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Futuristic Menage a Trois AND Spanking? Oh My!

Welcome my fellow sassy ones! I'm excited to welcome another of my fellow Siren authors in for Oh My! Monday. Jennifer Denys shared a bit about herself and her current series on Behind Closed Doors for  the Saturday Spotlight on September 29th. Now she's here today to share an excerpt from the second book in her Duoterra series. 

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Chasing Emily is a futuristic menage a trois set on a planet sixty years after it was originally colonized. At this time, the planet finds itself in a bind. There is an extreme shortage of women. So much so, that it's expected that single, unattached women marry more than one man.  The heroine Emily Dubois, a widow in her forties who owns the bar in Frontier, loves her independence too much and the freedom to have sex with whomever she wants—particularly the young men of the area.

When she is caught in a compromising position with fun-loving, cocky Finn Taylor, a travelling musician with a commitment phobia, the Judge insists they marry, much to her horror. However, the ceremony is interrupted by another lover—serious, protective, hunky Robin McPherson, who’s been in love with Emily for years, but she keeps rejecting his proposal as she had such an awful first marriage.

Both younger than her, the men are jealous and fight over Emily, but ensuing events mean that they have to work together to keep their woman from fleeing them. Can they do it?

Story Excerpt

“She slammed the door in my face!”

Finn Taylor had not long arrived in the town of Frontier—the most far-flung town on the colony planet of Duoterra—and he was stabling his horse when he overheard a man talking just outside the building.

“And my nose got broken! Well, it felt like it did.”

Stopping what he was doing, Finn turned his head to listen further, and his fringe flopped over his eyes. He cursed. His fair, curly hair was the bane of his life.

Impatiently brushing the hair away he concentrated on the voice which sounded like that of a young man, and he held back a chuckle wondering who they were referring to and what the man had done to have the door shoved at him that violently.

“God, that must have hurt. But why would she do that?” 

Someone else spoke this time, sounding astonished at the turn of events.

“Emily declared that she’d had enough of being the town ‘whore,’” the former person continued, dropping his voice on the last word.

That surprised Finn so much that he stumbled into his horse, who turned her head and snorted at him. Whoever this “Emily” was, she had better be careful, Finn thought. Prostitution was only allowed in the state-licensed brothel in the capital, Eden. Even those women were usually only there because they had been convicted of a crime or widowed without a home and job. Although Finn also knew one or two women who had chosen that profession to avoid being forced into a marriage. He winced. There must be a better way of life, surely!

“I’ve never known her to say no before,” responded the second guy. “She’s always been happy to have sex with any man, particularly with the laws these days that insist that unmarried women have to marry by the age of twenty-three.”

Finn silently sniggered at the young man’s frustrated comment and leaned back against the wall. The situation regarding the lack of women was something Finn was aware of in his travels around the continent. He worked as a travelling musician and knew of the planet’s problem with a dearth of women, so many of them dying in childbirth or illness that it had resulted in them becoming something of a commodity. In some ways he admired his ancestors who had left Earth for a new—and hopefully cleaner—life on a new planet. But he was sure they hadn’t reckoned on how hard life could be, particularly when one had to start from scratch making, growing, reaping all the things that people took for granted like clothes, food, pottery, and so on, and at the same time cope with a lack of medical resources, ones that they had been used to on Earth.

“We should really think about finding ourselves a wife, particularly if Emily is turning cold on us.”

“Well, there is Sandra.”

“Too young. She’s only fifteen. We’d have to wait three years minimum, and then there is no guarantee that she would choose either of us, not with so many other guys also looking for girls.”

There was a pause. Finn mentally requested that they didn’t stop. Their conversation was much too intriguing, although what he really wanted them to talk about was this fascinating woman called Emily.

ADULT Excerpt

Robin’s hand inched closer to his cock, which was hardening by the second.

He grinned. He could see out of the corner of his eye that Emily was standing at the entrance to the grotto, trying to hide while she watched him wash in the waterfall.

Naturally he was naked, but he didn't think many people knew about this location, which was rather hidden away, despite being fairly close to town.

Closing his eyes so he wasn't tempted to look at her, he slowly turned his body so that he was in a full-frontal pose. Edging himself forward so that he was in front of the flow of the fall, he widened his stance and took hold of his cock with his right hand. With his left he braced himself against the wall of the cavern and gripped his member fairly hard and pulled upward.

It was slick and wet, so his hand slid easily. He had to be careful not to slide completely off. Stopping at the head, he ran his thumb over the top, his nail dipping into the slit at the end.

While he did this, the image of Emily was forefront in his brain. He recalled how she had looked the last time she had allowed him in her bed. Well, actually, it wasn't her bed but against a tree in the woods where she had come upon him chopping some wood.

Not that it was unusual for him to be chopping wood. He was a carpenter, after all. But he had taken his shirt off as he was getting very sweaty and hot, and she had whistled at him as he started to raise the axe.

Dropping it, he had very nearly chopped his leg off, he was so startled.

Sauntering forward, her hands on her hips, she had looked the vision of a siren. Standing still, he had waited until she had come closer and reached out a hand to stroke his chest before he threw the axe away and jerked her to his body, holding her tightly against him.

A coy smile had crossed her face, which was swiftly blotted out as he clasped her head to his to kiss her.

The picture he now conjured up was the sight of her face after he backed her swiftly up against the nearby tree, and running his hands up her thighs, he had raised her skirt as he went. Taking hold of her butt, he had hoisted her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist. A little fumbling had taken place as he held her there while Emily had to reach between them to undo his trousers.

That had been the easy bit. His cock had been so hard that it had taken some maneuvering to ease it free from his trousers. By then Emily had been laughing so loudly he had partly been worried that someone would hear. Another part of him had also been hurt by her amusement. At least until she had taken his face in both of her hands and raised his jaw until he was looking at her. Her expression for once was soft and gentle. Closing her arms around his broad shoulders, she had then teased him, licking the crease of his lips, pulling away when he attempted to kiss her properly.

He had leaned in, pushing her back so that she was held tightly between him and the tree, which enabled him to free at least one hand with which he took hold of her chin and held her head still so he could kiss her properly.

God, she had tasted so wonderful.

A long groan left him, and he bent his head forward at this recollection. He could feel his balls tightening. It didn't take much to make him come—not when he thought of Emily and their times together. They hadn't had sex that often. In fact he could count the number of times on one hand, but each one had been indescribably magnificent.

He had frequently tried to analyze why he loved her so much. She was considerably older than him, fiercely independent, often loudmouthed, and opinionated. And yet it was all of those things he loved about her.

Robin was so intent on his recollection that he didn't hear Emily move toward him until he felt a hand stroke his chest. He jerked his eyes open and staggered back a pace. It was so like his daydream that he wasn't sure at first if he wasn't still dreaming. But that thought was soon extinguished by the flow of the water now pounding on his head.

Stepping forward again he gazed over her body. She had taken all her clothes off and was standing before him in her full glorious wonder. He knew she hated the look of her middle-aged body with her round stomach and its silvery lines, the remnants of stretch marks from her pregnancies of old, and her drooping breasts. But he loved her. To him she just looked voluptuous and luscious. A goddess. Or a temptress. Either way he wasn't put off by any suggestion that she was too old for him.

“I thought you didn't want me anymore.” God, he sounded so sullen.

Clearly she wasn't about to deny him again as she moved behind him, wrapping her arms around his middle, her fingertips caressing his stomach as she pressed kisses over his back. “How can I not want you when you stand there looking so handsome, so god-awful delicious that I just want to eat you up.” One of her hands moved down to grasp his cock, now pointing vertically and throbbing painfully as she nibbled his back, enacting her words.

“Oh God, sweetheart.” He didn't know what he was pleading for—her to continue, or her to finish.

Oh my is right! *fanning myself* This is definitely SCORCHING hot and it's just a little taste of what's in the rest of the book and series. Are you intrigued? Well, just click on the cover above and you will be taken to the Bookstrand website. There you can still get  this book for 10% off the list price until October 4th. Go on now. Get your ebook copy today!

About the Author

Jennifer is English and lives in a lovely historical city in the UK. Other than writing, her interests include reading (Naturally! She always has at least one book on the go, if not one by her bed, one by the bath, and one in the lounge.), all things historical including genealogy, which she has done for many, many years, watching films (particularly sci-fi), gardening, jigsaw puzzles, and walking. She lives with her pet rabbit who is thoroughly spoilt. Jennifer says she wants to come back as her own rabbit in the next life—unfortunately that would mean she still needs to be alive herself. Maybe there is a time travel story there

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