Saturday, October 26, 2013

#Cover Reveal for @Tawny_Savage #bigfoot #darkfantasy #erotica

Hello everyone! Welcome to Sassy Vixen Publishing. I'm Lia Michaels and one of the authors here. We're all excited to show off the new cover for our fellow Sassy Vixen, Tawny Savage. Her debut novella will be out in less than two weeks and I volunteered to do the reveal for her.

You see, while I write incredibly naughty and taboo material, Tawny takes it a step further. Her books are dark and often don't have a happily ever after. She doesn't write romance so don't go looking for it in her stories, but I have to tell you there are bits of romance in there, sort of. Well okay there's hot sex scenes between some of the most famous types of "monsters" we've all come to love/hate depending on how you look at things.

Well, enough of my chatter. Let me show you the cover our Sassy Vixen artists put together for Brigid's Blessing (The Bigfoot Chronicles).

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