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@HouseofTaboo Author Lia Michaels Joins the #Countdown to the #Anthology Release #menage #sextreme #foodplay

Welcome back to the countdown to the release of 'Tis the Season for Seduction! It's the last day we have an excerpt and it's from our very own "Luscious Lia" Michaels. 

Her selection is "Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas." It's her first romp into writing menage and boy does she do it up right! Not only do you get hot one on one sex, but a menage a trois AND a menage a quatre. It's not just two guys and a gal, but two guys, a gal and another hot stud muffin who wants to do them all! LOL! 

Here's the blurb...

Candice Monroe’s restaurant, Candy Kisses is the place to be during the holidays in the Detroit Metro area. The menu of old classics and one-of-a-kind specialties keep customers coming back for more. As a result, she and her partners don’t have a moment to breathe let alone act upon the growing sexual tension building between the three of them.

Former Marines and sometimes lovers, Alexander Rabinov and Gabriel Jacobs help keep the restaurant running smoothly. Alex’s culinary skills and Gabe’s expertise as pastry chef combine well with Candice’s vision for the future of the business, and her secret desires.

Just when the men are about to act on their feelings and whisk her away for a much needed vacation, international playboy Darrin Bryant calls with an offer they just can’t refuse. He’ll front the money for Candice to expand the restaurant if they spend the holiday weekend catering a gathering at his home. The offer came with one more stipulation. Candice is to act as Darrin’s companion in front of the guests, but he made it clear he wished for more—from all of them. 

Will Darrin’s proposition come between the trio, or help them fulfill their wildest naughty Christmas fantasies?  

Sound yummy? Well hold onto your panties folks. The following excerpt is a bit more than what Lia has shared on other sites. This time you get to see Candice, Alex, and Gabe together...all at once. Since all of them work in a restaurant, you can better believe there's food fave!  Check it out...

Adult Excerpt

She opened her eyes just as Gabriel flipped his shirt over his head and guided her back into his arms. His hands moved down her back to her ass and lifted her off the floor.

Her legs locked around his hips as he danced with her in his arms and teased her lips with his own. Never before had she been so aroused by a kiss, but both of them turned her mind to mush the instant they touched her anywhere on her body. She wanted them with her entire being. She loved the way his tongue slipped over hers, fueling the fire that had long been kept dormant.

Alexander peeled off his own shirt and reached for the throw blankets that decorated the back of the couch. He spread them out over the floor along with several pillows. 

Gabriel dropped to his knees and eased her back onto the pillows. He kissed down her body as he sat up to unbuckle his pants. 

“Oh, no you don’t. I get to undress someone tonight, too.” Her fingers expertly worked the zipper, freeing his bulging cock from its confines. She licked her lips and another rush of fluid coated her inner thighs anticipating having his dick plunge in and out of her. She ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft while she massaged his heavy balls.

Alexander pulled her back toward the pillows. “Not so fast, darlin’. We’re gonna feast on you a little while longer before you get the main course. He fanned her hair out over the pillows as she settled onto them. “Comfy?”

She smiled. “Yes, but aren’t you going to join me?” She patted the pillows next to her. 

Gabriel chuckled. “All in good time, honey.” His warm hands were at her hips edging her panties off and down her thighs. His eyes made their way back up and held her gaze as he spread her legs and dipped his tongue into her folds. He swirled the tip around her clit several times and then slid backward toward the coffee table.

She found herself a bit short of breath with his abrupt departure from teasing her pussy. “Please don’t stop now.” The drinks had gone straight to her head and loosened all her inhibitions. Before tonight she would’ve been mortified to be completely naked in front of them, but not now. She wanted more—so very much more.

“We won’t. We’re just getting started.” Gabriel grabbed the honey bottle and wiggled it back and forth. “You have to stay very still while I create.”

“Then what?”

Alexander leaned over and kissed her breathless once again. “Then we feast.” He looked to Gabe and nodded. “You know I love honey-flavored anything but don’t you dare get stingy with the chocolate sauce.” 

While Gabriel tickled her skin with the drizzles and swirls of honey and chocolate, Alexander gathered a fist full of berries and strategically placed them and dollops of whipped cream on her breasts, abs and thighs. He held one in his teeth and offered it to Gabriel. 

Their lips barely touched each other but the act mesmerized her. Her cunt repeatedly clenched and signaled the floodgates were about to open. “You two are fucking hot together. If you keep that up, I’m going to soak this blanket and ruin your magnificent edible body art.”

Gabriel moved toward her on his hands and knees with a strawberry in his teeth just for her. She bit her lip to stifle a moan. The way he slithered toward her set her skin on fire. She wanted him so badly she hurt. 

While distracted with one hunk, she barely noticed the other until he made his way up her thighs. Alexander’s tongue snaked through the honey and chocolate, stopping only long enough to consume the fruit in his path. The warm exhalation of his breath across her skin caused her stomach to flutter and put her body in a state of such heightened arousal she’d cum on demand if they’d only ask.

Gabriel bent over to consume the fruit and honey between her tits. He sucked hard on each nipple and drew out a long drawn out moan from her. 

Her back arched as Alexander made his way through her slick pussy lips. He lapped up the combined mess of her juices and whipped cream before his hungry mouth finally assaulted her throbbing clit. As he sucked harder and harder on the tender nub, she bucked against his mouth and tried to bring herself through to the orgasm he held just out of her reach. 

Gabriel sat up slightly and she saw her chance. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and covered the head of his cock with her mouth. She slipped the fingers of her other hand through some of the honey and chocolate still on her stomach and swirled it over his balls. She popped his cock out of her mouth and licked the sticky sweet concoction from his sacs before she sucked first one and then the other. She swirled her tongue around and around each one before making her way back up his shaft to tease the tip once again.

His moans joined hers as Alexander shoved two fingers into her cunt. Her body convulsed and her inner muscles clenched around his fingers and pulled him deeper inside.

“We have a wild one here, my friend. She’s more than ready for you now.”

* * * *

Alexander stood and dropped his trousers in a heap next to the couch. He changed positions with Gabriel and picked up the bottle of tequila. Ever so slowly, he dribbled the alcohol over her breasts and sucked it from her skin before it had a chance to run off.

Gabriel snatched one of the condoms from the table, ripped the wrapper with his teeth and sheathed his cock with the latex. He hooked her knees over his forearms as he eased into her tight but oh so very wet pussy.

She gasped. “So big. Slow, baby. I want to feel every inch of you inside me.”

He leaned forward, pulled her legs up to her chest and spread her wider as he seated himself all the way. Her muscles tightened around him, gradually adjusted to his girth, and fit him like a glove. This was pure unadulterated heaven to him. He still couldn’t believe he was there with her and not dreaming.

Her eyes held his as he moved in and out of her, inch by inch, building the pace until he achieved long, firm thrusts. Her tits bounced between them. Her nails dug into his upper arms as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over her.

Her sighs and moans brought him closer to joining her, but the sight of Alexander stroking his cock in time with his thrusts into her nearly did him in.

Alexander hovered over Candice and teased her mouth with his cock. She propped her head up and took him in, cupping one hand around his length, while the other clung to Gabriel. Alexander appeared to struggle to keep from losing his wad. “God, I want to fuck you in the ass. Change positions.”

Gabriel reclined on the pillows and watched Candice cover Alexander’s cock with one of the condoms. She turned to him and smiled, her face flushed and her hair a wild, hot mess. At that moment, Gabriel’s heart and body completely belonged to her.

She slithered up his body, kissing, licking and sucking her way up until she straddled his hips. She leaned forward and braced her hands on either side of his head. Her hair fell down over him in sheets of luxurious black silk. 

He moved his hands to her waist to help hold her in position as she eased herself back down onto his cock.
Alexander moved behind her. “That’s it, darlin’. Ride his cock like you’ve dreamed of doing every night. This is what you’ve wanted right from the start, isn’t it?”

“God, yes.” She ground her pelvis into Gabriel’s as she fucked him wildly. Alex reached between her ass cheeks and stroked her inner rings, stretching her to fit his cock.

Gabriel moved his hands up her body and pulled her close to him so her chest rested on his. “Do you want more?” 

He held her face in his hands so she had to look at him. Her eyes glistened with tears. “Yes…please.”
Gabriel held her still as Alexander settled deep inside her ass. She bit her lip and struggled against him. “I can’t. It’s too much.”

“Relax, honey. We’ll never hurt you.” Gabriel kissed her cheeks and then her lips.

She closed her eyes and rested her forehead against his, keeping her breathing slow and steady. 

Alexander rocked in and out of her ass, establishing the rhythm the men would use to take her completely over into bliss.

Her thighs quivered against Gabriel’s hips as Alexander covered her completely and sandwiched her in between them.

Gabriel planted his feet and grabbed her hips to move her up and down his cock. As he pulled her down, Alexander thrust into her. Both completely filled her and pulled her closer and closer to her ultimate climax.
She buried her face in Gabriel’s neck as it finally tore through her body. Gabriel followed her into bliss as Alexander bellowed with his own release.

The trio collapsed on the blankets, their bodies still entwined. Neither of them willing to move and break the spell they were under. As their breathing normalized, they slowly untangled from each other. Gabriel propped up on one arm and brushed his fingers over her face. “If this is a dream, I don’t ever want to wake up.”

She kissed his fingertips and smiled. “Me either.”

Alexander rolled onto his back and sighed. “Ditto.”

“What about showers? We can take a shower together if we’re dreaming right? I don’t know if the two of you know this but as honey and chocolate syrup dries, it gets awfully itchy.” She sat up and leaned her back up against the couch. “As a Christmas gift to myself last year, I had the bathroom remodeled. The shower’s huge.” She got up off the floor and walked away from them. “Of course, if you’re too worn out to join me, I guess I’ll have to make do. All by myself.”

Make sure you stop in tomorrow for one day closer to our release day AND your chance to win a ebook copy of 'Tis the Season For Seduction. There will be a rafflecopter for you to gather entries. The winner will be announced on Monday December 16th. (The Vixen's Birthday!!!)

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