Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Beginnings for @SassyVixenPub Starting with a Brand New Logo Featuring #TheVixen

The New Year is full of new beginnings for us and our Sassy Vixen authors. With that in mind, we decided to change things up and create our very own logo. The Vixen was adamant we search to find the perfect images. While we loved the red planet version of the last logo and the throwback to carefree days with our original one, we decided we needed something new and fresh.

We've always had a sexy female fox in mind as part of our company image. She's one of the most beautiful animals in the wild—but don't be fooled. You cross her or her pups and you'll deal with her scrappy fighting skills and teeth.

Just like our authors. ;)

We're excited about the changes and in our search for the current creature that graces our logo, we found a few other fun ones we'll be using for posts. In fact, we found a sexy cartoon version of The Vixen.

Isn't she cute? LOL! The Vixen adores it so look for this animated version of her to show up in future posts. This year will be the year Sassy Vixen Publishing and it's authors take the publishing world by storm!

See you on the other side!

Chief Executive Officer
Sassy Vixen Publishing LLC

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