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Release Day for @twoodwriter and Her New #EroticRomance Lucius

Welcome to Sassy Vixen Publishing and to the release day for another of my friends and fellow erotic romance authors, Tara S. Wood.  If you've been with us from the beginning, you'll remember that Tara has visited with us before. This time she takes on the task of telling the stories of The Fallen...angels who fell from Grace and have to earn their way back. Along the way they may just happen to fall in love...just sayin'! 

Tara stopped in to The House of Taboo and was surprised by my alter ego Lia Michaels. It seems that Lia found three of Tara's favorite men to join her in celebrating the release of Lucius. In fact, all of them were still celebrating to the wee hours Easter morning. ;)  I'll give you the link to that interview at the end of this post. You don't want to miss all the fun they had!

To celebrate with Tara and her publisher Moon Rose Publishing, she's sent over the book blurb another excerpt for me to share with everyone today. This one gives you a glimpse into how the group of Angels came to be known as The Fallen...


“Relish this moment in My favor. It is your last.”

Six angels once sat at the right hand of The Almighty, but an ill-fated decision cast them out of Heaven. Now they serve Him on Earth, slaying demons for their redemption. They are…The Fallen.

Lucius, once revered at the side of God, fell to Earth with his brothers to pay penance and atone for his lapse in leadership. Wingless and forsaken, they have all paid a price for their complicity. Lucius’ hubris is now a curse, and he cannot rest until they carry out the last of The Almighty’s orders...and stop a war that has been millennia in the making.

Persephone Roberts is always in the right place at the right time, the serendipity allowing her to help people on her travels. When it leads her to cross paths with the band of hard-living fallen angels, she sets her sights on their leader, and is determined to restore Lucius’ faith in their quest. And in himself.

But the ancient evil the angels strive to fight has put Persephone in its crosshairs. It will be up to Lucius and his brothers to save her and destroy the minions of the dark. Can the amber-eyed beauty with her accepting heart heal wounds that cut soul deep, and force him to reclaim a glory he once tossed aside? Is he strong enough to realize the path back to Heaven begins with her, or will he be forever...fallen?


The voice of the Almighty was calm, even as it sliced through his skull like a hot blade.

“This was not what I commanded you to do.”

Lucius looked up to the heavens, broken and bleeding, pain wracking through him with each labored breath. His wings ruffled in the breeze, their magnificence marred by chunks of missing flesh, sticky clumps of crimson feathers, and blood. He swallowed hard, tasting fear.

“They deserved it.” The sentence burned on his tongue.

The heavens quaked at his hubris, storm clouds streaking across the sky, chasing the ominous and angry slashes of lightning and rolls of thunder.

The voice was serene. “Do not presume to know My mind.”


“Silence!” A flash of hot lightning struck the earth and sizzled close to him.

Lucius heard a scramble of movement to his right, and managed a quick look. Four other angels were scattered nearby; his brothers-in-arms. All of them in the same fractured condition. They crawled forward and huddled together, helping each other to their feet, their strength tempered with exhaustion. The angels were once elite among their kind. Domniel, Mordecai, Elijah, Jude and himself. Now they stood supplicant, battered and bruised, facing the wrath of the Almighty together.

“You were exalted. You were brave, and courageous, and steadfast in My name. And you have fallen, easily corrupted by the seductive whispers of the wicked and his malevolence. If you will not serve Me in heaven, you will serve Me on earth, or you will burn.” The voice thundered above them, rattling their bones to the core. Lucius gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

Domniel, the most headstrong among them, dared to step forward. He raised a jagged, bloody blade to the sky. “We served You well! You allowed for the misery and despair to choke them! They suffered, and we delivered them unto You! All of them,” he shouted, “the oppressors and the oppressed!”

An angry roar rolled through as the sky darkened to black, and the black-winged angel pitched forward, forced to his knees by an unseen hand. He grunted loudly in pain, blood pooling from his knees as he struggled to stand.

“Your arrogance has given him power and opportunity to unleash his minions on this earth; My earth. If you thought My children were suffering, you will now live to see that suffering a thousand-fold. Go, and slay his demons. That is your charge. You are condemned to walk among them and reap your redemption. You wanted to play savior, now you shall.” The earth trembled in agony beneath them as blood-red clouds pushed aside the dark sky. “Relish this moment in My favor. It is your last.”

A deep and abiding sense of loss washed over Lucius. The Almighty was gone. He looked at the anguished faces of his brethren and found his regret mirrored there.

Domniel was the first to scream with a soul-shattering, “NO!”

And then they fell.

I can't wait to get my copy of this! I'm heading over to Amazon to get mine. Why don't you join me? What? Still not convinced this is the book for you?  Head on over to Lia Michaels' blog The House of Taboo and check out another excerpt that will absolutely curl your toes! 

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