Friday, August 2, 2013

Author @dxluc Brings the #Fantasy to the Free For All #eroticromance #paranormal #futuristic

TGIF...Friday Fantasy Free For All to be precise. This is the day where we focus more on the fantasy involved in the writing world of our Sassy Vixen authors and those of our friends. This week we're excited to welcome back author D.X. Luc. She has another new release and this one is set in a futuristic world filled with odd flora and fauna...but that's only one portion of this fantasy world. You see, it's the 45th century and MEN are the weaker sex, except on this one island...

Here's the blurb...

In the year 4411, females dominate the world. Men are now the weaker sex and all roles have been reversed. 

Angela is an accomplished defense attorney and has grown up in a world dominated by women but she craves something more. She secretly yearns for a strong dominant man…not a simpering wimp.

Nestled on an island far from the world Angela knows are a group of mighty male Hunters. They're strong, dominate and sexy and each Hunter is waiting for the goddess Seraphim to grant him his mate. 

After waking from a drug induced sleep, Angela finds herself on this jungle island, playing a game of cat and mouse with Jadin... the sexiest man she's ever seen. He claims she's his, but she wants the right to choose. Will Angela be able to give into her hearts desires or will a lifetime of embedded teachings prevent her from having the man of her dreams? 

I bet you're all wondering what it would be like on a world where women ruled and men were the weaker sex...yeah I know that's what's really going on here and now, but in Angela's world the women don't control things from behind the scenes. hehehehe  To give you a little more of a idea of what life is like for some of the "weaker sex," here's a page from another character's journal.

Diary from the help

August 12th, 4411 a.w.w. IV

Ryland here, 

I'm feeling a bit on edge. I can't seem to get past what I've done. Sending women to the island for sport. It's just not right. But, Seraphim says that I'm a hero. That in me doing this, I'm helping people find love. Then why do I feel bad?

I guess I shouldn't. Love is so hard to come by in my city. Especially for someone like me. I'm different. I don't know why since I'm adopted. All I know is no woman thinks I'm a good enough candidate to duo-link with. 

Why can't I be soft and small like the other men here? I'm lonely. I guess it's a good thing that Seraphim took me in and helped me find work in any field. And since I'm a hero of sorts, I shouldn't be so mopey. 

I did get a new mop today, so that's exciting! 

But I do hope maybe one day, I'll have my queen who'll come and take me. It really sucks being an innocent still when many men my age have already married and had children! 

Well, off to clean. I have to get my chores done so I can watch another fantastic episode of New World Island. 


About the Author

An avid reader since I was a child, I never found a book I disliked. Mostly, you could find me lost in Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, or Ernest Hemingway, and my most favorite, Ancient Greek literature. Taking my love of books, I started writing poetry, short stories, and even helped with screen writes for my drama club.

By the time I was in my teens, my older sister introduced me to my first romance novel, The Hawk and the Dove by Virginia Henley. The moment I fell into the world of love, I was hooked, and my addiction for more grew until I found myself delving deeper into the erotic.

After being convinced that I had the skills to try my hand at writing, I went to work on my first story Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home. And since being published, I've not looked back.

Now, as a busy mom of three, that homeschools, drives to activities, and manages to find time to just take a breath, I have to say, I love being naughty when I get the chance. It's freeing and I wouldn't want it any other way! 

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One more thing before I go. D.X. will be on our sister blog Behind Closed Doors in just a few days (August 5th) for Oh My! Monday. Make sure you stop in for a steamy excerpt!


  1. Another smokin' hot read from you, DX!

    1. Thanks for showing off Ryland. He really hopes to find love one day. He's tired of being just the help.