Friday, May 9, 2014

#FlashbackFriday: Going Back to the Basics and Movin' On With @SassyVixenPub #amwriting #MyWANA

Welcome to the Sassy Vixen Publishing blog. I'm The Vixen aka Tammy Smith, the co-founder and powerhouse behind SVP. Some of you may also know me as author Tammy Dennings Maggy, Lia Michaels, Stephanie Ryan and Tawny Savage. Each and every one of them make up one person—me. I've never made it a secret. I've been upfront about it from the beginning that I have multiple personalities...errr...pen names. All of them combined make up Sassy Vixen Publishing.

Some folks have asked when SVP will open up for submissions from other others and I've been honest about that too. It's never been my plan to open it up for that for several years. SVP is me and all of my pen names. It always has been and always will be. That will never change. I'm not naive enough to think I could just open up shop and take on other authors. I want to publish MY work first and maybe someday down the line help others realize their dream as well.

What about the Christmas anthology put out with the Four Seduced Muses? 
Well, that was an experiment to see if it could be done. I wanted to have more experience formatting and promoting a larger collection and work with three other fabulous authors. We put together a great book and released it just before the holidays to some fabulous reviews. Unfortunately, the interest in the book waned from there.

The original four Muses no longer work together. All of us have so many other things going on and new directions to follow. It's sad and exciting at the same time. We've all grown and learned from working together and now it's time to part ways. May Water was the first to go, and not it's my turn.

'Tis the Season for Seduction is no longer available for sale. It was removed from all vendors today. It may take a week or two for it to finalize, but it won't be coming back in it's current form. Instead, Nicole Morgan, Maya DeLeina, May Water, myself and my alter ego Lia Michaels will revamp and republish the individual stories on our own...or not. The decision will be made by the individual authors. 

What about The Vixen? Isn't that the name given to you as a Muse?
I've been known as The Vixen since before 2010. It was a nickname given to me by an old friend and I've used it as part of my branding ever since. The Muses came into being in 2012. It was fun to have a home with the Muses while it lasted, but now The Vixen is right where she should be—concentrating on her own writing and enjoying it again.

I wish the other Muses well in all their endeavors. I'm sure with that kind of talent you'll see their books at the top of the charts in multiple genres. We had fun together while we could, and I'll cherish that time always. Now it's time for all to move on and upward.

What about the Season of Sun and Sin anthology?
It's still on. It's gone through another change. It will only be SVP it. This one will have "Bound in Paradise" by Tammy Dennings Maggy, "Sweet Surrender" by Lia Michaels, and "Silk Seductions" by Tawny Savage. All of the pieces are in various stages of edits and rewrites so my goal is to get this one out by the end of July or August. 

Next month I'll attend RomCon in Denver and I'm looking forward to meeting new readers and authors as well as those I met last year. This convention will kick off another phase in my writing career and one I wish to nourish for years to come. Look for me on the Erotic Authors Chat Panel, Get Crafty with the Authors, Karaoke Night with the Fun from the Decades Games and dancing, and the Chocolate Mangasm party. I'll also be there with bells on at the Book and Swag signing with several SVP books available. Don't forget the raffle for Breast Cancer awareness. I'll have a basket up for grabs with all sorts of goodies.  See you all there!

Until next time,
~The Vixen