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Sensuous Promo’s Presents - Book Tour for Give Me Shelter by Alexis D. Craig @Dispatchvampire

Welcome back to the Sassy Vixen Publishing blog. I'm Tammy, aka The Vixen and your host for today.

This week I have a special treat. I was asked to be a part of another book tour hosted by Sensuous Promos. Each stop you get to read one of four different excerpts, each tailored for the heat levels of the blog stops. So far you've read two of the four on our sister blogs Behind Closed Doors and Through Stepanie's Eyes. Now you get another here at Sassy Vixen.

So sit back, relax and enjoy today's sneak peek at Give Me Shelter.

Welcome to Sensuous Promo’s Give Me Shelter Book Tour.


Give Me Shelter By Alexis D. Craig  

Inspector Eli Miller's unspoken feelings for his partner, Bex, color his whole life. When his past comes calling, will it be the push he needs to seek a future with her?

Inspector Rebecca 'Bex' Mulcahy has lived long enough to know that love is a street con at best, and a dangerous distraction at worst. Any feelings she has for her partner Eli definitely fall into the latter category. Will her dedication to her job keep her from finding a possible future with Eli?Their latest case is protecting Violet Burrell, a young woman with scars on her soul stretching back to birth, who inadvertently witnesses a shockingly brutal murder at the hands of a sadist. Violet is determined to testify in court. Her strength and courage impress Eli and Bex, who will protect her at all costs.

But it is Violet’s beauty and spirit that entrances Junior Inspector Atticus Randall. Atticus is also assigned to protect Violet, and while he knows he should ignore his growing feelings for her, he just can’t stop himself from falling for the brave beauty.

Life in the Las Vegas branch of Witness Protection has never been more tangled. When the emotional landmines start a chain reaction, everyone in the blast radius is going to need a little shelter.

The door to the conference room closing may as well have been the prison door on a twenty year stretch. Bex’s witness, one Violet Burrell (née Bukowski), sat across the table from them, seeming surprisingly untroubled by her current circumstances. Reading a book, listening to her MP3  player, she appeared like any other teenager. He set the file on the table and held the chair for Bex, and then Violet looked up and the floor dipped beneath his feet.
Her kohl-rimmed eyes were blue, a strange, deep blue that was almost amethyst, offsetting her pale skin and full, purple-stained lips. Her jet black hair was slicked back into a severe bun at the base of her skull, matching the jet black dress that caused AR, their 25-year-old junior inspector and de facto office assistant, to catch a case of the vapors when she’d walked into the office, clinging in places he didn’t even know he should be dreaming about. It was funny to watch, for about a minute, before his mind betrayed him with a recollection that was almost old enough to drink.
“Marshals.” Her smile was faint, polite, and distant.
“Vi, this is Marshal Miller. He’ll be assisting with your transition.”
“Nice to meet you.” She didn’t offer her hand, which was just as well. Caressing him with her hypnotic eyes, the corners of her mouth turned up in a grin that bordered on indecent and Eli felt the walls in the room start to inch just a bit closer. It was then he noticed the book she’d been reading, bright green, unmarked cover closed around a bookmark of a skull with a pink bow, the spine betraying the title: Lady Chatterley’s Lover . The lump in his throat ballooned to cantaloupe-sized proportions.
Eli nodded, not trusting himself to speak. The look Bex gave him was probably going to leave scars, but he shook his head slightly as he opened the file again and studied it diligently. Everything but the picture, the picture was a lot more than he could deal with at the moment, especially once confronted with the reality.
“He means to say ‘nice to meet you, too’, but his manners are still out at the dry cleaners.” He felt the moment her green eyes turned from him to her witness, and he relaxed ever so slightly.

“They do get filthy sometimes, or so I’m told.” And she had jokes, dark humor with a dash of double entendre, in her soft voice, the color of a New England autumn. The Fates should probably just kill him now to save on the paperwork.

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