua and I haven’t noticed your special interest in Brigid over the years.  (Both of them turn toward me and smile.) Now look, we’ve made her blush!

Okay, um…this isn’t supposed to be about me. As for Quinn and Jacob, why not just let them keep trying in each life cycle until they get it right? Why send them to the Island and get the Guardians involved for just these two people?

Nice way to redirect the interview, Brigid!  (His laugh unnerves me every single time. It’s not helping that he’s smokin’ hot!)  The three of us had left them go as long as we could. There are just too many other destinies involved. Quinn and Jacob cross paths with many others. In order for all those life paths to be on course, Fate and the Guardians had to step in.

Lucius and I don’t always see eye to eye, but in this matter we were in agreement. He’s thrown everything he has at them and they keep searching for each other. Their hearts continue to call out to me to help them. I couldn’t stay away any longer. Too many Destinies were at risk.  Including your own, my dear.

I’ll just leave that for Tammy to write in another book if you don’t mind, Goddess. I’d like to get back to the idea that in order for Quinn and Jacob to have their life together here on Earth, they had to choose the path that would lead them to each other. In fact, they had to choose to leave the Island without knowing exactly when they would find each other again. Why was that necessary?

Yeshua gave humans free will. He wanted them to be able to make choices in their life that had consequences, both good and bad. He feels they are our greatest creations and if given the chance, they will choose the correct paths leading to their fated destinies.

I don’t agree with him on that one. I think most humans are only out for instant gratification. They fold as soon as they are put to the slightest of tests. They should prove they are worthy of that fated destiny of theirs. Their happiness can be so much more if they have to work for it. If it’s just given to them, they take it for granted.

I understand that, but I thought you said these two had already been through enough. Why not just tell them the when and where and make it happen as soon as they returned to the Earth Realm?

There were still people both of them would meet in their future. Lucius needed them to cross paths with them in order to complete the trials of those other people. On the surface it would seem that Quinn and Jacob would be tested yet again, but I assure you, their future together in this lifetime was secured as soon as they chose that path. We did let the Guardians Daniel and Michael tell them where they would find each other again, but we thought it best not to tell even them how long it would actually be before they would be reunited.

It was enough for them to know they would have their fated destiny together. They didn’t question it or ask for guarantees. They just believed. That is what clinched it for me. Plus I got to hang out at that club you used to perform at with your band. You are quite the entertainer, Ms. Moon.  

(now I’m blushing yet again. This time Lady Fate laughs and once again I’m unnerved…but in a good way. How can I not smile with these two together in one room and actually getting along?) Don’t think for one minute I didn’t notice you stalking me either, Lucius. You can take on the form of some of the sexiest actors around and I will still be able to tell it’s you!

I told you she would be able to pick you out of a crowd.  She’s not an ordinary human, dear brother.

No, Brigid is anything but ordinary. It’s time we leave her to her tasks with this blog for Tammy. Isn’t there some sort of contest the visitors can enter?

Yes there is the contest. I’ll get to that in a moment. Thank you both once again for visiting this blog. As always it’s a pleasure visiting with you Lady Fate. I’m sure you have more mischief to manage, Lucius.

(Lucius’s bawdy laugh makes Fate and me smile broadly.) That’s what I love about you, Brigid. You have a lot of spunk. I’ll be seeing you around, I’m sure.  

Come on, little brother. It’s time to go. (She takes his hand as they fade from the room.) Take care, Priestess. We will be in touch!

LOL! I don’t know why Lucius gets to me the way he does, but whew! Sometimes when the gods appear, they take on the forms of what would be pleasing to our eyes. Lucius always turns up looking like Alcide from True Blood, but Lady Fate appears to me in many different forms. No matter. She’s always beautiful to me with her red hair and those fabulous green eyes. *sigh*

Sorry. I get sidetracked for a bit after one of their visits. Let’s get back to the task at hand.  The contest today is for signed print copy of The Island (Now and Forever 2) and The Courtship of the Vampyre.  One more prize is a framed copy of one of the poems from The Courtship of the Vampyre, decorated in the color scheme of your choice. All you have to do is get the most items in the scavenger hunt. The “items” are answers to the questions that can be found on any of Tammy’s blogs listed below.  

Have fun! The winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon. You can also get more clues and answers in the Latte Lounge eloop chat with the Wicked Women. Click HERE to take you to that at Coffee Time Romance and more. Tammy will be there along with her other Wicked friends.

Scavenger Hunt about Tammy Dennings Maggy and her work

What celebrity does Tammy have a major girl crush on?
What is her nickname on Four Seduced Muses?
What are the names of her other alter egos/pen names?
Who is the seventh son of Adam?
Who cursed the seventh son after he interfered with Cain’s blessing?
Who is the actor who inspired the one who cursed the seventh son?
         Hint: He inspired the same character in Tammy's Now and Forever series.
Who is the driving force and muse for all of Tammy's poetry and her writing in general?

Bonus Question in case of a tie:
What is Tammy's “evil day job?”

©Tammy Dennings Maggy 2012 and Sassy Vixen Publishing LLC

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#TheVixen Shares Her Naughty Side Along With The Other Wicked Women at The Latte Lounge

I belong to a special group of writers and we call ourselves the Wicked Women. We all write erotic romance and are in different stages of our career.

This Friday, June 7th, we’re taking over the Latte Lounge at Coffee Time Romance for an ALL DAY event.

·         Go to and be sure to login.
·         Head to the Latte Lounge and look for Wicked Women of Erotic Romance.
·         Join us for some lively discussions and fabulous prizes!

Here are the names of your hostesses:

Sheri Fredricks
Nikki Prince
Yvonne Nicolas
Tammy Dennings Maggy
Seraphina Donavan
DX Luc
AR Von

Looking forward to our chat!

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@LeoRosanna Brings the Heat and Bear #Shifters to #OhMyMonday #eroticromance #paranormal

Rock Stars, Erotic Authors and Bears...oh MY!

Welcome to Oh MY! Monday at Sassy Vixen Publishing. This week I'm thrilled to have another of my "Wicked" friends with us today, author Rosanna Leo. She's here to day to talk about her new release Predator's Kiss (Gemini Island Shifters 1). For those of you who like shifters, you're going to LOVE this one.  How about I turn over the reins to our guest so she can tell you all about it. ~The Vixen

A huge thank you to The Vixen for allowing me to play here today.

I’m here today to introduce you to my newest paranormal erotic romance Predator’s Kiss, but I’m here to do something else as well.

I’d like to talk about honey. 

Now, you may think it odd that an author would devote a blog post to the sticky condiment, but this is the Sassy Vixen. I’m not here to talk about spreading honey on a piece of toast. I’m here to discuss its sensual qualities. (whoohoo! Sorry, I can't help myself. You're talking about one of my favorite sex props...errr...foods.)

Perhaps it’s best if I first explain that the hero in Predator’s Kiss is a rugged bear shifter from the Northern Ontario backwoods. Are you making a connection yet? I’m sure you are. ;)

Honey has a long history in human consumption, and I’d be willing to bet its history in human seduction is just as extensive. It’s been used as a sweetener, as an offering to the gods, and even during the process of embalming.

My bear shifter Ryland is really only interested in seeing it spread on heroine Lia’s body. I took great pleasure in crafting a love scene between these two characters in which honey plays a huge part. And without giving too much away, let’s just say they’re both quite happy and quite sticky afterward.

I hope you’ll get a chance to pick up a copy of Predator’s Kiss today…to appease your sweet tooth.


Bear shifter Ryland Snow just wants peace. The peace and quiet afforded him at his woodsy retreat, the Ursa Fishing Lodge. As owner of the lodge, Ryland enjoys the tranquil life he’s created among his fellow shifters. He lives to maintain a safe haven for them, away from meddlesome human eyes.

When his rock star brother arrives, bringing trouble in the form of a possible hitman, Ryland is incensed. He’s been cleaning up Soren’s messes as long as he can remember, and is tired of his brother’s lecherous exploits.

Things go from bad to worse when Lia Goodblood stumbles upon Ryland and his lodge. Yes, the reclusive erotica author is easy on the eyes, but the human woman is more trouble than she’s worth. To say nothing of her bizarre fear of furry creatures.

Ryland determines to rid himself of her presence. But when he learns she’s on the run from a crazed fan, Ryland’s protective bear instincts flare. And the bear won’t be denied.

Adult Excerpt

She was already reviving a few minutes later. Ryland let out a sigh of relief.

Thank God. When he’d first seen the petite woman hurtling through the trees, he’d worried someone was after her. But no one else had barreled behind her. And yet she’d seemed so scared.

They hadn’t helped, presenting her with a couple of snarling bears.

She moaned a little, and the soft sound warmed him, making him hard again. Damn. He glanced around the room, remembered he didn’t exactly tend to stash clothes in guest cabins, and raced for the bathroom. He grabbed a couple of clean towels off the rack and tossed one to Soren. “Cover yourself.”

Soren grinned like a devil and motioned to his nude bottom half. “I can conduct my flirting business much more efficiently this way.”

Ryland glared as he wrapped his lower half in the towel. “Cover yourself or I’ll strangle you with it, lover boy.”

His brother placed the woman’s backpack on the floor and threw the towel about his waist. “Such animosity is really not in keeping with your sainthood, Brother Ryland.”

Ryland ignored him and turned back to the woman. He didn’t know why it mattered so much she recover and feel comfortable in his presence, but it did. Of course, as owner of the lodge, it made sense he didn’t want to see anyone scared or hurt.

Yeah. That’s it. That’s all.

His rationalization did nothing to quell the nervous tremors in his gut, though. Or his excruciating hard-on.

Okay, she’s sorta pretty and has a body made for sin. So what? Get over yourself.

Clearly  it had been too long since he’d allowed himself to get lost in a woman’s body for more than a quick fuck. And this woman’s body deserved slow, leisurely loving. Greedy licks. Sensual tugs. Why, her breasts alone were so full and perfect, they just begged one to suck. To say nothing of those rounded hips and soft, womanly ass.

Ryland ran a hand over his face, feeling overly hot. Jesus Christ. Stop thinking like a horny teenager. You sound like Carter.

Besides, she was nothing like him. Human. And if time had taught him anything, it was the pursuit of romance with a nonshifter was a fool’s errand. She didn’t belong here on his resort, on his island. He needed to revive her and get her out of there.

Desperate to relieve the sudden, raging desire shooting up through his body, Ryland forced himself to look away from the woman. In doing so, he caught a glimpse of his brother. Soren was sitting next to her, his gaze contemplative, his eyes trained on her boobs. Ryland realized he didn’t like the way baby brother was looking at her. “Hey.”

Soren looked up. “What?”

“What are you staring at?”

Without batting an eye, Soren turned back to their unexpected guest. “Her. Can’t I stare?”

Ryland’s eyebrows shot up. “Staring at women has already gotten you into trouble. Maybe you should find a new hobby.” He stifled the low growl building in his throat. Now wasn’t the time for brawling, but he didn’t appreciate the way his brother gawked. His cool eye, appraising, as if he’d never seen anything like her before.

“You were checking her out too,” Soren replied.

“No, I wasn’t. I’m not interested in this … person,” Ryland retorted. As he uttered the words, he bit his tongue hard by mistake, as if confirming the words were a lie. “Damn,” he whispered, tasting blood.

“Do you think someone was chasing her?” Soren asked in a pensive tone, picking up one of his drumsticks and stroking it as if it were a lover’s finger.

“I don’t know.” Ryland sat on the other side of her small body and looked her up and down as she lay under the covers. Despite his mistrust of humans, he couldn’t help wondering who would frighten such a tiny, delicate thing. Had someone tried to hurt her? The very idea made him want to bash his head against the wall. Or better yet, bash any lowlife who dared to touch her.

No one touches her but me, his heart declared.


As another stress headache shot through his brain, he wondered at the ferocity and lunacy of the feeling.

You can get your very own copy of Predator's Kiss from Liquid Silver, Amazon and all ebook retail outlets. I'm on my way to get mine and to stock up on the honey! ;)

About the Author

Rosanna Leo is a multi-published, erotic romance author with Liquid Silver Books. Her books include For the Love of a God, Up In Flames, Sweet Hell, The Selkie, Sunburn and her newest Predator’s Kiss. When not writing, she can be found haunting dusty library stacks or planning her next star-crossed love affair. 

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