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Guardian Michael from The Island Gets #WickedAfterDark


Here we are back again for the Wicked After Dark Halloween Blog Hop. Since October 24th over 200 authors have been sharing different posts and offering opportunities to win some fantastic prizes. Here on Sassy Vixen Publishing we have a fun prize package up for grabs. It's a bit naughty, designed to bring the "little devil" out and into the bedroom...or so I'm told. Don't believe me? Take a look at the prizes HERE

For those of you looking for The Vixen, she's preparing for her upcoming blog tour to promote her latest release. The Island (Now and Forever 2) is the prequel to For the Love of Quinn. Many folks asked the author, Tammy Dennings Maggy, what happened in the years before Quinn and Jacob found each other in Las Vegas. It's in the second book she told you about me and my partner.

My name is Michael Hartley and I'm a Guardian. What's that you ask? I'm what some of you would call a Guardian Angel. I've been directed by The Goddess Fate to work with my partner Daniel Quartermarsh to watch over our family and their friends. Sometimes it ain't easy.  One of our toughest assignments is detailed in The Island. We had to convince my son, Jacob to keep fighting for his life in the real world so he could meet his soul mate and we had to convince Daniel's sister to not give up on life because of Daniel's death just a month before he became my partner.

I know you are all thinking none of this could really happen, but I'm here to tell you that it does happen and has happened since time began. We all have destinies to fulfill. Sometimes it takes multiple lifetimes to get it right, but eventually we can get there. With Jake and Quinn, they had been torn apart repeatedly in each lifetime, never able to have a life together or a family. Well, The Three thought enough was enough and allowed Daniel and myself to intervene. With Lady Fate determined to give these two lovers their happily ever after, I didn't think we could fail.  

That is until I saw my son on the Island that first day. He was so defeated. I never thought I would see him in this state. He gave up on himself, on his life and of ever finding a love like I have with his mother. Yes, even though I am no longer in the Earthly Realm, the love I have for my Katrina is as strong as the day we first met. I wanted that for my son. 

Then he met Quinn. To say sparks flew was an understatement. The air surrounding them felt electrified when they touched. Daniel and I both felt the jolt between them. Hell, if there was anyone else on that island, they would've felt it too. There was no denying their attraction, but could they believe enough to let their hearts tell them it was real? Could they trust in themselves and in their love enough to be able to let each other go when their time on the Island had to come to an end?

It was the Goddess who made the last plea to each of them when we took them back to Earth and their bodies for a brief period on Christmas Day. To find out what she said, you'll have to wait until The Island comes out on November 15th. Sorry! I know you're dying to find out all the juicy details, but I'll have to leave that to Tammy in the books.

It's been a pleasure telling you a bit of our story over the last few days. Looks like Quinn and Jake will be making the rounds starting tomorrow. Make sure you come back and say hello. As you have for the last few days, check out the Rafflecopter to see if there are any entries you can get for stopping in today. Also that little froggy icon at the bottom of the post will take you to the list of the rest of the participants. 

Semper fi!

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