Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Thursday Thirteen with Naughty Librarian Scarlett Black

Available Sept. 1st

It's that time again my sassy ones. It's Thursday and I've got another gem to share with you. Today my naughty friend and fellow author Scarlett Black is sharing the first thirteen lines from her story The Librarian. It's part of Campus Sexploits 3 Anthology and will be available in just two days! 

What can be sassier or more erotic than a naughty librarian? Don't tell me you haven't fantasized about being one or even WITH one yourself. There's nothing sexier than a hot chick in classes. ;) 

 Still not convinced? Let's take a look at Scarlett's story and when we're done? We'll all take a field trip on September 1st and pick up our copies of the anthology. ~The Vixen


Miss Barnes is the University campus librarian. If a student is falling behind or if a Professor needs research assistance, she will gladly lend her expertise.  She likes giving personalized attention to anyone that needs her. Wearing stiletto boots and short skirts, Miss Barnes will fulfill your every fantasy and more. Don’t be shy, step right up and ask her for help. She’s more than happy to hold a specially tailored study session with you.

First 13

I’m thirty five years old and single. That’s how I like it. I have one cat named Cyrus, not a houseful of them. I do not wear frumpy, polyester blend clothing or sensible shoes. I have been blessed with curves in all the right places and legs that appear to go on for miles. Years of walking up and down these historical stairs have helped me to keep a well-toned and tight body. Thanks to my great genes, I do not need to push myself any harder to remain as such. My raven black hair is long and ends right above my backside. On occasion I wear it in a sexy, little “up do”, just to play the part. Today, it is a flowing curtain of black satin. 

I have worked at the Campus library for seventeen years and I take my work very seriously. Students and professors need my help constantly. It is my duty to serve them well. Many interns have come and gone through these hallowed doors, but I remain.

Oh my! I'm not so sure I can wait until September 1st for this one to come out so I can get my fix of Miss Barnes!  Well, until then we are just going to have to stalk...I mean look for Scarlett at the following links. ;)


  1. Thank you for asking me over, Vixen. I cannot wait for everyone to meet Ms. Barnes <3
    Have a sinfully delicious day :)

  2. It was my pleasure to have you here today and I hope you visit again real soon.

    1. I'm sure she will. She just LOVES attention LOL