Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thirteen with Nicole Morgan

Welcome back to the Sassy Vixen Blog. Today I've got an extra special treat...TWO, count them two authors have agreed to share the first thirteen sentences of their latest releases. First up is fellow Siren author Nicole Morgan. She's back today with another new release, When Promise Meets Passion. Enjoy! ~the Vixen


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When Cole Bottego met Leah Allbright she was just a girl, the younger sister of his Marine buddy, Dex. Both of their lives were changed forever in 2007 when an IED killed Dex. In his friend’s final moments, Cole promised to always look out for Leah.

Years pass and Cole keeps his promise. Now grown, Leah is a rookie police officer under the watchful eye of her police chief, Cole. The dynamics of their new roles prove to be more than either of them were prepared for. After years of being best friends they find their feelings changing and complicating their once-easy camaraderie. 

Will temptation prove to be too strong for either of them to resist as they’re given a chance to have something neither of them knew they wanted? Or will Cole push his desires aside because of a promise he made years earlier to a dying friend?

First Thirteen

Cole got out from behind the wheel and slammed the door of his Tahoe so hard the entire vehicle shook. Acid rose in his throat, and he fought the urge to duck behind the Dumpster and hurl. He had closed the five-mile distance between the station and the hospital in record time once he’d gotten the call that Leah had been shot. Panic caused him to nearly walk into the automatic double doors when they didn’t slide open fast enough. There were three things on his agenda. Make sure she was okay, find out what the fuck went wrong, and kick the living shit out of whoever was responsible. 

Her partner, Colby, was standing in the hallway outside an ER cubicle and met him halfway. “Chief, slow down. She’s going to be fine, It’s just a flesh wound.”

He cared little for the nervous tone in the officer’s voice. It’s not like it was a secret that everyone in the damn department was afraid of him. His protective nature over Leah only made them fear him more. Walking past and ignoring the man’s comment, he pushed the curtain aside and went in. 

About Nicole

Nicole Morgan was an avid reader who kept having one recurring problem. Ideas of stories kept popping into her head. Today, Nicole is an author of erotic romantic novels, which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic romance mixed with a good old-fashioned whodunit. She tries to place strong emphasis on the characters’ emotions while also throwing in some spicy and hot love scenes. Her alpha male of choice will more often than not have a uniform of some kind. From military to police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve.

While still trying to stay true to her style, she is finding her writing is evolving as she takes on new and uncharted territory for her. In the first months of this year she finally wrapped up her first ever full-length paranormal romance novel. There are many areas of erotica out there that she hasn’t had a chance to really delve into just yet, but she is anxiously looking forward to doing just that.


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