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Tara Wood is back for Thursday Thirteen

Welcome back fellow vixens! My name is Lia Michaels and this is the first time I get to host one of our guests today. For those of you who don't know me, I'm the sassier one of our team. Together Tammy and I make up Sassy Vixen Publishing. But enough about me. I'm sure you are here to read the first thirteen sentences of author Tara Wood's novel Redemption in Blood: A Novel of the Penitent. It's why I'm here today. I was intrigued by the last two spots she did for Sassy Vixen and I wanted to see more. So without further adieu, bring on the smut...errr...I mean the vampires! ~ the Vixen's sassier sista ;)

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Vesper Hyde delivered a well-placed kick beneath the doorknob and the apartment door burst open, sending the junkies inside scattering like roaches at the flick of a light switch.

She toed the door closed with the point of her black high-heeled boot and calmly ventured into the apartment, making no sound on the scuffed linoleum. Figures her tracking would bring her to a shit-hole project full of addicts and bangers. New Orleans was full of them. Her gaze pierced through the cloud of cloying smoke to focus on the young man lounging on the ragged yellow couch. Stoned? Perfect. It's nice when they make it easy.  A loud, metallic clang came from the back of the apartment and she knew the junkies had found the fire escape. They were not her concern. The condemned vampire toking it up on the couch, however, was very much her concern.

“Who the fuck are you?” he snarled.

“It's time to pay the piper, Wilson.”

Ohhhhh a condemned vamp? Wonder what he did to piss off Vesper. I have to have this book! Here's Tara's links. Make sure you look her up and let her know what you think of her book. I know I will!

Twitter: @twoodwriter

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Oh My! Monday Presents...Oh MORE with Leanore Elliott

Hello my sassy ones. Welcome back once again to the Sassy Vixen Blog. Today we, as in Lia and myself, are honored to have with us the one author who just may be a little bit more wicked than The Vixen.  That's why we call her our friend. Her latest book More Sex will grab you, take you to heights you never knew existed and leave you drained in sweet erotic bliss.  Don't believe me, pull up a chair my fellow vixens. You are in for one wild ride today. Please welcome the one and only Ms Wicked herself, author Leanore Elliott. ~the Vixen

I admit it. I set out to write flames, yearning, passion and want. We all would love to enjoy more, get more…Have More Sex… Here are some of the blazing stories inside of More Sex/Erotique Content Series.


“Because, I’ve wanted you for a long time, too.”

Pearl gulped with shock. “What?” She couldn’t believe what she just heard.

With another abrupt move, he stood up and unsnapped his pants. “I never acted on it, because I didn’t think that you would be—could handle what I require in a woman.”

She stared at him while her body coiled with anticipation. One minute, he was mad, while the next, he seemed loving, and now he’s stripping down?

Swiftly, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.
Pearl took in a deep breath and moisture bubbled from her tightening pussy. “Ohh.” 

He looked down at himself. “See? Erect and hard as a God dammed rock!”

Her mouth almost watered with want as she nodded. His cock was long, smooth, and magnificent, even better than in her imaginings.

*OH MY…*


From this position, his fingers slid along the inside of her pussy with a more sensitive impact. The sensual stimulation was almost too much to bear. Claire’s lungs heaved and her legs shook. Her mouth watered with pure want while his finger pumping made her wish for more to fill her. “More…” she breathed the word out.

Still taking his sweet seductive time, Rex moved his body closer and she could see his ramrod stiff, ready cock edging closer to her open ass, sheathed in a thin condom.

Accessory ready. The thought glanced across her heightened consciousness. There was no giggling about it now though. Her astonishment had built into a frenzy of want and her edgy body pulsed with it.

*Oh My…*


This little bit of sexy theater made her feel warm and edgy at the same time. Every muscle in her body was tensed as if she were about to receive a physical blow. Mmm, I would love to have those arms wrapping around me. An inexplicable ache started in the pit of her stomach and spread through her entire rigid body. Or have them lifting me up to slam me down on his—

The angel stripper lowered his hand to his briefs and she sat with her eyes glued to that hand. He splayed his fingers out and dipped just the tips into his sexy underwear. Miranda gulped and a little bubble of moisture slipped from her pussy. How could a man do this to me, when he's in another room and can’t even see me?



Rich was stroking in accord to her strokes. He had no control over any of it. If she stopped before she got hot and came, he would go without release tonight. Her finger sped up as his thoughts cheered, yes, baby, yes. She leaned her body back and licked her lips. He knew because he had memorized every trait, every nuance, and the binoculars swept higher to eventually see her tongue come out and swipe her lips.

It did and sexy girl swiped slowly and artfully over her luscious lips.

Stiffening painfully, he held back the oncoming climax, waiting for her to complete her sensual journey through the page, through the scene where the hero was probably licking the woman’s quivering pussy.

Her hand sped up the stroking and she was twirling her nipple with her other hand, her fingers pinching and playing with it.

He jerked with an almost painful gasping of air. His cupped hand kept the same rhythm as her strokes and he huffed along with the pants he could see from her heaving chest.

*Oh yes, there’s MORE…*


Standing very still, he glared at her. “You do know what I must do, oui?” Grabbing her up, he tugged her close, holding her arm with one hand as he propelled his fingers up into her pussy.

Her still climaxing vagina muscles clenched tightly around them. “Yes! Oh, yes I do know!” she shouted with a breathless gasp of pure glee.

At her expectant response, a smile peeked at his lips as though he couldn’t prevent it. “You cannot be allowed to just…” He turned her around. “I will hurt you now, my sweet.” He ran a firm hand over her ass and slipped his fingers over her wet hole, using her moisture to dampen them.

As he stepped closer, every nerve in her body was on fire. He grasped her hips, forcing her body over, and then swiped her anus with his moistened finger. Knowing what he planned, she grew anxious and exhilarated. He is a master! She concluded with heart pounding exhilaration. 

*Oh and yes you can get more… MORE SEX*

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Oh My! Vamps have taken over again!

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Hello my Sassy Ones! Like many of you, I cannot resist those sexy blood suckers. What is it about them that  sends our blood burning, spine tingling, and panties falling off? Whoops. Did I just say that out loud? ;)  Lucky for us we have another fabulous romantic tale involving our favorite creatures of the night.

Author Tara S. Wood introduces us to the sexy vampire Vesper Hyde and her human counterpart homicide detective Decker Price. They must work through their own demons in order to bring down a common enemy. Can they fight the feelings swirling between them long enough to get the job done? You be the judge.~the Vixen

Adult Excerpt

She tried to turn away from the circle of his arms, scared the tears she felt inside would betray her and fall right in front of him, but he grabbed her and held her still. Their gazes locked in silence. 

“I-” He stopped and let out a low breath, the hardness in his eyes melting away as he held up his wrist to her lips. “Go ahead.”

She narrowed her eyes on him. “You know where this is going.”


Her mind screamed in protest, the very essence of her knowing that this was the last single thread between them, holding them together above an ever-widening chasm. And if this couldn't hold them together, nothing would.

Her fangs itched and her body hungered for what he offered despite the danger it presented. As she grabbed his wrist and bit down hard, she hoped it was enough.

The taste of him, tart and rich, hit her tongue and she groaned as the blood slid down her throat. Decker fell back on the bed and she sank to her knees in front of him with her mouth still wrapped around him.

Desire and hunger hit her full throttle and she drew deeply, letting his flavor roll over her. She released him and swiped the two points with her tongue and let her hands work in a frenzy to get him naked.

He moaned loudly as her hands roamed over his bare skin and she relished the hot slide of skin on skin as her head lowered again and she pushed him down flat on the bed.

Kneeling in front of him on the floor, she pushed the corded muscles of his thighs apart, tangling her fingers in the dusting of hair on his legs, delighting in the sensuous rasp. His erection was instant and it stabbed out greedily in front of her.

He was hot and hard and he hissed as her hand brushed the base of his cock to push it aside for what she really sought.


He cried out as her fangs sank into the hollow of his leg, right where it met his body, finding the strong source of nourishment in the most erotic of places. He undulated against her, trying in vain to get the swollen length closer to the pull of her lips. She smiled against his flesh as she drank and trailed a hand over to capture the straining appendage.

Decker growled in satisfaction as she pumped the hardness of his shaft in time with each draw of her mouth. Her body hummed with desire and her blood heated, sending a rush of wetness to flood her core.

Each draw was deeper than the last and his breathy gasps of pleasure spurred her on. Her skin prickled with heat as the hunger abated and the desperate need for his touch took over. She wrenched her mouth free and sealed the area, pulling back to look at Decker's face.

His eyes were closed and his head was thrown back as he moved against her hand. The rough pull of lust urged her even more and she replaced the hand on his cock with her mouth.

He nearly came off the bed with a hoarse shout as he threaded his fingers through her hair. Vesper growled in agreement and continued the erotic slide of her tongue on his hard length.

“Vesper, please!” he moaned, “I can't-I need to be inside you.”

Her body lurched in response and she let go. Strong hands gripped her arms and threw her face down onto the bed. He slid in easily from behind and she thought she would die from the delicious feeling of fullness.

She cried out at the first powerful stroke and grabbed fistfuls of the bedspread as she hung on, bracing for each pounding thrust. His hands held her hips steady as he drove into her, keeping her pulled back tight against him.

“Please,” she panted, “Harder! I want more!”

She felt his hand slide up her spine and tangle in the hair at the base of her neck. He held her fast in every direction, not letting her move by even an inch. It was so good, so hot, so hard. He pulled her head back, firmly but gently, and deepened the length of his thrusts, the maddening rhythm turning her bones liquid with fire. The sweet coils of burning tension inside her were winding to a fever pitch and there was nothing she could do but ride the delicious crest of the wave as she came.


Vesper's tight sheath clamped down on his cock as she came and the high-pitched cry of her orgasm sounded like thunder in his ears.

He snorted, gasping for air as the last of her spasms rippled through her and down his shaft. He felt a wide roll of darkness up his back and the pull of his own hunger kept him moving within her, unable to stop. The desire was so raw, so fierce, so binding; he needed to see its reflection.

He withdrew and flipped her over onto her back, settling her into the comfort of the now-rumpled bedspread. He shoved her thighs apart and sank back inside her as deep as he could possibly go, sliding forever into sweet oblivion. She closed her eyes and moaned his name.

“Open your eyes, Vesper,” he grunted. “Look at me.”

Her lids snapped open and he could see the desire ringing the violet depths. He thrust harder and was rewarded as her pupils dilated further, turning from deep amethyst to black. He groaned. She was so beautiful. Dark. Luscious. Beautiful. She was everything.

He could see the throb of her pulse beating rapidly at her neck as her body strained to meet each hard thrust. It called to him. Her blood ran wild in her veins, he felt it. Her blood. His blood.

Primal need swept through him as he pumped steadily, soliciting breathy grunts of pleasure. Everywhere his hands touched, he felt it, the blood coursing through her, making her hotter than ever. He wanted it. He needed it.

The dark tide of orgasm welled within him and he thrust harder, each pound of his body possessing her, claiming her. It wasn't enough. He needed to be closer, needed to feel the very core of her.

Mindless, his lips pulled back in a feral snarl as his mouth watered for the taste of her. Vesper's eyes were liquid pools of twilight and he rocked against her, ready to take the final, desperate plunge.

His sac tightened in painful bliss and he gathered her up in his arms and sank his teeth into the luscious curve of her neck as his release raged through him in a hot blaze.

Fireworks erupted in his brain at the taste of her blood on his lips and he groaned, drinking deeply. She was hot and sweet and tasted of all things dark and desirous. He shuddered at the last hard pang of his orgasm and collapsed upon her, his mouth breaking free.

His breath slowed from hard gasps to shallow puffs and he swiped his tongue across his lips, wiping away the wetness. He stiffened as the fog of pleasure receded. Blood.

About the Author

Tara Wood divides her time between creating domestic bliss and creating hot paranormal romance with the occasional side of kink. When not playing June Cleaver for her hubby and daughter, she can be found at the local Starbucks slamming back Frappuccinos and plotting out her next idea. Or she's watching the BBC. Tara resides with her wonderful and tolerant family in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. She is currently at work on several projects, one of them being the next book in her In Blood series. Redemption in Blood is her first novel.

Where to find Tara

Twitter: @twoodwriter

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Saturday Spotlight is on author Tara S Wood

Welcome back once again vixens! Today is a special treat. Author Tara S. Wood is here today to tell us a bit about herself and her current series called In Blood. Grab your favorite beverage, sit down and let the interrogation...errr...interview begin! ~the Vixen

Do your stories tend to be character driven or plot driven?

Definitely character driven. That’s sort of how the whole idea for this series came about. Suddenly, I had all these people in my head clamoring for attention, and they would not be denied. So, I had to stop and listen and discover who they were. And as I got to know them, the stories of their lives just naturally evolved. And let me tell you, they are an interesting group. The things that happen to them are extraordinary.

Do you listen to music while writing? What kinds of music work best for you? Do different types of music help you for different types of scenes?

Oh, yes. Lots of music. I could compile soundtracks as companion pieces. HA! I listen to a fairly eclectic range of music, so it runs the gamut from classical to pop to rock. I will confess I have a secret guilty love of Justin Timberlake and Finnish goth metal. And what I listen to definitely depends on who I’m writing and what is happening in their lives at the moment. Although, if it’s a fight scene, I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be listening to “Mortal Kombat” or the soundtrack from “The Matrix”.

What kinds of stories are your comfort reads when you are sick or feeling low?

Historical and Regency romance. Those genres always seem to capture the sweeping majesty of a bygone era. It’s sort of wistful reading about gorgeous sword-wielding Highlanders or devilishly handsome Viscounts. They’re the kind of books you just want to curl up with on the sofa under a nice comfy blanket , preferably with a cup of Earl Grey close by.

Who is your favorite all time heroine? Why do they resonate so well with you?

I guess I would have to say Scout from Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. What I loved about her was her spunk and her innate wisdom. She was such an innocent little thing, and yet she had a maturity and a strength about her that was well beyond her years. She is the total package. Humor, warmth, loyalty, and determination.

Who inspires you and why? (loved ones, friends, authors, public figures, historical figures, actors, teachers etc)

The person who has inspired me the most would have to be my aunt, Ocia Jeffries. She is a remarkable woman. A retired schoolteacher, she has taught me to believe in myself and never give up. She has always been my biggest cheerleader, shaking her pom poms proudly. She has an inner strength and grace of character that is unmatched in anyone else I have ever known. One thing she has always said to me, and consequently is now something I tell my own daughter, is “I love you. Make good choices.” Words to live by.

In one or two sentences, give the core premise behind your story.

Three, but here goes. This story is about a vampire executioner investigating the murder of one of her race. Details push her to join reluctant forces with a human detective on an agenda of his own to track down the killer. When the chase leads to a pair of predators from their respective pasts, events take a dangerous turn, leaving the redemption they seek, their relationship, and their lives hanging in the balance. Whew.

What makes this hero hot and lovable?

*sighs and fans self* Oh, Decker. Decker, Decker, Decker. I just love him. He’s unfailingly loyal, determined, and has just enough self-doubt that you want to kiss all the hurt away. Even torn in his affections, he struggles to do the right thing and be strong for her sake, not his own. Writing Decker was a study in mood swings. One minute I was proud of him, the next I ached for him. He’s a man with a good heart (and we all know how sexy that is), yet underneath there is a smoldering predatory sexuality that brings out the “Oh, yes, take me now” in every woman with a pulse. Is it hot in here? Did it just get warm? Is it me?

How many books do you anticipate will be in this series?

Currently, I am projecting the In Blood series will be six, possibly seven books.

What are you working on now?

Right now, I am working on the second book in the In Blood series, tentatively titled “Burning in Blood: A Novel of The Penitent”, and I am in the process of editing and revising the first book in a yet to be titled urban fantasy series that I am co-authoring. Busy, busy.
Thank you so much for having me! I really enjoyed answering all of these. Best wishes to all the readers out there! Cheers!

About Tara

Tara Wood divides her time between creating domestic bliss and creating hot paranormal romance with the occasional side of kink. When not playing June Cleaver for her hubby and daughter, she can be found at the local Starbucks slamming back Frappuccinos and plotting out her next idea. Or she's watching the BBC. Tara resides with her wonderful and tolerant family in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. She is currently at work on several projects, one of them being the next book in her In Blood series. Redemption in Blood is her first novel.


Twitter: @twoodwriter

Blurb from Redemption in Blood:  A Novel of The Penitent

Murder is serious business among vampires. If you kill, so do they. They are the Penitent – a military order among vampire society charged with one task only. Execute the condemned.

Vesper Hyde is a model Penitent. Solitary. Skilled. Deadly. Only once has she ever lost a target, even though it almost cost her life. Now the one that got away is back with a vengeance, and this time he's determined to finish the job. She needs to overcome the whispers of doubt and let her instinct and training take over to redeem her failure. But on this second time around, she doesn't expect a sidekick. A very sexy, stubborn, human sidekick.

Homicide Detective Decker Price has seen it all, including the murder of his wife at the hands of a twisted serial killer. When another murder pitches him headfirst into a world of vampires, witches, and sorcery, he is given a chance to mend shattered parts of his soul. But Vesper's world is as dark and alluring as the Penitent herself and he will come face to face with echoes of his past in order to help her keep a vicious enemy at bay.

If they are to succeed, they will need to push aside both their failings and work together to ensure the balance of their worlds remains unchanged. Redemption comes at a cost – is their love worth the price?