Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Thirteen from Balls to the Wall author May Water

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Welcome back to Thursday Thirteen. I'm happy to welcome back to Sassy Vixen fellow siren May Water. Her new release Balls to the Wall Detectives, Inc, promises to be one HOT read if the first thirteen sentences are even a hint at what May has in store for us. Leave a comment and let her know what you think. Better yet, head on over to the Siren website (link below) and get your very own copy today! ~the Vixen

 “Oh yeah, babe,” Chris panted as Marly gazed up at him with his dick in her mouth. She bobbed up and down zealously, giving his cock a blow job to remember. She wanted that to be one of his last pleasant memories of her. Once he was good and hard she rose slowly, scraping her fingernails up his thighs, over his flat stomach and to his neck. Then she grasped his neck and pushed him firmly against the wall. She watched his face turn red as he choked and struggled against the restraints. All the while she remained silent. Then she let go unceremoniously, leaving him gasping for breath. “Mar, what the fuck!” he choked out. Again she ran her fingernails down his stomach, making sure she raked his left nipple extra hard. It was still red from the recent nipple piercing. He started to yell, but she simply smacked his face.


Is cyber sex cheating real? Marly thinks it’s nothing a little BDSM can’t cure. Those naughty boys will wish they never touched a mouse. Marly can whip couples back between each other’s arms and legs. Or simply nail his cheating balls to the wall. Either way: bad boys beware.Her detective agency hunts down cheating partners, delivering not only evidence, but a remedy for what ails these couples: hot, sexual abandon. Her role as sex vigilante causes a brush with the law though. She’s crafty but can she get her ass out of that sling?Despite her tough shell Marly unexpectedly finds love amidst the whips and chains. She really wants love, yet our heroine has loads of heartache to heal. Which one will help lick her wounds? Sweet younger Katie softens her spirit. Quirky lovable Jock literally knocks her off her feet. Can either one tame our excitable girl?

Where to find May Water

If you missed it, you can still find May on our sister blog Behind Closed Doors for Oh My! Monday. On June 4th she shared a few thoughts about dealing with infidelity in your relationship. 


  1. Once again, thank you for sharing your latest release with us, May! Can't wait to find out which one will tame Marly!

  2. Thanks for spreading the heat! Love & warmth...May :D