Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome to the home of The Vixen!

I'm so excited! I've finally taken the time to set up the new blog for Sassy Vixen Publishing. With the publication of my first book of poetry through Smashwords and Createspace, I thought I needed to come up with my own brand, something to set me apart from other indie writers.  So Sassy Vixen was born!

My amazingly talented friend Bonnie Lea Elliott designed the logo for me. She knew exactly what I wanted without me even having to describe it to her. I love the throwback to the 70's. The model is sassy and sultry and I love her! Ms. Elliott also designs beautiful cover art and I'm sure I will be securing her services in the future!

Sassy Vixen will also be a way to keep all of my work together in one place, whether I write as Tammy Dennings Maggy, Lia Michaels, or any other of my alter egos, you will be able to get updates here. Another goal of this blog is to showcase new authors across all genres, not just romance. Of course this will be more of an adult themed blog, but any authors who wish to have guest space are welcome on my Not Enough Time in the Day blog too.

Don't be surprised if all three of my blogs get taken over from time to time by a hot sexy vampire. Those Ambrose Heights hotties that author Maya DeLeina writes about are too charming to resist!

I hope you stop in from time to time and let me know if there is anything or anyone you would like to have featured here. 

Blessed Be...
The Vixen


  1. Sounds wonderful! I do know that Jasmine a wonderful author. Would love to see her featured here! And a few others such as Avril Ashton, Shyla Colt, Delilah Hunt...:)


  2. The invitation is open to everyone. I love learning about other authors and their works this way. Spread the word!

    Tammy Dennings Maggy