Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh My! Monday Presents...Oh MORE with Leanore Elliott

Hello my sassy ones. Welcome back once again to the Sassy Vixen Blog. Today we, as in Lia and myself, are honored to have with us the one author who just may be a little bit more wicked than The Vixen.  That's why we call her our friend. Her latest book More Sex will grab you, take you to heights you never knew existed and leave you drained in sweet erotic bliss.  Don't believe me, pull up a chair my fellow vixens. You are in for one wild ride today. Please welcome the one and only Ms Wicked herself, author Leanore Elliott. ~the Vixen

I admit it. I set out to write flames, yearning, passion and want. We all would love to enjoy more, get more…Have More Sex… Here are some of the blazing stories inside of More Sex/Erotique Content Series.


“Because, I’ve wanted you for a long time, too.”

Pearl gulped with shock. “What?” She couldn’t believe what she just heard.

With another abrupt move, he stood up and unsnapped his pants. “I never acted on it, because I didn’t think that you would be—could handle what I require in a woman.”

She stared at him while her body coiled with anticipation. One minute, he was mad, while the next, he seemed loving, and now he’s stripping down?

Swiftly, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.
Pearl took in a deep breath and moisture bubbled from her tightening pussy. “Ohh.” 

He looked down at himself. “See? Erect and hard as a God dammed rock!”

Her mouth almost watered with want as she nodded. His cock was long, smooth, and magnificent, even better than in her imaginings.

*OH MY…*


From this position, his fingers slid along the inside of her pussy with a more sensitive impact. The sensual stimulation was almost too much to bear. Claire’s lungs heaved and her legs shook. Her mouth watered with pure want while his finger pumping made her wish for more to fill her. “More…” she breathed the word out.

Still taking his sweet seductive time, Rex moved his body closer and she could see his ramrod stiff, ready cock edging closer to her open ass, sheathed in a thin condom.

Accessory ready. The thought glanced across her heightened consciousness. There was no giggling about it now though. Her astonishment had built into a frenzy of want and her edgy body pulsed with it.

*Oh My…*


This little bit of sexy theater made her feel warm and edgy at the same time. Every muscle in her body was tensed as if she were about to receive a physical blow. Mmm, I would love to have those arms wrapping around me. An inexplicable ache started in the pit of her stomach and spread through her entire rigid body. Or have them lifting me up to slam me down on his—

The angel stripper lowered his hand to his briefs and she sat with her eyes glued to that hand. He splayed his fingers out and dipped just the tips into his sexy underwear. Miranda gulped and a little bubble of moisture slipped from her pussy. How could a man do this to me, when he's in another room and can’t even see me?



Rich was stroking in accord to her strokes. He had no control over any of it. If she stopped before she got hot and came, he would go without release tonight. Her finger sped up as his thoughts cheered, yes, baby, yes. She leaned her body back and licked her lips. He knew because he had memorized every trait, every nuance, and the binoculars swept higher to eventually see her tongue come out and swipe her lips.

It did and sexy girl swiped slowly and artfully over her luscious lips.

Stiffening painfully, he held back the oncoming climax, waiting for her to complete her sensual journey through the page, through the scene where the hero was probably licking the woman’s quivering pussy.

Her hand sped up the stroking and she was twirling her nipple with her other hand, her fingers pinching and playing with it.

He jerked with an almost painful gasping of air. His cupped hand kept the same rhythm as her strokes and he huffed along with the pants he could see from her heaving chest.

*Oh yes, there’s MORE…*


Standing very still, he glared at her. “You do know what I must do, oui?” Grabbing her up, he tugged her close, holding her arm with one hand as he propelled his fingers up into her pussy.

Her still climaxing vagina muscles clenched tightly around them. “Yes! Oh, yes I do know!” she shouted with a breathless gasp of pure glee.

At her expectant response, a smile peeked at his lips as though he couldn’t prevent it. “You cannot be allowed to just…” He turned her around. “I will hurt you now, my sweet.” He ran a firm hand over her ass and slipped his fingers over her wet hole, using her moisture to dampen them.

As he stepped closer, every nerve in her body was on fire. He grasped her hips, forcing her body over, and then swiped her anus with his moistened finger. Knowing what he planned, she grew anxious and exhilarated. He is a master! She concluded with heart pounding exhilaration. 

*Oh and yes you can get more… MORE SEX*

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  1. I'm fanning myself, trying to cool off from the erotic pics and HOT video. I love Leanore Elliott's stories.

  2. Oh...holy CRAP. Those excerpts are so bloody hot...

  3. *fans self* Hot scenes! I need a cold shower now :)

  4. Never a dull moment when Ms Wicked is in the HOUSE!!! LOL Thanks for sharing today Leanore and thank you all for stopping by.

  5. My Love Junkies showed up!!! Thanks so much. We are loved, Tammy. Thanks for having Wicked at OH MY!