Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Temptations Resort Series

Happy 2013 everyone! Last year brought us many new challenges, some of which weren't all that fun, but the rest of them more than made up for it! We are getting closer to becoming a full publishing house all on our own and hopefully by the end of the year will have more authors join us.

In light of that goal, we've decided to create a shared world series called "Temptations."  It takes place on an island. Temptations Resort will be the place where people/paranormals go to experience all their sexual fantasies. Whether they're sweet, sensual or erotic and taboo, Temptations will have what you need. Some of the core characters will be the fiery Lia Michaels who will play herself (LOL) as a writer and the owner of The House of Taboo nightclub. Some of her staff have already been introduced on her blog and will play bigger roles in this series. 

Once the basic backgrounds are completed, Sassy Vixen Publishing will put out the first book to kick off the series and then open it up to other authors to start submitting their books. We still have to work out the details of any author contracts, so stay tuned for that!

We just wanted to give you an update on where Sassy Vixen is headed in the coming year. Within the month we will be releasing another poetry book by The Vixen Tammy Dennings Maggy. This one is her collection of vampire inspired poetry.  One of our featured authors, Doug Beindorf hopes to have his poetry collection completed and ready to publish over the next few months, and Tammy's Kayne Legacy will be launched hopefully by May...Goddess willing!

Until then, keep your eyes open for updates from us about our releases and any guest spots coming up. If you are an author and interested in a spot here on our blog, please see the Guest Author/Spotlight Guidelines button at the top of the site. There you will see our requirements for each specific post and our contact information.

Brightest Blessings to one and all!
Sassy Vixen Publishing


  1. Sounds awesome! Best of luck to you and the Sassy Vixen crew! I'll be sharing for you to help you find authors to contribute!!!