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#ThursdayThirteen with @SloanArcher and Mercy's Debt

Hello sassy ones! I'm back from a much needed vacation and thought I would give The Vixen a break and host today's guest author Sloan Archer. She visited me at The House of Taboo on Saturday February 16th for the Spotlight interview and we had a blast! Today she only is allowed to share the first thirteen lines or sentences of her book. No excerpts. Sorry! You'll have to check out Taboo or Behind Closed Doors for those. 

Mercy's Debt is Sloan's debut novel and the first one in her Montgomery's Vampires series. It's listed as a paranormal romantic thriller so in other words you get a little spice while scaring the pants off of you. LOL!

Enjoy the snippet and check out her links at the end. ~Lia


After graduating from the prestigious Dewhurst University, Mercy Montgomery finds herself in a bit of financial trouble: over $108,000 worth of financial trouble, in fact. She can’t find a job to save her life, and with bill collectors constantly at her heels, she has no idea how she will ever come up with the money needed in order to keep her head above water.

Mercy’s monetary worries seem to be over after a chance meeting with mystifyingly pale Michael Graves, who offers her a high-paying job at his company, Dignitary. But there’s a catch; the seemingly harmless Dignitary is an underground organization that offers human chaperones to wealthy bloodsucking clients.

As if congregating with the undead doesn’t make life complicated enough for Mercy, there’s a savage killer on the loose who appears to have a craving for her blood. Soon Mercy is torn between a dark and dangerous underworld of supernatural desire and a simple life of practicality, and business magnate Robert Bramson is the man she blames for her confusion. If he just wasn’t so damn sexy… And dangerous. As the killer closes in, Mercy realizes that she must make a decision. But will she make her choice too late?

Opening Thirteen Lines of Mercy's Debt

Los Angeles, California
 June 10, 1924

The killer glowered down at the two lovers, enraged by the adoration they so visibly shared.

Hand-in-hand, the happy couple ambled down the embankment towards the isolated beach, murmuring to each other tenderly. When they reached the sand, the woman stopped to kick off her heels. She plucked a seashell from the glittering powder at her feet and placed the circular object in the man’s palm. He held it up to the light for examination: a sand dollar. 

The moon highlighted the nebulous water before them as he pulled his mistress in close for a kiss. She whispered softly into his ear- a declaration of her love, perhaps- and he muttered back into hers. She tossed back her head and giggled, throwing her arms around his strong neck. Tucking a flyaway strand of her auburn hair behind her ear, he gazed into her face earnestly, emotion stamped on his every feature. She nestled her face against his touch, running her lips overs his individual fingers.

They embraced again, longer, closer, and he gently kissed her on both cheeks before breaking away. He produced a small box from his pocket, kneeled down on one knee, and presented his sweetheart with a ring. Her hands fluttered to her delicate Cupid’s bow mouth and she let out an exited squeal, incensing the killer to the point of madness. 

The man nervously asked her a question, to which she enthusiastically nodded her head, choked with such emotion that she couldn’t quite speak. He slid the ring on her finger and held her close as she wept happily in his arms. She stared into his eyes wordlessly as he thumbed away the tears from her cheeks.

More about the Author

Sloan Archer is a bona fide California native who works full-time as a writer, occasionally in the desert as an archaeologist, and has a ten-year employment history in marketing. She has been penning fiction since childhood; her first stories were spooky mysteries inspired by horror films and the howling coyotes on her family’s farm.

She is a seasoned world traveler whose journeys have taken her from Madagascar to Indonesia, and many countries in-between. In 2007 she founded a jewelry label, VIVI+VIVI, and received international recognition for her creations, her most coveted designs worn by celebrities and carried in trendy boutiques like Fred Segal in Los Angeles. In 2012, she closed her business to focus on her true love, writing.

When Sloan isn’t composing books, she enjoys traveling, running marathons, painting, reading, baking, and spending time at the beach. She is currently working on two novels: Mercy’s Doubt, the second installation of the Montgomery’s Vampires Series, and Lilac Coma.

Where to find more about Sloan and her work

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