Monday, June 10, 2013

New #review by #TheVixen For Kendal Grey's #STRINGS

Happy Monday my sassy ones! If you're anything like me, you aren't very fond of this particular day of the week other than it's when we get to showcase things that make us moan and sigh "Oh My!" No, not like the chippie in those trio of Shades books, but with true raw, down and dirty emotion! 

And yes, most of the time our features have to do with something sensual and/or erotic, but there are exceptions. Sometimes we have an author, book, or topic that we just can't keep quiet about. That doesn't leave much does it? LOL You all know The Vixen has strong opinions about many things including championing those of us who read and write in the erotica/erotic romance genres.

This week, I posted the review for Kendall Grey's very first erotica novel STRINGS.  You may think you know what I wrote about it considering my view on what happened with the author and social media last month, but most of you would be wrong. I read the book and gave it my honest opinion. Some of you may have already seen it on Twitter but for those of you who haven't, go ahead and check out Sassy Vixen Reviews with The Vixen.  

Got it?  Surprised? You shouldn't be. If I like a book, I'll sing it from the roof tops. If I hated it or just had a few points that rubbed me wrong, I'm going to tell it like it is. That's just the way I am. I'm not going to be mean and nasty because I wouldn't want someone to treat me that way either, but on the other hand as an author, I do want to know what didn't work for you in my stories. Hell, maybe there are others that feel the same. How can I grow as an author if I'm unable to take CONSTRUCTIVE critiques of my work?

For those of you who didn't go check the review out yet and were hoping I'd just fill you in here...stop being lazy and click on the link already! LOL 

Until next time
~The Vixen

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