Monday, August 13, 2012

On Patrol with Damon Gray...Oh MY!

Do I have a treat for you my vixens! Fellow Siren author Lori King has agreed to share her smoking hot interview with  one of the Gray twins from Fire of the Wolf. Damon Gray is half of the wolf shifter/firefighting duo who captures the heart of heroine Caroline. And let me tell you, they've both captured my heart as well! So gather around and let's listen in on the interview. ~The Vixen

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I planned to meet both of the Gray twins, but Damon was the only one to meet me in front of the Alpha’s cabin. He pulled up in his navy blue mustang, with his golden tanned arm hanging out the window. As his large frame spilled out of the low slung car, I could feel the butterflies dancing in my belly that the Gray Pack men always seemed to cause. The glint in his eyes, tells me that he knows the effect he is having on me, and is enjoying every second of it.

I greet him with my arms open wide, anticipating the delicious hug that I know is coming. “Hi Damon! It’s wonderful to see you again!”

Wrapping me in those fantastically muscles arms of his, damn I can feel the heat of him through my clothes, and he smells delicious.

“Lori, Sweetheart! We’ve missed you around here. Dev sends his apologies, but some stuff came up. You know how he is, the Pack business always comes first.” He says warmly.

Returning his smile, I wave off his apology. “Of course, I completely understand. So it’s just you and me?”

The grin on his face is heart stoppingly sexy, and I have to bite my tongue to avoid moaning. “Yep, hope that’s alright. And I really need to do a perimeter patrol down by Delaky’s place. Do you mind if we walk while we talk?”

Damon Gray could have asked me to kneel at his feet and lick his boots with a grin like that. His dimple should be classified as a deadly weapon, and used upon all known terrorists. I think we could end the war on terrorism and bring back free love! 

“Sure, I just have a few quick questions from the readers.” I respond breathily, and he takes my hand walking along the path that leads behind the Alpha’s house into the woods. 

“Anything for your readers, Sweetheart.” He responds. I can see his eyes scanning the forest around us, and I note that his muscles are tense beneath his gray t-shirt, and faded denim blue jeans. His black hair is tousled, and hangs just over his thick eye brows. His green eyes are alert, and vivid like hot emeralds.

“How are you two men handling having a woman in your lives?” I ask, trying to refocus my attention on the business at hand.

“With anyone else it would be hell to give up bachelorhood, but with Carolyn…it’s been amazing.” He answers honestly.
“Are you guys still getting out dancing regularly?” 

“Every time we can, when Cash is singing anyways, Carolyn loves to hit Rustler’s.” He answers with another quick grin.

“I remember the first time you took her there.” I say with a laugh.

“That was a memorable night, and an even better ride home.” He says cryptically. My heart jumps at the honey lacing his voice. His green eyes have glazed over a little bit as if he’s lost in his own memory.

“How are the rest of the guys? Any fires lately?” I ask wondering if I can get him back in interview mode.

“Good, Liam is having a hell of a time with his new lady, but everyone else is still single as ever. Have you met Tina?” He asks holding a tree branch out of my way so that I can move ahead on the path. We’ve almost made it to Delaky’s cabin, and I’m saddened at the idea that our time will end soon.

“Yes, Liam introduced her to me. In fact I just finished their story. I hate to tell you, but it’s even spicier than yours!” I say, and he grabs my arm to spin me around.

Instantly my body is humming, as his six foot three inch body towers over my five foot eight inches. His broad shoulders block out nearly all of my view of the path behind him, and his hands are on his narrow hips. The frown on his chiseled face makes him look like an Indian War Chief, and I struggle to breath in and out.

“Not possible. Devin and I have more passion with Carolyn than any other married couple I’ve ever met.” He snarls at me, and I can tell I’ve offended him. He always has been protective of his mate.

“I’m not arguing that, but Tina and Liam do have quite a story of their own. Don’t worry Damon, you’re still my favorite wolf.” I say teasingly, and he reaches up to grab the back of my neck drawing me forward and resting his forehead against mine. 

“Sweetheart, if I weren’t a married man…” He jokes, and I laugh with him.

“I know, but I’m a happily married woman myself, and besides I wouldn’t want to upset the Alpha Bitch of the pack. You forget, I’m friends with Caroline too.” I reply, but I wrap my arms around his slim waist, and press my face against his tight chest. 

“She would rip out both of our throats.” He says laughing and returning the hug. We continue on our walk, and I pepper him with a few more questions.

“Beer, Hard Liquor, or Wine?”

He rolls his eyes, “Beer.”

“Boxers, Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Commando?”

“Really? Do the readers really care?” He says with an expasperated sigh.

“Just answer the questions.” I say shortly, but I snicker.

“Boxer Briefs.”

“Pizza, Cheeseburgers, or Steak.”

“I’m a werewolf, steak all the way.”
“Do you cheat at Poker?”

He laughs loudly, “Only if I think I won’t get caught.”

“Romantic vacation to the beach, or sneaky weekend getaway to the mountains?”

“Every time I can sneak in alone time with Caroline it’s romantic, and I don’t care where we are.” He responds sincerely, and my heart melts. I can’t help but be a tiny bit jealous of Caroline Trainor-Gray.

“Candles, or moonlight.”

He rolls his eyes again, and huffs. “Moonlight. Do I need to show you my wolf to remind you what I am?”

I wiggle my eyebrows at him, “Oh that would mean you getting naked for me, so maybe you should.”

His laughter rousts some birds from their nests, and he settles one arm over my shoulders pushing me to keep moving closer to the cabin I can now see through the trees.

“Enough questions Sweetheart. I can see my mate, and as much as I love you, I love her more.” The love is written all over his face, and I turn back to greet Caroline as she meets us coming out of the woods. With our interview clearly over, I joined them for dinner. I spent the evening under the stars and moon, with my friends of the Gray Pack, eating a steak and drinking a beer. Maybe next time I’ll invite a reader to join us…

(waving my hands wildly in the air) Oh! Pick me, pick me! Sorry my peeps, but when it comes to sitting down chatting...and who knows what else...with hunky werewolves/firefighters, I will knock you over to get to the front of the line! ;) If you want your very own private time with the Gray Pack, pick up your copy of Fire of the Wolf today. Just click on the book cover above and you will be one step closer to putting yourself into a menage fantasy. 

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  1. Once again it was a pleasure having you visit with us, Lori!

  2. Holy MOLEY!!! *fans self* I am off shopping.

    SO love shifters!!!!!! Always have. *sigh*

    Stacy Wilson

    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

  3. Thank you so much for having me Tammy! Damon is definitely too hot to handle, and I loved sharing him with your readers!~Lori

  4. Damon is the melt your panties right off you kind of favorite kind! And to think he is a twin! Caroline is a mighty lucky woman. *sigh* It would be a hell of a fantasy if I had two of my hubby Liam. ;)

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