Monday, May 26, 2014

#CoverReveal for Two Collections from SVP Authors Featuring Both Sweet and #EroticRromance

Happy Memorial Day to everyone here in the States. Today is the day we remember those men and women who lost their lives in service to their country in all five branches of the military: Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Take a moment today and give them thanks for their ultimate sacrifice, and thank their families for theirs.

Today is also an exciting day for Sassy Vixen Publishing. We've finalized the covers for two special releases. Both will be available in print for RomCon 2014 in just a few short weeks. After we return from Denver, we'll gear up for the release of the books in both print and eBook formats on all retailers by July 1st.

First up is the compilation of the first two short novellas from Tawny Savage's Bigfoot Chronicles. The request for a print version of her debut monster erotica compelled us to do this for RomCon. Of course, these stories aren't your traditional erotic romance. In fact, they're more erotica and less romance, but the love story between the heroine and Bigfoot begged for a broader audience. This of course is the eBook version. We'll share the one for the print book as soon as Tawny approves it!

The second cover we have to share today is the new home for the short novellas from Tammy Dennings Maggy and Lia Michaels from the now out of print winter anthology. With them, Stephanie Ryan shares the first six chapters of her debut romantic suspense novel Dangerous Medicine.
Sweet, Sultry and Oh So Taboo sums up the entire collection perfectly. Stephanie's Dangerous Medicine is the Sweet, Tammy's "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" is the Sultry, and Lia's "Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas" represents everything oh so Taboo.
Our cover artists are hard at work on creating the cover for Season of Sun and Sin. As soon as we have it, we'll share it here with you. Stay tuned!

Until then,
~The Vixen

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