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Hot, Yummy Vampires,Oh My!

Welcome back to Oh My! Monday here at Sassy Vixen. Today I am so happy to welcome author Alexandra Anthony. She's agreed to share not one, but two excerpts from her book Fated, the first book of her Vampire Destiny series. As a special treat, her muse Stefan agreed to interview Alexandra and see if he can get the scoop on when book two will come out.  So sit back, relax and enjoy! ~the Vixen

Josephine Anderson is a 28 year old psychic empath searching for her past. Stefan Lifsten is a millennia old vampire searching for his destiny after a vision he had 200 years ago. Their fates have finally collided, but will their love and desire be enough to keep them together as vampire protocol and her mysterious past start to unravel?

Ah, the devilish Stefan! He keeps his lips to Alexandra's ear, giving her guidance here and there as to how to tell his story and he still finds time to help us out today by interviewing her. Alexandra, how did that go for you?

My demanding muse is whispering in my ear, eager for me to start writing Book 2 in the Vampire Destiny Series.  Since he's so impatient, I decided to sit down and have a heart-to-heart discussion with Stefan and find out what he'd like to see happen in the next installment.

Alexandra Anthony: I'm going to start things out by telling you that many of my readers want their own Stefan, fangs and all.  How do you feel about so many women lusting after you?

Stefan: I would say that I am flattered by all of the attention.  But Alexandra, should we not be discussing your next book?

AA:  Are you always this impatient, Stefan? 

Stefan: (sits back and stretches his legs out in front of him) Are you always so tightly wound, Alexandra?  It is not good for someone to be so testy.

AA: Maybe if I didn't have a certain tall, blond and sexy vampire whispering in my ear I wouldn't be so testy.  Since you're my muse, why don't you tell me what we're going to see in Book 2?

Stefan: Ah, I thought you would never ask.  We are going to learn about Josephine's vampire father and her life-altering changes, a little about my past and trouble within the Council.  There is a possibility that we might see a character being faced with a life-or-death situation.  I am put in the uncomfortable situation to decide if I am to save them or not. (Stefan lets out a heavy sigh) A vampire's work is never done.

AA: It sounds like you and Josie have a lot on your plate in Book 2.  I'm going to have to work the smut in around all of the action in the next part of the series.

Stefan: (raises his eyebrow in amusement) You and I both know it is never work to write scenes for Josephine and myself, Alexandra.  And I should be rewarded for all of my good deeds. 

AA: Yeah, yeah.  I think if you get rewarded, we're all going to reap the benefits.  Is there anything else you'd like to share with us, Stefan?

Stefan: (grins crookedly) Is this a trick question, Alexandra? I have many things I would love to share.  However, I am off the market.  I do have a final question for you.  When is Book 2 going to be available?

AA: You just can't stop, can you? Hopefully it will be available for download on Smashwords and Amazon in September 2012.  

Thank you, Stefan for helping to get a bit more information from Alexandra about book 2, but I know I speak for everyone when I say let's see more from book 1! As promised, here are two excerpts from Fated.

PG Excerpt

Walking into the house, I quietly closed the door behind me.  I wasn't looking forward to this discussion with Stefan and my stomach churned in disapproval.  I felt him move to stand behind me and I kept my back to him, my body rigid.
“I am sorry,” Stefan admitted, his voice soft. “I am an idiot.”
“Yes, you are an idiot.”  I spun on my heel and brushed past him, walking to the kitchen and began unpacking my bags.  I chose to ignore his brooding, intense stare as his eyes followed my movements.  I hummed as I put away produce, opening and closing cabinet doors as I finished putting groceries away.  His large frame was leaning in the doorway, watching me intently.
“I've been alone for a long time, Stefan.  The last thing I need is someone to tell me what to do and babysit me.  Did you ever think that I don't bother to leave notes because no one has been around to read them for a long time?”
“I apologized, Josephine.  Now you are supposed to accept my apology and we move on.”
I couldn't hold back my barking laugh.  “Really, Stefan?  Is that how this is supposed to work?” I made a back and forth gesture with my hand between us. ”You get to act like a jackass and I'm supposed to accept it and we just move on?”  I walked up to him, craning my neck to look into his eyes. “I'm not sure which cheesy romance novel you are getting your information from but that's not always how it works.  I get to be pissed off.”  I pointed to my chest.  I pushed him out of my way, stomping past him into the living room.  I sat down on the couch and tucked my legs underneath me.  My fingertips tapped out an angry rhythm on my leg.
Stefan was silent as he walked to the sliding glass door that led to the back patio.  His eyes were focused on the landscape outside, his posture rigid.  I watched him for a moment as his jaw clenched in frustration.  I let out a small sigh and felt my own anger wane.  I was beginning to realize it was going to be impossible to stay angry at him.
"You are human, Josephine.  You are fragile and breakable and at any moment I could lose you.  I am sorry that I overreacted, but I cannot lose you.  Not now.  Not ever."
Rising from the couch, I crossed the living room to stand behind him, wrapping my arms around his narrow waist.  He stiffened slightly as I pressed up against him.
“I'm fine and I have the right to be pissed off, Stefan.  Sometimes I think we're miles apart in the way we think.”
He relaxed slightly, his chest rumbling with his responding chuckle.  “Ah, Josephine.  That we can agree upon.”  He took one of my hands and led me back to the couch, sitting down and pulling me onto his lap.  I rested my head on his solid chest, waiting for him to continue.
His voice was steady and deliberate when he spoke. “I am ready to move on with my life now that I have found you, Josephine.  I have searched, waited and loved you for two centuries.  I have been patient,” Stefan paused, drawing in an unnecessary breath.  “I have found you and I do not want to play games.  Be with me, love me and let us progress.  Is that too much to ask of you?”
Was it too much to ask?  I'd been alone a long time, even prior to my adoptive parents’ death four years ago.  I'd never been normal, so why would my first and possibly last relationship be normal?  I was still attempting to baby-step my way into this situation instead of blindly jumping into the deep end like he was expecting me to do with no reservations.
“Stefan, let me tell you what my life was like prior to meeting you and letting you turn it upside down.”  He rhythmically began stroking my hair and I closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of his hands in my hair. “I was alone, with the exception of Georgia and Anna.  My adoptive parents died four years ago in a car accident.  I can't locate my birth parents no matter how much money I spend or how hard I search.  I move from place to place and I never settle down.  I'm used to being alone and then you sweep in and I'm supposed to just go with the flow?  That's sort of is the opposite of how I operate.”
Stefan pressed his lips against the top of my head.  “Yet I am over 900 years old and can change.  Explain what you want from me, Josephine.”
Laughing deeply, I wrapped my arms around his neck. “There are many things I want from you.   But I need time.  Time to adjust to us.  I need to adjust being in a relationship.”
He nodded. “Then I will give you time.  You have to promise to meet me halfway, Josephine.”
I swallowed the lump that had risen in my throat.  My mouth was dry when I finally spoke.  “I promise.”
“Now is the part of the cheesy romance novel where we kiss and make up, yes?” Stefan asked, his eyebrows waggling and blue eyes twinkling with humor.
“Kiss me, you big idiot.”
I didn't have to ask him twice.

Adult Excerpt

Closing my eyes, I pressed my face against the pillow and my mind relaxed as I started to drift off to sleep again.  I was jolted awake when I felt the bed move and Stefan's cool, naked body press against my back.  His fingers skimmed across my skin to palm my full breasts in his large hands as he nuzzled my neck with his nose.
“I could sense you were awake.  Your thoughts were titillating and I could smell your arousal.” His mental voice whispered into my mind, soft and alluring.
Instinctively I pressed back against him, letting my head fall back to rest against his shoulder, my ass pressing into hardness of his cock.  One of his hands grasped my leg, pulling it back slightly to drape over his hip.  His fingers ran up the outside of my thigh, brushing across my hip bones to descend to explore the wetness of my slick, hot folds.  His mouth moved to place wet kisses on my neck, leaving a burning trail from the feel of his mouth on my skin.  I boldly arched against him again, a small moan escaping from my lips.
“Vackra, I cannot resist you. The feel of your skin....”
Without waiting for a response, he sheathed himself inside of me and a growl of pleasure escaped from his throat.  He withdrew almost completely and then thrust his hips to bury himself back inside of my moist, tight pussy.  He began to move again in slower, fuller strokes as he rocked his hips against me languidly.
“You are so hot and tight, Josephine.  Jag älskar knulla dig.  Din fitta är såvåt.”
I cried out as I pressed against him.  Our rhythm was slow, his body taking the time to explore mine as one hand continued to palm my breasts with relish, the other rubbing small circles over my swollen clit.  He was slow and methodical as we moved together, neither of us wanting the intimacy of the moment to end.
“Stefan...” I moaned softly, my body writhing against the firm and erotic feel of his hands on my skin.  I couldn't hold back as I began to clench around him, causing his speed to increase, his thrusts long and deep.  The slickness of my flushed skin slid against the silky hardness of his body, the coolness of his flesh against my own was intoxicating.
“Ah, vackra.  The way you feel makes me want to eat you alive.”
His sexy mental words sent waves of electricity throughout my body, causing all lucid thoughts to leave my mind.  My hands moved backwards to roughly grab his thick, blonde hair.  His lips drifted down my arm and his fangs scraped against my sensitive skin.
Don't stop, Stefan...” I released another wanton moan, my hips grinding against him with more force.  My heart was thudding in my chest and my breath was coming in gasps.
I will never stop fucking you.” Stefan's hips bucked to accent each word he thought to me.
His fingers moved faster over my clit.  His hips began to frantically drive faster inside of my pussy and our voices blended together in a symphony of sensual moans.  We continued to move in perfect harmony together, I answered each of his thrusts with a slight roll of my hips, pressing harder against the rigidness of his cock inside of me.
Waves of ecstasy started to course through my body, my inner walls constricting, rhythmically clamping around him as my powerful orgasm overtook me.  I turned my neck to the side, exposing my throat to him.
“I want to feel you bite me when I come, Stefan.”
His tongue ran over my neck and then I felt the sting of his fangs sinking into my skin.  A broken cry fell from my lips as I clenched around him, shuddering in bliss.  Stefan's hips moved erratically against me as he emptied inside of me, his mouth sucking gently against my neck.  I felt his fangs retract only to be replaced by his tongue, lazily licking over the slowly disappearing puncture marks.
Slowly rolling to face him, our lips met in a tender kiss.  Our tongues tangled together softly, reflecting the closeness of the moment we had shared.  My hands ran along the length of his lean, muscled back to palm his toned ass, my leg moving to rest over his hip.  His large hands spread across the small of my back, pressing me tightly against his chest.

Alexandra Anthony loves all things vampire and enjoys writing romantic/erotic stories combining vampires and the paranormal, loves the idea of good happily ever after story and the possibility that there could be a supernatural Prince Charming lurking out there.
Alexandra lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter. She is currently writing the The Vampire Destiny series in which Josephine, a psychic empath, meets the undead man of her dreams. Will their fated love be enough to keep them together as her mysterious past starts to unravel?

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  1. Loved loved loved this book! I am a new paranormal romance reader and I think it was superb! I simply can't wait of for the next installment. Much to love to Alexandra and Stefan!