Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's a Birthday Bash for Paloma Beck

Click here to enter the giveaway!

Today is my friend and fellow author Paloma Beck's birthday! She's now the BIG Four Oh! I happen to think life and love gets better as we cross over into the forties. Like a fine wine, we get even better with age. So let's all raise our glasses and wish Paloma a very happy birthday and welcome her to the decade of new beginnings!

In celebration, she's asked forty of her author friends to share their latest releases on her blog. Many of us have also decided to join her in her birthday giveaway. There are 40 books up for grabs. I'm donating an ebook copy of The Island (Now and Forever 2) as well as a joke book called Sex After 40, my trading cards, a Sassy Vixen key chain and pen. 

To enter in the contest, click on the Birthday Party Book Bash banner above to take you to Paloma's blog Romance Beckons. She has all the authors and covers of the books posted. At the end of the post is the Rafflecopter so you can get your entries in the contest. Go on now. Head over there and get your entries!

Happy Birthday, Paloma!!!

~The Vixen


  1. Thank you, Tammy! This has been a lot of fun! It has turned into the biggest party I've every had!

  2. Thank you Tammy for the invite and tell Paloma; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  3. I love life after 40! There are so many things I feel I can do now that I just couldn't at 20.
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